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$NetBSD: usbdevs,v 1.684.2.11 2017/08/28 17:52:28 skrll Exp $

 * Copyright (c) 1998-2004 The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
 * All rights reserved.
 * This code is derived from software contributed to The NetBSD Foundation
 * by Lennart Augustsson ( at
 * Carlstedt Research & Technology.
 * Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
 * modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
 * are met:
 * 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
 *    notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
 * 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright
 *    notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the
 *    documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution.

 * Use "make -f Makefile.usbdevs" to regenerate usbdevs.h and usbdevs_data.h

 * List of known USB vendors
 * publishes a VID list of USB-IF member companies at
 * Note that it does not show companies that have obtained a Vendor ID
 * without becoming full members.
 * Please note that these IDs do not do anything. Adding an ID here and
 * regenerating the usbdevs.h and usbdevs_data.h only makes a symbolic name
 * available to the source code and does not change any functionality, nor
 * does it make your device available to a specific driver.
 * It will however make the descriptive string available if a device does not
 * provide the string itself.
 * After adding a vendor ID VNDR and a product ID PRDCT you will have the
 * following extra defines:
 * #define USB_VENDOR_VNDR		0x????
 * #define USB_PRODUCT_VNDR_PRDCT	0x????
 * You may have to add these defines to the respective probe routines to
 * make the device recognised by the appropriate device driver.

vendor UNKNOWN1		0x0053	Unknown vendor
vendor UNKNOWN2		0x0105	Unknown vendor
vendor EGALAX2		0x0123	eGalax, Inc.
vendor QUAN		0x01e1	Quan
vendor CHIPSBANK	0x0204	Chipsbank
vendor AOX		0x03e8	AOX
vendor ATMEL		0x03eb	Atmel
vendor MITSUMI		0x03ee	Mitsumi
vendor HP		0x03f0	Hewlett Packard
vendor ADAPTEC		0x03f3	Adaptec
vendor NATIONAL		0x0400	National Semiconductor
vendor ACERLABS		0x0402	Acer Labs
vendor FTDI		0x0403	Future Technology Devices
vendor NEC		0x0409	NEC
vendor KODAK		0x040a	Eastman Kodak
vendor WELTREND		0x040b	Weltrend Semiconductor
vendor VIA		0x040d	VIA
vendor MELCO		0x0411	Melco
vendor CREATIVE		0x041e	Creative Labs
vendor NOKIA		0x0421	Nokia
vendor ADI		0x0422	ADI Systems
vendor CATC		0x0423	Computer Access Technology
vendor SMSC		0x0424	SMSC
vendor GRAVIS		0x0428	Advanced Gravis Computer
vendor SUN		0x0430	Sun Microsystems
vendor TAUGA		0x0436	Taugagreining HF
vendor AMD		0x0438	Advanced Micro Devices
vendor LEXMARK		0x043d	Lexmark International
vendor NANAO		0x0440	NANAO
vendor ALPS		0x044e	Alps Electric
vendor THRUST		0x044f	Thrustmaster
vendor TI		0x0451	Texas Instruments
vendor ANALOGDEVICES	0x0456	Analog Devices
vendor SIS		0x0457	Silicon Integrated Systems
vendor KYE		0x0458	KYE Systems
vendor DIAMOND2		0x045a	Diamond (Supra)
vendor MICROSOFT	0x045e	Microsoft
vendor PRIMAX		0x0461	Primax Electronics
vendor MGE		0x0463	MGE UPS Systems
vendor AMP		0x0464	AMP
vendor CHERRY		0x046a	Cherry Mikroschalter
vendor MEGATRENDS	0x046b	American Megatrends
vendor LOGITECH		0x046d	Logitech
vendor BTC		0x046e	Behavior Tech. Computer
vendor PHILIPS		0x0471	Philips
vendor SANYO		0x0474	Sanyo Electric
vendor CONNECTIX	0x0478	Connectix
vendor KENSINGTON	0x047d	Kensington
vendor LUCENT		0x047e	Lucent
vendor PLANTRONICS	0x047f	Plantronics
vendor KYOCERA		0x0482	Kyocera
vendor STMICRO		0x0483	STMicroelectronics
vendor FOXCONN		0x0489	Foxconn / Hon Hai
vendor MEIZU		0x0492	Meizu Electronics
vendor YAMAHA		0x0499	YAMAHA
vendor COMPAQ		0x049f	Compaq
vendor HITACHI		0x04a4	Hitachi
vendor ACERP		0x04a5	Acer Peripherals
vendor VISIONEER	0x04a7	Visioneer
vendor CANON		0x04a9	Canon
vendor NIKON		0x04b0	Nikon
vendor IBM		0x04b3	IBM
vendor CYPRESS		0x04b4	Cypress Semiconductor
vendor EPSON		0x04b8	Seiko Epson
vendor RAINBOW		0x04b9	Rainbow Technologies
vendor IODATA		0x04bb	I-O Data
vendor TDK		0x04bf	TDK
vendor 3COMUSR		0x04c1	U.S. Robotics
vendor METHODE		0x04c2	Methode Electronics Far East
vendor MAXISWITCH	0x04c3	Maxi Switch
vendor LOCKHEEDMER	0x04c4	Lockheed Martin Energy Research
vendor FUJITSU		0x04c5	Fujitsu
vendor TOSHIBAAM	0x04c6	Toshiba America
vendor MICROMACRO	0x04c7	Micro Macro Technologies
vendor KONICA		0x04c8	Konica
vendor LITEON		0x04ca	Lite-On Technology
vendor FUJIPHOTO	0x04cb	Fuji Photo Film
vendor PHILIPSSEMI	0x04cc	Philips Semiconductors
vendor TATUNG		0x04cd	Tatung Co. Of America
vendor SCANLOGIC	0x04ce	ScanLogic
vendor MYSON		0x04cf	Myson Technology
vendor DIGI2		0x04d0	Digi
vendor ITTCANON		0x04d1	ITT Canon
vendor ALTEC		0x04d2	Altec Lansing
vendor MICROCHIP	0x04d8	Microchip Technology
vendor HOLTEK		0x04d9	Holtek Semiconductor
vendor PANASONIC	0x04da	Panasonic (Matsushita)
vendor SHARP		0x04dd	Sharp
vendor IIYAMA		0x04e1	Iiyama
vendor SHUTTLE		0x04e6	Shuttle Technology
vendor SAMSUNG		0x04e8	Samsung Electronics
vendor ANNABOOKS	0x04ed	Annabooks
vendor JVC		0x04f1	JVC
vendor CHICONY		0x04f2	Chicony Electronics
vendor ELAN		0x04f3  ELAN Microelectronics
vendor BROTHER		0x04f9	Brother Industries
vendor DALLAS		0x04fa	Dallas Semiconductor
vendor AIPTEK2		0x04fc	AIPTEK International
vendor ACER		0x0502	Acer
vendor 3COM		0x0506	3Com
vendor HOSIDEN		0x0507	Hosiden Corporation
vendor AZTECH		0x0509	Aztech Systems
vendor BELKIN		0x050d	Belkin Components
vendor KAWATSU		0x050f	Kawatsu Semiconductor
vendor COMPOSITE	0x0518	Composite
vendor APC		0x051d	American Power Conversion
vendor CONNECTEK	0x0522	Advanced Connectek USA
vendor NETCHIP		0x0525	NetChip Technology
vendor ALTRA		0x0527	ALTRA
vendor ATI		0x0528	ATI Technologies
vendor AKS		0x0529	Aladdin Knowledge Systems
vendor UNIACCESS	0x0540	Universal Access
vendor VIEWSONIC	0x0543	ViewSonic
vendor XIRLINK		0x0545	Xirlink
vendor ANCHOR		0x0547	Anchor Chips
vendor SONY		0x054c	Sony
vendor VISION		0x0553	VLSI Vision
vendor ASAHIKASEI	0x0556	Asahi Kasei Microsystems
vendor ATEN		0x0557	ATEN International
vendor MUSTEK		0x055f	Mustek Systems
vendor TELEX		0x0562	Telex Communications
vendor PERACOM		0x0565	Peracom Networks
vendor ALCOR2		0x0566	Alcor Micro
vendor XYRATEX		0x0567	Xyratex
vendor WACOM		0x056a	WACOM
vendor ETEK		0x056c	e-TEK Labs
vendor EIZO		0x056d	EIZO
vendor ELECOM		0x056e	Elecom
vendor CONEXANT		0x0572	Conexant
vendor HAUPPAUGE	0x0573	Hauppauge Computer Works
vendor BAFO		0x0576	BAFO/Quality Computer Accessories
vendor YEDATA		0x057b	Y-E Data
vendor AVM		0x057c	AVM
vendor NINTENDO		0x057e	Nintendo
vendor QUICKSHOT	0x057f	Quickshot
vendor ROLAND		0x0582	Roland
vendor ROCKFIRE		0x0583	Rockfire
vendor RATOC		0x0584	RATOC Systems
vendor ZYXEL		0x0586	ZyXEL Communication
vendor ALCOR		0x058f	Alcor Micro
vendor IOMEGA		0x059b	Iomega
vendor ATREND		0x059c	A-Trend Technology
vendor AID		0x059d	Advanced Input Devices
vendor LACIE		0x059f	LaCie
vendor CISCOLINKSYS3	0x05a6	Cisco-Linksys
vendor OMNIVISION	0x05a9	OmniVision
vendor INSYSTEM		0x05ab	In-System Design
vendor APPLE		0x05ac	Apple Computer
vendor DIGI		0x05c5	Digi International
vendor QUALCOMM2	0x05c6	Qualcomm
vendor QTRONIX		0x05c7	Qtronix
vendor ELSA		0x05cc	ELSA
vendor BRAINBOXES	0x05d1	Brainboxes Limited
vendor ULTIMA		0x05d8	Ultima
vendor AXIOHM		0x05d9	Axiohm Transaction Solutions
vendor MICROTEK		0x05da	Microtek
vendor SUNTAC		0x05db	SUN Corporation
vendor LEXAR		0x05dc	Lexar Media
vendor ADDTRON		0x05dd	Addtron
vendor SYMBOL		0x05e0	Symbol Technologies
vendor GENESYS		0x05e3	Genesys Logic
vendor FUJI		0x05e5	Fuji Electric
vendor KEITHLEY		0x05e6	Keithley Instruments
vendor EIZONANAO	0x05e7	EIZO Nanao
vendor KLSI		0x05e9	Kawasaki LSI
vendor FFC		0x05eb	FFC
vendor ANKO		0x05ef	Anko Electronic
vendor PIENGINEERING	0x05f3	P.I. Engineering
vendor AOC		0x05f6	AOC International
vendor CHIC		0x05fe	Chic Technology
vendor BARCO		0x0600	Barco Display Systems
vendor BRIDGE		0x0607	Bridge Information
vendor SMK		0x0609	SMK
vendor SOLIDYEAR	0x060b	Solid Year
vendor BIORAD		0x0614	Bio-Rad Laboratories
vendor MACALLY		0x0618	Macally
vendor ACTLABS		0x061c	Act Labs
vendor ALARIS		0x0620	Alaris
vendor APEX		0x0624	Apex
vendor CREATIVE3	0x062a	Creative Labs
