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NPF checkpoint: - Add support for session saving/restoring. - Add packet logging support (can tcpdump a pseudo-interface). - Support reload without flushing of sessions; rework some locking. - Revisit session mangement, replace linking with npf_sentry_t entries. - Add some counters for statistics, using percpu(9). - Add IP_DF flag cleansing. - Fix various bugs; misc clean-up.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.4 2010/12/18 01:07:26 rmind Exp $

.include "../"

.PATH:		${S}/net/npf

KMOD=		npf

SRCS=		npf.c npf_ctl.c npf_handler.c npf_instr.c npf_mbuf.c
SRCS+=		npf_processor.c npf_ruleset.c npf_tableset.c npf_inet.c
SRCS+=		npf_session.c npf_state.c npf_nat.c npf_alg.c npf_sendpkt.c
SRCS+=		npf_log.c

.include <>