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doc: Updated ham/uhd to

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.25 2018/04/22 17:25:52 bacon Exp $

COMMENT=	Applications dealing with parallelism in computing

SUBDIR+=	clusterit
SUBDIR+=	dqs
SUBDIR+=	dsh
SUBDIR+=	ganglia-monitor-core
SUBDIR+=	gridscheduler
SUBDIR+=	hwloc
SUBDIR+=	linda
SUBDIR+=	mpi-ch
SUBDIR+=	openmpi
SUBDIR+=	openpa
SUBDIR+=	p5-Parallel-Pvm
SUBDIR+=	paexec
SUBDIR+=	parallel
SUBDIR+=	pdsh
SUBDIR+=	pvm3
SUBDIR+=	py-billiard
SUBDIR+=	sge
SUBDIR+=	slurm-wlm
SUBDIR+=	threadingbuildingblocks

.include "../mk/misc/"