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%%%  <foiltex.ins> A part of the FoilTeX system.
%%%  Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 1995,1997,1998,2002
%%%  All rights reserved
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%%%%%%%%%%  USER AGREEMENT  %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%  a. The user is granted permission to copy this program to the extent
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%%%  c. The user is permitted to create derivative works to this program.
%%%  However, all copies of the program and its derivative works must
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%%%  USER AGREEMENT.  Furthermore, the user must document and initial
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%%%  d. By furnishing this program to the user, IBM does NOT grant either
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%%%  or commercially exploited in any manner.  However, this use
%%%  restriction shall not operate to deny the right to redistribute the
%%%  program on a not-for-profit basis, as provided in paragraph a., above.
%%%  f. IBM requests that the user supply to IBM a copy of any changes,
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%%%  grants to IBM and its subsidiaries an irrevocable, nonexclusive,
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%%%  any, some or all of the foregoing, (including supporting
%%%  documentation).