vendor VIVITAR		0x0636	Vivitar
vendor AVISION		0x0638	Avision
vendor TEAC		0x0644	TEAC
vendor SGI		0x065e	Silicon Graphics
vendor SANWASUPPLY	0x0663	Sanwa Supply
vendor LINKSYS		0x066b	Linksys
vendor ACERSA		0x066e	Acer Semiconductor America
vendor SIGMATEL		0x066f	Sigmatel
vendor DRAYTEK		0x0675	DrayTek
vendor AIWA		0x0677	Aiwa
vendor ACARD		0x0678	ACARD Technology
vendor PROLIFIC		0x067b	Prolific Technology
vendor SIEMENS		0x067c	Siemens
vendor AVANCELOGIC	0x0680	Avance Logic
vendor SIEMENS2		0x0681	Siemens
vendor MINOLTA		0x0686	Minolta
vendor CHPRODUCTS	0x068e	CH Products
vendor HAGIWARA		0x0693	Hagiwara Sys-Com
vendor CTX		0x0698	Chuntex
vendor ASKEY		0x069a	Askey Computer
vendor SAITEK		0x06a3	Saitek
vendor ALCATELT		0x06b9	Alcatel Telecom
vendor AGFA		0x06bd	AGFA-Gevaert
vendor ASIAMD		0x06be	Asia Microelectronic Development
vendor BIZLINK		0x06c4	Bizlink International
vendor KEYSPAN		0x06cd	Keyspan
vendor AASHIMA		0x06d6	Aashima Technology
vendor MULTITECH	0x06e0	MultiTech
vendor ADS		0x06e1	ADS Technologies
vendor ALCATELM		0x06e4	Alcatel Microelectronics
vendor SIRIUS		0x06ea	Sirius Technologies
vendor GUILLEMOT	0x06f8	Guillemot
vendor BOSTON		0x06fd	Boston Acoustics
vendor SMC		0x0707	Standard Microsystems
vendor PUTERCOM		0x0708	Putercom
vendor MCT		0x0711	MCT
vendor IMATION		0x0718	Imation
vendor SUSTEEN		0x0731	Susteen
vendor EICON		0x0734	Eicon Networks
vendor MADCATZ		0x0738	Mad Catz, Inc.
vendor DIGITALSTREAM	0x074e	Digital Stream
vendor AUREAL		0x0755	Aureal Semiconductor
vendor MIDIMAN		0x0763	Midiman
vendor CYBERPOWER	0x0764  CyberPower Systems, Inc.
vendor SURECOM		0x0769	Surecom Technology
vendor LINKSYS2		0x077b	Linksys
vendor GRIFFIN		0x077d	Griffin Technology
vendor SANDISK		0x0781	SanDisk
vendor JENOPTIK		0x0784	Jenoptik
vendor LOGITEC		0x0789	Logitec
vendor BRIMAX		0x078e	Brimax
vendor AXIS		0x0792	Axis Communications
vendor ABL		0x0794	ABL Electronics
vendor SAGEM		0x079b	Sagem
vendor SUNCOMM		0x079c	Sun Communications, Inc.
vendor ALFADATA		0x079d	Alfadata Computer
vendor NATIONALTECH	0x07a2	National Technical Systems
vendor ONNTO		0x07a3	Onnto
vendor BE		0x07a4	Be
vendor ADMTEK		0x07a6	ADMtek
vendor COREGA		0x07aa	Corega
vendor FREECOM		0x07ab	Freecom
vendor MICROTECH	0x07af	Microtech
vendor GENERALINSTMNTS	0x07b2	General Instruments (Motorola)
vendor OLYMPUS		0x07b4	Olympus
vendor ABOCOM		0x07b8	AboCom Systems
vendor KINGSUN		0x07c0	KingSun
vendor KEISOKUGIKEN	0x07c1	Keisokugiken
vendor ONSPEC		0x07c4	OnSpec
vendor APG		0x07c5	APG Cash Drawer
vendor BUG		0x07c8	B.U.G.
vendor ALLIEDTELESYN	0x07c9	Allied Telesyn International
vendor AVERMEDIA	0x07ca	AVerMedia Technologies
vendor SIIG		0x07cc	SIIG
vendor CASIO		0x07cf	CASIO
vendor DLINK2		0x07d1	D-Link
vendor APTIO		0x07d2	Aptio Products
vendor ARASAN		0x07da	Arasan Chip Systems
vendor ALLIEDCABLE	0x07e6	Allied Cable
vendor STSN		0x07ef	STSN
vendor CENTURY		0x07f7	CENTURY Corporation
vendor BEWAN		0x07fa	Bewan
vendor ZOOM		0x0803	Zoom Telephonics
vendor SYNET		0x0812	Synet Electronics
vendor BROADLOGIC	0x0827	BroadLogic
vendor HANDSPRING	0x082d	Handspring
vendor PALM		0x0830	Palm Computing
vendor ACTIONSTAR	0x0835	Action Star Enterprise
vendor ACCTON		0x083a	Accton Technology
vendor DIAMOND		0x0841	Diamond
vendor NETGEAR		0x0846	BayNETGEAR
vendor ACTIVEWIRE	0x0854	ActiveWire
vendor BBELECTRONICS	0x0856	B&B Electronics
vendor PORTGEAR		0x085a	PortGear
vendor NETGEAR2		0x0864	Netgear
vendor SYSTEMTALKS	0x086e	System Talks
vendor METRICOM		0x0870	Metricom
vendor ADESSOKBTEK	0x087c	ADESSO/Kbtek America
vendor JATON		0x087d	Jaton
vendor APT		0x0880	APT Technologies
vendor BOCARESEARCH	0x0885	Boca Research
vendor ANDREA		0x08a8	Andrea Electronics
vendor BURRBROWN	0x08bb	Burr-Brown Japan
vendor 2WIRE		0x08c8	2Wire
vendor AIPTEK		0x08ca	AIPTEK International
vendor SMARTBRIDGES	0x08d1	SmartBridges
vendor BILLIONTON	0x08dd	Billionton Systems
vendor EXTENDED		0x08e9	Extended Systems
vendor MSYSTEMS		0x08ec	M-Systems
vendor AUTHENTEC	0x08ff	AuthenTec
vendor AUDIOTECHNICA	0x0909	Audio-Technica
vendor TRUMPION		0x090a	Trumpion Microelectronics
vendor ALATION		0x0910	Alation Systems
vendor GLOBESPAN	0x0915	Globespan
vendor CONCORDCAMERA	0x0919	Concord Camera
vendor GARMIN		0x091e	Garmin
vendor GOHUBS		0x0921	GoHubs
vendor BIOMETRIC	0x0929	American Biometric Company
vendor TOSHIBA		0x0930	Toshiba
vendor PLEXTOR		0x093b	Plextor
vendor INTREPIDCS	0x093c	Intrepid
vendor YANO		0x094f	Yano
vendor KINGSTON		0x0951	Kingston Technology
vendor BLUEWATER	0x0956	BlueWater Systems
vendor AGILENT		0x0957	Agilent Technologies
vendor GUDE		0x0959	Gude ADS
vendor PORTSMITH	0x095a	Portsmith
vendor ACERW		0x0967	Acer
vendor ADIRONDACK	0x0976	Adirondack Wire & Cable
vendor BECKHOFF		0x0978	Beckhoff
vendor MINDSATWORK	0x097a	Minds At Work
vendor ZIPPY		0x099a	Zippy Technology Corporation
vendor POINTCHIPS	0x09a6	PointChips
vendor INTERSIL		0x09aa	Intersil
vendor TRIPPLITE2	0x09ae	Tripp Lite
vendor ALTIUS		0x09b3	Altius Solutions
vendor ARRIS		0x09c1	Arris Interactive
vendor ACTISYS		0x09c4	ACTiSYS
vendor NOVATEL		0x09d7	NovAtel
vendor AIMEX		0x09dc	AIMEX
vendor ADDONICS		0x09df	Addonics Technologies
vendor AKAI		0x09e8	AKAI professional M.I.
vendor ARESCOM		0x09f5	ARESCOM
vendor BAY		0x09f9	Bay Associates
vendor ALTERA		0x09fb	Altera
vendor CSR		0x0a12	Cambridge Silicon Radio
vendor TREK		0x0a16	Trek Technology
vendor ASAHIOPTICAL	0x0a17	Asahi Optical
vendor BOCASYSTEMS	0x0a43	Boca Systems
vendor SHANTOU		0x0a46  ShanTou
vendor MEDIAGEAR	0x0a48	MediaGear
vendor BROADCOM		0x0a5c	Broadcom
vendor GEOCAST		0x0a79	Geocast Network Systems
vendor ZYDAS		0x0ace	Zydas Technology Corporation
vendor NEODIO		0x0aec	Neodio
vendor OPTIONNV		0x0af0	Option N.V:
vendor ASUSTEK		0x0b05	ASUSTeK Computer
vendor TODOS		0x0b0c	Todos Data System
vendor SIIG2		0x0b39	SIIG
vendor TEKRAM		0x0b3b	Tekram Technology
vendor HAL		0x0b41	HAL Corporation
vendor EMS		0x0b43	EMS Production
vendor NEC2		0x0b62	NEC
vendor ATI2		0x0b6f	ATI
vendor ZEEVO		0x0b7a	Zeevo, Inc.
vendor KURUSUGAWA	0x0b7e	Kurusugawa Electronics, Inc.
vendor ASIX		0x0b95	ASIX Electronics
vendor PROLIFIC2	0x0b8c	Prolific Technology Inc
vendor O2MICRO		0x0b97	O2 Micro
vendor USR		0x0baf	U.S. Robotics
vendor AMBIT		0x0bb2	Ambit Microsystems
vendor HTC		0x0bb4	HTC
vendor REALTEK		0x0bda	Realtek
vendor ADDONICS2	0x0bf6	Addonics Technology
vendor FSC		0x0bf8	Fujitsu Siemens Computers
vendor AGATE		0x0c08	Agate Technologies
vendor DMI		0x0c0b	DMI
vendor CHICONY2		0x0c45	Chicony Electronics
vendor MICRODIA		0x0c45	Microdia / Sonix Technology Co., Ltd.
vendor SEALEVEL		0x0c52	Sealevel System
vendor LUWEN		0x0c76	EasyDisk
vendor QUALCOMM_K	0x0c88	Qualcomm Kyocera
vendor ZCOM		0x0cde	Z-Com
vendor ATHEROS2 	0x0cf3	Atheros Communications
vendor TANGTOP		0x0d3d	Tangtop
vendor SMC3		0x0d5c	Standard Microsystems
vendor PEN		0x0d7d	Pen Drive
vendor ACDC		0x0d7e	American Computer & Digital Components
vendor CMEDIA		0x0d8c	C-Media Electronics Inc.
vendor CONCEPTRONIC2	0x0d8e	Conceptronic
vendor MSI		0x0db0	Micro Star
vendor ELCON		0x0db7	ELCON Systemtechnik
vendor UNKNOWN5		0x0dcd	Unknown Vendor
vendor SITECOMEU	0x0df6	Sitecom Europe
vendor AMIGO		0x0e0b	Amigo Technology
vendor HAWKING		0x0e66	Hawking
vendor GMATE		0x0e7e	G.Mate, Inc
vendor MTK		0x0e8d	MTK
vendor OTI		0x0ea0	Ours Technology
vendor PILOTECH		0x0eaf	Pilotech
vendor NOVATECH		0x0eb0	Nova Tech
vendor EGALAX		0x0eef	eGalax
vendor TOD		0x0ede	TOD
vendor AIRPRIME		0x0f3d	AirPrime, Incorporated
vendor VTECH		0x0f88	VTech
vendor FALCOM		0x0f94	Falcom Wireless Communications GmbH
vendor RIM		0x0fca	Research In Motion
vendor DYNASTREAM	0x0fcf	Dynastream Innovations
vendor DVICO		0x0fe9	DViCO
vendor QUALCOMM		0x1004	Qualcomm
vendor MOTOROLA4	0x100d	Motorola
vendor HP3		0x103c	Hewlett Packard
vendor GIGABYTE		0x1044	GIGABYTE
vendor WESTERN		0x1058	Western Digital
vendor MOTOROLA		0x1063	Motorola
vendor CCYU		0x1065	CCYU Technology
vendor HYUNDAI		0x106c	Hyundai CuriTel
vendor SILABS2		0x10a6	SILABS2
vendor USI		0x10ab	USI
vendor PLX		0x10b5	PLX
vendor ASANTE		0x10bd	Asante
vendor SILABS		0x10c4	Silicon Labs
vendor TENX		0x1130	Ten X Technology, Inc.
vendor JRC		0x1145	Japan Radio Company
vendor SPHAIRON		0x114b	Sphairon Access Systems GmbH
vendor DELORME		0x1163	DeLorme
vendor SERVERWORKS	0x1166	ServerWorks
vendor ACERCM		0x1189	Acer Communications & Multimedia
vendor SIERRA		0x1199	Sierra Wireless
vendor TOPFIELD		0x11db	Topfield Co., Ltd
vendor NETINDEX		0x11f6	NetIndex
vendor INTERBIO		0x1209	InterBiometrics
vendor FUJITSU2		0x1221	Fujitsu Ltd.
vendor UNKNOWN3		0x1233	Unknown vendor
vendor TSUNAMI		0x1241	Tsunami
vendor PHEENET		0x124a	Pheenet
vendor TARGUS		0x1267	Targus
vendor TWINMOS		0x126f	TwinMOS
vendor CREATIVE2	0x1292	Creative Labs
vendor BELKIN2		0x1293	Belkin Components
vendor CYBERTAN		0x129b	CyberTAN Technology
vendor HUAWEI		0x12d1	Huawei Technologies
vendor ARANEUS		0x12d8	Araneus Information Systems Oy
vendor AINCOMM		0x12fd	Aincomm
vendor MOBILITY		0x1342	Mobility
vendor DICKSMITH	0x1371	Dick Smith Electronics
vendor NETGEAR3		0x1385	Netgear
vendor VALIDITY		0x138a	Validity Sensors, Inc.
vendor BALTECH		0x13ad	Baltech
vendor CISCOLINKSYS	0x13b1	Cisco-Linksys
vendor SHARK		0x13d2	Shark
vendor AZUREWAVE	0x13d3	AzureWave
vendor PHISON		0x13fe	Phison Electronics Corp.
vendor NOVATEL2		0x1410	Novatel
vendor OMNIVISION2	0x1415	OmniVision Technologies, Inc.
vendor MERLIN		0x1416	Merlin
vendor WISTRONNEWEB	0x1435	Wistron NeWeb
vendor HUAWEI3COM	0x1472	Huawei-3Com
vendor ABOCOM2		0x1482	AboCom Systems
vendor SILICOM		0x1485	Silicom
vendor RALINK		0x148f	Ralink Technology
vendor CONCEPTRONIC	0x14b2	Conceptronic
vendor SUPERTOP		0x14cd  SuperTop
vendor PLANEX3		0x14ea	Planex Communications
vendor SILICONPORTALS	0x1527	Silicon Portals
vendor JMICRON		0x152d	JMicron
vendor OQO		0x1557	OQO
vendor UMEDIA		0x157e	U-MEDIA Communications
vendor FIBERLINE	0x1582	Fiberline
vendor SPARKLAN		0x15a9	SparkLAN
vendor AMIT2		0x15c5	AMIT
vendor SOHOWARE		0x15e8	SOHOware
vendor UMAX		0x1606	UMAX Data Systems
vendor INSIDEOUT	0x1608	Inside Out Networks
vendor GOODWAY		0x1631	Good Way Technology
vendor ENTREGA		0x1645	Entrega
vendor ACTIONTEC	0x1668	Actiontec Electronics
vendor CISCOLINKSYS2	0x167b	Cisco-Linksys
vendor ATHEROS		0x168c	Atheros Communications
vendor GIGASET		0x1690	Gigaset
vendor ANYDATA		0x16d5	AnyDATA Inc.
vendor JABLOTRON	0x16d6	Jablotron
vendor LINKSYS4		0x1737	Linksys
vendor SENAO		0x1740	Senao
vendor ASUSTEK2		0x1761	ASUSTeK Computer
vendor SWEEX2		0x177f	Sweex
vendor MISC		0x1781	Misc Vendors
vendor DISPLAYLINK	0x17e9	DisplayLink
vendor LENOVO		0x17ef	Lenovo
vendor E3C		0x18b4	E3C Technologies
vendor AMIT		0x18c5	AMIT
vendor QCOM		0x18e8	Qcom
vendor LINKSYS3		0x1915	Linksys
vendor MEINBERG		0x1938	Meinberg Funkuhren
vendor BECEEM		0x198f	Beceem Communications
vendor ZTE		0x19d2	ZTE
vendor QUANTA		0x1a32	Quanta
vendor TERMINUS		0x1a40	Terminus Technology
vendor WINCHIPHEAD2	0x1a86	QinHeng Electronics
vendor OVISLINK		0x1b75	OvisLink
vendor MPMAN		0x1cae	MPMan
vendor 4GSYSTEMS	0x1c9e	4G Systems
vendor PEGATRON		0x1d4d	Pegatron
vendor FUTUREBITS	0x1d50	Future Bits
vendor AIRTIES		0x1eda	AirTies
vendor DLINK		0x2001	D-Link
vendor PLANEX2		0x2019	Planex Communications
vendor ENCORE		0x203d	Encore
vendor HAUPPAUGE2	0x2040	Hauppauge Computer Works
vendor PARA		0x20b8	PARA Industrial
vendor TRENDNET		0x20f4	TRENDnet
vendor RTSYS		0x2100	RT Systems
vendor DLINK3		0x2101  D-Link
vendor VIALABS		0x2109	VIA Labs
vendor ERICSSON		0x2282	Ericsson
vendor MOTOROLA2	0x22b8	Motorola
vendor PINNACLE		0x2304	Pinnacle Systems
vendor ARDUINO		0x2341	Arduino SA
vendor TPLINK		0x2357	TP-Link
vendor TRIPPLITE	0x2478	Tripp-Lite
vendor HIROSE		0x2631	Hirose Electric
vendor NHJ		0x2770	NHJ
vendor PLANEX		0x2c02	Planex Communications
vendor VIDZMEDIA	0x3275	VidzMedia Pte Ltd
vendor AEI		0x3334	AEI
vendor HANK		0x3353	Hank Connection
vendor PQI		0x3538	PQI
vendor DAISY		0x3579	Daisy Technology
vendor NI		0x3923	National Instruments
vendor MICRONET		0x3980	Micronet Communications
vendor IODATA2		0x40bb	I-O Data
vendor IRIVER		0x4102	iRiver
vendor DELL		0x413c	Dell
vendor WINCHIPHEAD	0x4348	WinChipHead
vendor FEIXUN		0x4855	FeiXun Communication
vendor AVERATEC		0x50c2	Averatec
vendor SWEEX		0x5173	Sweex
vendor ONSPEC2		0x55aa	OnSpec Electronic Inc.
vendor ZINWELL		0x5a57	Zinwell
vendor INGENIC 		0x601a	Ingenic Semiconductor Ltd.
vendor SITECOM		0x6189	Sitecom
vendor SPRINGERDESIGN	0x6400	Springer Design, Inc.
vendor ARKMICROCHIPS	0x6547	ArkMicroChips
vendor 3COM2		0x6891	3Com
vendor EDIMAX		0x7392	EDIMAX
vendor INTEL		0x8086	Intel
vendor INTEL2		0x8087	Intel
vendor ALLWIN		0x8516	ALLWIN Tech
vendor MOSCHIP		0x9710	MosChip Semiconductor
vendor NETGEAR4		0x9846	Netgear
vendor xxFTDI		0x9e88  FTDI
vendor CACE		0xcace	CACE Technologies
vendor COMPARE		0xcdab	Compare
vendor DATAAPEX		0xdaae	DataApex
vendor EVOLUTION	0xdeee	Evolution Robotics
vendor EMPIA		0xeb1a	eMPIA Technology
vendor HP2		0xf003	Hewlett Packard
vendor USRP		0xfffe	GNU Radio USRP

 * List of known products.  Grouped by vendor.

/* 3Com products */
product 3COM HOMECONN		0x009d	HomeConnect USB Camera
product 3COM 3CREB96		0x00a0	Bluetooth USB Adapter
product 3COM 3C19250		0x03e8	3C19250 Ethernet adapter
product 3COM 3CRSHEW696		0x0a01	3CRSHEW696
product 3COM 3C460		0x11f8	HomeConnect 3C460
product 3COM USR56K		0x3021	U.S.Robotics 56000 Voice Faxmodem Pro
product 3COM 3C460B		0x4601	HomeConnect 3C460B
product 3COM2 3CRUSB10075	0xa727	3CRUSB10075

product 3COMUSR OFFICECONN	0x0082	3Com OfficeConnect Analog Modem
product 3COMUSR USRISDN		0x008f	3Com U.S. Robotics Pro ISDN TA
product 3COMUSR HOMECONN	0x009d	3Com HomeConnect camera
product 3COMUSR USR56K		0x3021	U.S.Robotics 56000 Voice Faxmodem Pro

/* 4G Systems products */
product 4GSYSTEMS XSSTICK_W14	0x9603	4G Systems XSStick W14
product 4GSYSTEMS XSSTICK_P14	0x9605	4G Systems XSStick P14
product 4GSYSTEMS XSSTICK_P14_INSTALLER	0xf000	4G Systems XSStick P14 - Windows driver

/* ACDC products */
product ACDC HUB		0x2315	USB Pen Drive HUB
product ACDC SECWRITE		0x2316	USB Pen Drive Secure Write
product ACDC PEN		0x2317	USB Pen Drive with Secure Write

/* AboCom products */
product ABOCOM XX1		0x110c	XX1
product ABOCOM XX2		0x200c	XX2
product ABOCOM RT2770		0x2770	RT2770
product ABOCOM RT2870		0x2870	RT2870
product ABOCOM RT3070		0x3070	RT3070
product ABOCOM RT3071		0x3071	RT3071
product ABOCOM RT3072		0x3072	RT3072
product ABOCOM2 RT2870_1	0x3c09	RT2870
product ABOCOM URE450		0x4000	URE450 Ethernet Adapter
product ABOCOM UFE1000		0x4002	UFE1000 Fast Ethernet Adapter
product ABOCOM DSB650TX_PNA	0x4003	1/10/100 ethernet adapter
product ABOCOM XX4		0x4004	XX4
product ABOCOM XX5		0x4007	XX5
product ABOCOM XX6		0x400b	XX6
product ABOCOM XX7		0x400c	XX7
product ABOCOM LCS8138TX	0x401a	LCS-8138TX
product ABOCOM XX8		0x4102	XX8
product ABOCOM XX9		0x4104	XX9
product ABOCOM UFE2000		0x420a	UFE2000 USB2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter
product ABOCOM WL54		0x6001	WL54
product ABOCOM RTL8192CU	0x8178	RTL8192CU
product ABOCOM RTL8188EU	0x8179	RTL8188EU
product ABOCOM RTL8188CU_1	0x8188	RTL8188CU
product ABOCOM RTL8188CU_2	0x8189	RTL8188CU
product ABOCOM XX10		0xabc1	XX10
product ABOCOM BWU613		0xb000	BWU613
product ABOCOM HWU54DM		0xb21b	HWU54DM
product ABOCOM RT2573_2		0xb21c	RT2573
product ABOCOM RT2573_3		0xb21d	RT2573
product ABOCOM RT2573_4		0xb21e	RT2573
product ABOCOM WUG2700		0xb21f	WUG2700

/* Accton products */
product ACCTON USB320_EC	0x1046	USB320-EC Ethernet Adapter
product ACCTON 2664W		0x3501	2664W
product ACCTON 111		0x3503	T-Sinus 111 WLAN
product ACCTON PRISM_GT		0x4521	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product ACCTON SS1001		0x5046	SpeedStream Ethernet Adapter
product ACCTON RT2870_2		0x6618	RT2870
product ACCTON RT3070		0x7511	RT3070
product ACCTON RT2770		0x7512	RT2770
product ACCTON RT2870_3		0x7522	RT2870
product ACCTON RT2870_5		0x8522	RT2870
product ACCTON RT3070_4		0xa512	RT3070
product ACCTON RT2870_4		0xa618	RT2870
product ACCTON RT3070_1		0xa701	RT3070
product ACCTON RT3070_2		0xa702	RT3070
product ACCTON RT3070_6		0xa703	RT3070
product ACCTON AR9280		0xa704	AR9280+AR7010
product ACCTON RT2870_1		0xb522	RT2870
product ACCTON RTL8192SU	0xc512	RTL8192SU
product ACCTON RT3070_3		0xc522	RT3070
product ACCTON RT3070_5		0xd522	RT3070
product ACCTON ZD1211B		0xe501	ZD1211B
product ACCTON WN4501H_LF_IR	0xe503	WN4501H-LF-IR
product ACCTON WUS201		0xe506	WUS-201
product ACCTON WN7512		0xf522	WN7512

/* Acer Communications & Multimedia products */
product ACERCM EP1427X2		0x0893	EP-1427X-2 Ethernet

/* Acer Labs products */
product ACERLABS M5632		0x5632	USB 2.0 Data Link

/* Acer Peripherals, Inc. products */
product ACERP ACERSCAN_C310U	0x12a6	Acerscan C310U
product ACERP ACERSCAN_320U	0x2022	Acerscan 320U
product ACERP ACERSCAN_640U	0x2040	Acerscan 640U
product ACERP ACERSCAN_620U	0x2060	Acerscan 620U
product ACERP ATAPI		0x6003	ATA/ATAPI adapter
product ACERP AWL300		0x9000	AWL300
product ACERP AWL400		0x9001	AWL400

/* Acer Products */
product ACERW WARPLINK		0x0204	Warplink

/* Actiontec products */
product ACTIONTEC PRISM_25	0x0408	Prism2.5 WLAN
product ACTIONTEC PRISM_25A	0x0421	Prism2.5 WLAN A
product ACTIONTEC AR9287	0x1200	AR9287+AR7010
product ACTIONTEC FREELAN	0x6106	ROPEX FreeLan 802.11b
product ACTIONTEC UAT1		0x7605	UAT1 Wireless Ethernet adapter

/* ACTiSYS products */
product ACTISYS IR2000U		0x0011	ACT-IR2000U FIR

/* ActiveWire, Inc. products */
product ACTIVEWIRE IOBOARD	0x0100	I/O Board
product ACTIVEWIRE IOBOARD_FW1	0x0101	I/O Board, rev. 1 firmware

/* Adaptec products */
product ADAPTEC AWN8020		0x0020	AWN-8020 WLAN

/* Addonics products */
product ADDONICS2 205		0xa001	Cable 205

/* Addtron products */
product ADDTRON AWU120		0xff31	AWU-120

/* ADMtek products */
product ADMTEK PEGASUSII_4	0x07c2	AN986A Ethernet
product ADMTEK PEGASUS		0x0986	AN986 USB Ethernet
product ADMTEK PEGASUSII	0x8511	AN8511 USB Ethernet
product ADMTEK PEGASUSII_2	0x8513	AN8513 Ethernet
product ADMTEK PEGASUSII_3	0x8515	ADM8515 USB 2.0 Ethernet

/* ADS products */
product ADS UBS10BT		0x0008	UBS-10BT Ethernet
product ADS UBS10BTX		0x0009	UBS-10BT Ethernet
product ADS RDX155		0xa155	InstantFM Music

/* AEI products */
product AEI USBTOLAN		0x1701	AEI USB to Lan adapter

/* Agate Technologies products */
product AGATE QDRIVE		0x0378	Q-Drive

/* AGFA products */
product AGFA SNAPSCAN1212U	0x0001	SnapScan 1212U
product AGFA SNAPSCAN1236U	0x0002	SnapScan 1236U
product AGFA SNAPSCANTOUCH	0x0100	SnapScan Touch
product AGFA SNAPSCAN1212U2	0x2061	SnapScan 1212U
product AGFA SNAPSCANE40	0x208d	SnapScan e40
product AGFA SNAPSCANE50	0x208f	SnapScan e50
product AGFA SNAPSCANE20	0x2091	SnapScan e20
product AGFA SNAPSCANE25	0x2095	SnapScan e25
product AGFA SNAPSCANE26	0x2097	SnapScan e26
product AGFA SNAPSCANE52	0x20fd	SnapScan e52

