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tdir - Copyright (c) 2001, TundraWare Inc., All Rights Reserved

Permission is hereby granted for the duplication and use of tdir so
long as ALL the following conditions are met:

    1) The user of tdir understands and agrees that this is experimental
       software which is provided "AS-IS" with no warranties expressed
       or implied by TundraWare Inc.  

     2) The user acknowledges tdir has NOT been tested for:
         a) Correct operation
         b) Freedom from unintended consequences
         c) Any operation or condition which might cause damage to
            the user's machine, software, network, or data, or which
            might cause any breach of system security of the user's
            system(s) or any other systems.

     3) By using tdir, the user does so at their own risk and
        agrees to hold TundraWare Inc.  harmless for any damage,
        direct or indirect, that this software may or does cause to
        the user's computational environment, including, but not
        limited to, the user's hardware, software, network, or data.
        The user further agrees to hold TundraWare Inc. harmless for
        any economic damage or any other adverse consequence, direct
        or indirect, caused by the use of tdir.

     4) If duplicated and/or distributed, no fee beyond reasonable
        duplication charges may be charged for tdir.

     5) Any distributed copies of tdir  must include all the
        originally provided software, documentation, and licensing

     6) No modification of tdir, its documentation, or its
        licensing information is permitted.

If you do not understand, or cannot abide by any of these conditions,
DO NOT USE tdir.

To report bugs or suggest improvements, contact: