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Thu, 14 May 2015 07:11:53 +0000
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Pull up following revision(s) (requested by martin in ticket #759): distrib/amd64/cdroms/Makefile.cdrom: revision 1.12 distrib/amd64/installimage/Makefile: revision 1.5 distrib/amd64/installimage/spec.inst: revision 1.2 distrib/common/10-resolv.conf: file removal distrib/common/99-print-sysinst: file removal distrib/common/Makefile.dhcpcd: revision 1.2 distrib/common/list.dhcpcd: revision 1.3 distrib/i386/cdroms/Makefile.cdrom: revision 1.32 distrib/i386/installimage/Makefile: revision 1.5 distrib/i386/installimage/spec.inst: revision 1.2 distrib/sparc64/cdroms/installcd/Makefile: revision 1.20 distrib/vax/cdroms/installcd/Makefile: revision 1.10 usr.sbin/sysinst/msg.mi.de: revision 1.4 usr.sbin/sysinst/msg.mi.en: revision 1.4 usr.sbin/sysinst/msg.mi.es: revision 1.4 usr.sbin/sysinst/msg.mi.fr: revision 1.4 usr.sbin/sysinst/msg.mi.pl: revision 1.4 usr.sbin/sysinst/net.c: revisions 1.5-1.8, 1.11-1.15 The dhcpcd utilties in pkgsrc require dhcpcd to be running in master mode. So set dhcpcd to start like so, but restrict it to the configured interface still instead of ifconfig_foo=dhcp. -- Use the 20-resolv.conf hook from dhcpcd rather than the minimal one. Extract configured information from resolv.conf and hostname instead of scraping the last dhcpcd script run. This will allow the use of DHCPv6 and IPv6RA DNS details in the future. -- dhcpcd will already have configured the system at this point, so don't bother writing it manually. -- Don't prompt for hostname or domain if obtained from DHCP. -- Change the display order so it's protocol agnostic at the top, then IPv4 then IPv6. -- Strip newline from the gateway correctly. -- Show the IP6 address instead of yes -- Fix a bogus gcc warning: dhcp_config may be used uninitialized -- Punt custom dhcpcd hooks in favour up upstream hooks -- For the benefit of gcc 4.5, rename a local "nl" variable to "nline", so it doesn't collide with the global curses nl() function.

# $NetBSD: spec.inst,v 2015/05/14 07:11:53 snj Exp $
./mnt2			type=dir mode=0755 uname=root gname=wheel
./targetroot		type=dir mode=0755 uname=root gname=wheel

./install.sh		type=file mode=0755 uname=root gname=wheel
./sysinst		type=file mode=0755 uname=root gname=wheel
./sysinstmsgs.de	type=file mode=0444 uname=root gname=wheel
./sysinstmsgs.es	type=file mode=0444 uname=root gname=wheel
./sysinstmsgs.fr	type=file mode=0444 uname=root gname=wheel
./sysinstmsgs.pl	type=file mode=0444 uname=root gname=wheel

# for sysinst "install from local directory" default
./release		type=link mode=0755 uname=root gname=wheel link=.

# XXX what to do for files in ${RELEASEMACHINEDIR}?