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Import NPF - a packet filter. Some features: - Designed to be fully MP-safe and highly efficient. - Tables/IP sets (hash or red-black tree) for high performance lookups. - Stateful filtering and Network Address Port Translation (NAPT). Framework for application level gateways (ALGs). - Packet inspection engine called n-code processor - inspired by BPF - supporting generic RISC-like and specific CISC-like instructions for common patterns (e.g. IPv4 address matching). See npf_ncode(9) manual. - Convenient userland utility npfctl(8) with npf.conf(8). NOTE: This is not yet a fully capable alternative to PF or IPFilter. Further work (support for binat/rdr, return-rst/return-icmp, common ALGs, state saving/restoring, logging, etc) is in progress. Thanks a lot to Matt Thomas for various useful comments and code review. Aye by: board@

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.1 2010/08/22 18:56:22 rmind Exp $

.include "../"

.PATH:		${S}/net/npf

KMOD=		npf

SRCS=		npf.c npf_ctl.c npf_handler.c npf_instr.c npf_mbuf.c
SRCS+=		npf_processor.c npf_ruleset.c npf_tableset.c npf_inet.c
SRCS+=		npf_session.c npf_nat.c npf_alg.c

.include <>