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/* Id: bind.keys,v 1.7 2011/01/03 23:45:07 each Exp  */
# The bind.keys file is used to override the built-in DNSSEC trust anchors
# which are included as part of BIND 9.  As of the current release, the only
# trust anchors it contains are those for the DNS root zone ("."), and for
# the ISC DNSSEC Lookaside Validation zone ("dlv.isc.org").  Trust anchors
# for any other zones MUST be configured elsewhere; if they are configured
# here, they will not be recognized or used by named.
# The built-in trust anchors are provided for convenience of configuration.
# They are not activated within named.conf unless specifically switched on.
# To use the built-in root key, set "dnssec-validation auto;" in
# named.conf options.  To use the built-in DLV key, set
# "dnssec-lookaside auto;".  Without these options being set,
# the keys in this file are ignored.
# This file is NOT expected to be user-configured.
# These keys are current as of Feburary 2017.  If any key fails to
# initialize correctly, it may have expired.  In that event you should
# replace this file with a current version.  The latest version of
# bind.keys can always be obtained from ISC at https://www.isc.org/bind-keys.

managed-keys {
        # ISC DLV: See https://www.isc.org/solutions/dlv for details.
        # NOTE: The ISC DLV zone is being phased out as of February 2017;
        # the key will remain in place but the zone will be otherwise empty.
        # Configuring "dnssec-lookaside auto;" to activate this key is
        # harmless, but is no longer useful and is not recommended.
        dlv.isc.org. initial-key 257 3 5 "BEAAAAPHMu/5onzrEE7z1egmhg/WPO0+juoZrW3euWEn4MxDCE1+lLy2

        # ROOT KEYS: See https://data.iana.org/root-anchors/root-anchors.xml
        # for current trust anchor information.
        # These keys are activated by setting "dnssec-validation auto;"
        # in named.conf.
        # This key (19036) is to be phased out starting in 2017. It will
        # remain in the root zone for some time after its successor key
        # has been added. It will remain this file until it is removed from
        # the root zone.
        . initial-key 257 3 8 "AwEAAagAIKlVZrpC6Ia7gEzahOR+9W29euxhJhVVLOyQbSEW0O8gcCjF

        # This key (20326) is to be published in the root zone in 2017.
        # Servers which were already using the old key should roll to the
        # new # one seamlessly.  Servers being set up for the first time
        # can use either of the keys in this file to verify the root keys
        # for the first time; thereafter the keys in the zone will be
        # trusted and maintained automatically.
        . initial-key 257 3 8 "AwEAAaz/tAm8yTn4Mfeh5eyI96WSVexTBAvkMgJzkKTOiW1vkIbzxeF3