/* Araneus products */
product ARANEUS ALEA		0x0001	Alea I/II TRNG

/* Aincomm products */
product AINCOMM AWU2000B	0x1001	AWU2000B

/* AIPTEK International products */
product AIPTEK2 PENCAM_MEGA_1_3 0x504a	PenCam Mega 1.3

/* AirPrime products */
product AIRPRIME PC5220		0x0112	CDMA Wireless PC Card

/* Airties products */
product AIRTIES RT3070_2	0x2012	RT3070
product AIRTIES RT3070		0x2310	RT3070

/* AKS products */
product AKS USBHASP		0x0001	USB-HASP 0.06

/* Alcatel Telecom products */
product ALCATELT ST120G		0x0120	SpeedTouch 120g
product ALCATELT ST121G		0x0121	SpeedTouch 121g

/* Alcor Micro, Inc. products */
product ALCOR2 KBD_HUB		0x2802	Kbd Hub

product ALCOR MA_KBD_HUB	0x9213	MacAlly Kbd Hub
product ALCOR AU9814		0x9215	AU9814 Hub
product ALCOR SM_KBD		0x9410	MicroConnectors/StrongMan Keyboard
product ALCOR NEC_KBD_HUB	0x9472	NEC Kbd Hub

/* ALLWIN Tech products */
product ALLWIN RT2070		0x2070	RT2070
product ALLWIN RT2770		0x2770	RT2770
product ALLWIN RT2870		0x2870	RT2870
product ALLWIN RT3070		0x3070	RT3070
product ALLWIN RT3071		0x3071	RT3071
product ALLWIN RT3072		0x3072	RT3072
product ALLWIN RT3572		0x3572	RT3572

/* Altec Lansing products */
product ALTEC ADA70		0x0070	ADA70 Speakers
product ALTEC ASC495		0xff05	ASC495 Speakers

/* American Power Conversion products */
product APC UPS			0x0002	Uninterruptible Power Supply

/* Ambit Microsystems products */
product AMBIT NTL_250		0x6098	NTL 250 cable modem

/* AMD product */
product AMD TV_WONDER_600_USB	0xb002	TV Wonder 600 USB

/* Amigo products */
product AMIGO RT2870_1		0x9031	RT2870
product AMIGO RT2870_2		0x9041	RT2870

/* AMIT products */
product AMIT RT2870_1		0x0012	RT2870
product AMIT2 RT2870		0x0008	RT2870

/* Anchor products */
product ANCHOR EZUSB		0x2131	EZUSB
product ANCHOR EZLINK		0x2720	EZLINK

/* AnyDATA Inc. products */
product ANYDATA A2502		0x6202	NTT DoCoMo A2502
product ANYDATA ADU_E100H	0x6501	ADU-E100H
product ANYDATA ADU_500A	0x6502	ADU-E500A

/* AOX, Inc. products */
product AOX USB101		0x0008	USB ethernet controller engine

/* Apple Computer products */
product APPLE EXT_KBD		0x020c	Apple Extended USB Keyboard
product APPLE FOUNTAIN_ANSI	0x020e	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Fountain/ANSI)
product APPLE FOUNTAIN_ISO	0x020f	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Fountain/ISO)
product APPLE GEYSER_ANSI	0x0214	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser/ANSI)
product APPLE GEYSER_ISO	0x0215	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser/ISO)
product APPLE GEYSER_JIS	0x0216	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser/JIS)
product APPLE GEYSER3_ANSI	0x0217	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser3/ANSI)
product APPLE GEYSER3_ISO	0x0218	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser3/ISO)
product APPLE GEYSER3_JIS	0x0219	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser3/JIS)
product APPLE GEYSER4_ANSI	0x021a	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser4/ANSI)
product APPLE GEYSER4_ISO	0x021b	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser4/ISO)
product APPLE GEYSER4_JIS	0x021c	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Geyser4/JIS)
product APPLE WELLSPRING_ANSI	0x0223	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring/ANSI)
product APPLE WELLSPRING_ISO	0x0224	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring/ISO)
product APPLE WELLSPRING_JIS	0x0225	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring/JIS)
product APPLE WELLSPRING2_ANSI	0x0230	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring2/ANSI)
product APPLE WELLSPRING2_ISO	0x0231	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring2/ISO)
product APPLE WELLSPRING2_JIS	0x0232	Apple Internal Keyboard/Trackpad (Wellspring2/JIS)
product APPLE OPTMOUSE		0x0302	Optical mouse
product APPLE MIGHTYMOUSE	0x0304	Mighty Mouse
product APPLE FOUNTAIN_TP	0x030a	Apple Internal Trackpad (Fountain)
product APPLE GEYSER1_TP	0x030b	Apple Internal Trackpad (Geyser)
product APPLE MAGICMOUSE	0x030d	Magic Mouse
product APPLE MAGICTRACKPAD	0x030e	Magic Trackpad
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HIDMODE	0x1000	Bluetooth HCI (HID-proxy mode)
product APPLE EXT_KBD_HUB	0x1003	Hub in Apple Extended USB Keyboard
product APPLE SPEAKERS		0x1101	Speakers
product APPLE SHUFFLE2	0x1301	iPod Shuffle (2nd generation)
product APPLE IPHONE		0x1290	iPhone
product APPLE IPOD_TOUCH	0x1291	iPod Touch
product APPLE IPOD_TOUCH_4G	0x129e	iPod Touch 4G
product APPLE IPHONE_3G		0x1292	iPhone 3G
product APPLE IPHONE_3GS	0x1294	iPhone 3GS
product APPLE IPHONE_4		0x1297	iPhone 4
product APPLE IPHONE_4_VZW		0x129c	iPhone 4 (VZW)
product APPLE IPHONE_4S		0x12a0	iPhone 4S
product APPLE IPHONE_5		0x12a8	iPhone 5
product APPLE IPAD		0x129a	Apple iPad
product APPLE IPAD_2		0x12a2	Apple iPad 2
product APPLE IPAD_3		0x12a6	Apple iPad 3
product APPLE IPAD_MINI		0x12ab	Apple iPad Mini
product APPLE ETHERNET		0x1402	Apple USB to Ethernet
product APPLE BLUETOOTH2	0x8205	Bluetooth
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HOST_1	0x8213	Bluetooth USB Host Controller MacBookPro 7,1
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HOST_2	0x8215	Bluetooth USB Host Controller iMac 11,1
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HOST_3	0x821a	Bluetooth USB Host Controller MacBookPro 8,2
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HOST_4	0x821b	Bluetooth USB Host Controller MacBookAir 3,1 3,2
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HOST_5	0x821f	Bluetooth USB Host Controller MacBookAir 4,1
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HOST_6	0x8281	Bluetooth USB Host Controller MacMini 5,1
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HOST_7	0x828f	Bluetooth USB Host Controller MacBookAir 6,1
product APPLE BLUETOOTH_HOST_8	0x821d	Bluetooth USB Host Controller MacBookPro 9,2
product APPLE BLUETOOTH		0x8300	Bluetooth

