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NPF: add support for specifying the interfaces before they are attached. If an interface is or gets detached, all associated rules and connections will be deactivated (it might be useful to have an option to invalidate the associated connections). Once the interface is reattached they will become active. Bump NPF_VERSION.

# $NetBSD: Makefile,v 1.16 2013/11/08 00:38:26 rmind Exp $
# Public Domain.

.include "../"

.PATH:		${S}/net/npf

KMOD=		npf

SRCS=		npf.c npf_alg.c npf_conf.c npf_ctl.c npf_handler.c
SRCS+=		npf_bpf.c npf_if.c npf_inet.c npf_mbuf.c npf_nat.c
SRCS+=		npf_ruleset.c npf_rproc.c npf_sendpkt.c npf_session.c
SRCS+=		npf_state.c npf_state_tcp.c npf_tableset.c
SRCS+=		npf_tableset_ptree.c npf_worker.c


.include <>