/* ArkMicroChips products */

/* Asahi Optical products */
product ASAHIOPTICAL OPTIO230	0x0004	PENTAX Optio230
product ASAHIOPTICAL OPTIO330	0x0006	Digital camera

/* Asante products */
product ASANTE EA		0x1427	Ethernet Adapter

/* Askey Computer products */
product ASKEY WLL013I		0x0320	WLL013 (Intersil)
product ASKEY WLL013		0x0321	WLL013
product ASKEY VOYAGER1010	0x0821	Voyager 1010

/* ASIX Electronics products */
product ASIX AX88172		0x1720	AX88172 USB 2.0 10/100 ethernet controller
product ASIX AX88178		0x1780	AX88178 USB 2.0 gigabit ethernet controller
product ASIX AX88178A		0x178a	AX88178A USB 2.0 gigabit ethernet controller
product ASIX AX88179		0x1790	AX88179 USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet controller
product ASIX AX88772		0x7720	AX88772 USB 2.0 10/100 ethernet controller
product ASIX AX88772A		0x772a	AX88772A USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet adapter
product ASIX AX88772B		0x772b	AX88772B USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet adapter
product ASIX AX88772B_1		0x7e2b	AX88772B1 USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet adapter

/* ASUSTeK computer products */
product ASUSTEK RT2570		0x1706	RT2570
product ASUSTEK WL167G		0x1707	WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter
product ASUSTEK WL159G		0x170c	WL-159g
product ASUSTEK A9T_WIFI	0x171b	A9T wireless
product ASUSTEK P5B_WIFI	0x171d	P5B wireless
product ASUSTEK WL167G_2	0x1723	WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter (version 2)
product ASUSTEK WL167G_3	0x1724	WL-167g USB2.0 WLAN Adapter (version 2)
product ASUSTEK RT2870_1	0x1731	RT2870
product ASUSTEK RT2870_2	0x1732	RT2870
product	ASUSTEK U3100		0x173f	My Cinema U3100 Mini DVB-T
product ASUSTEK RT2870_3	0x1742	RT2870
product ASUSTEK RT2870_4	0x1760	RT2870
product ASUSTEK RT2870_5	0x1761	RT2870
product ASUSTEK RT3070		0x1784	RT3070
product ASUSTEK USBN10		0x1786	USB-N10
product ASUSTEK RT3070_1	0x1790	RT3070
product ASUSTEK RTL8192SU_1	0x1791	RTL8192SU
product ASUSTEK USBN53		0x179d	USB-N53
product ASUSTEK RTL8192CU	0x17ab	RTL8192CU
product ASUSTEK USBN66		0x17ad	USB-N66
product ASUSTEK USBN10NANO	0x17ba	USB-N10 Nano
product ASUSTEK RTL8192CU_3	0x17c0	RTL8192CU_3
product ASUSTEK MYPAL_A730	0x4202	MyPal A730
product ASUSTEK2 USBN11		0x0b05	USB-N11

/* ATen products */
product ATEN UC1284		0x2001	Parallel printer adapter
product ATEN UC10T		0x2002	10Mbps ethernet adapter
product ATEN UC232A		0x2008	Serial adapter
product ATEN UC210T		0x2009	UC210T Ethernet adapter
product ATEN UC2324		0x2011	UC2324 USB to Serial Hub
product ATEN DSB650C		0x4000	DSB-650C

/* Atheros Communications products */
product ATHEROS AR5523		0x0001	AR5523
product ATHEROS AR5523_NF	0x0002	AR5523

/* Atheros Communications(2) products */
product ATHEROS2 AR5523_1	0x0001	AR5523
product ATHEROS2 AR5523_1_NF	0x0002	AR5523
product ATHEROS2 AR5523_2	0x0003	AR5523
product ATHEROS2 AR5523_2_NF	0x0004	AR5523
product ATHEROS2 AR5523_3	0x0005	AR5523
product ATHEROS2 AR5523_3_NF	0x0006	AR5523
product ATHEROS2 TG121N		0x1001	TG121N
product ATHEROS2 WN821NV2	0x1002	WN821NV2
product ATHEROS2 AR9271_1	0x1006	AR9271
product ATHEROS2 3CRUSBN275	0x1010	3CRUSBN275
product ATHEROS2 WN612		0x1011	WN612
product ATHEROS2 AR3011		0x3000	AR3011
product ATHEROS2 AR3012		0x3004	AR3012
product ATHEROS2 AR9280		0x7010	AR9280+AR7010
product ATHEROS2 AR9287		0x7015	AR9287+AR7010
product ATHEROS2 AR9170		0x9170	AR9170
product ATHEROS2 AR9271_2	0x9271	AR9271
product ATHEROS2 AR9271_3	0xb003	AR9271

/* ATI products */
product ATI2 205		0xa001	USB Cable 205

/* Atmel Comp. products */
product ATMEL UHB124		0x3301	UHB124 hub
product ATMEL WN210		0x4102	W-Buddie WN210
product ATMEL DWL900AP		0x5601	DWL-900AP Wireless access point
product ATMEL SAM_BA		0x6124	ARM SAM-BA programming port
product ATMEL DWL120		0x7602	DWL-120 Wireless adapter
product ATMEL AT76C503I1	0x7603	AT76C503 (Intersil 3861 Radio)
product ATMEL AT76C503I2	0x7604	AT76C503 (Intersil 3863 Radio)
product ATMEL AT76C503RFMD	0x7605	AT76C503 (RFMD Radio)
product ATMEL AT76C505RFMD	0x7606	AT76C505 (RFMD Radio)
product ATMEL AT76C505RFMD2958	0x7613	AT76C505 (RFMD 2958 Radio)
product ATMEL AT76C505A		0x7614	AT76C505A (RFMD 2958 Radio)
product ATMEL AT76C505AS	0x7617	AT76C505AS (RFMD 2958 Radio)

/* Audio-Technica products */

/* Avance Logic products */
product AVANCELOGIC USBAUDIO	0x0100	USB Audio Speaker

/* Averatec products */

/* Avision products */
product AVISION 1200U		0x0268	1200U scanner

/* AVM products */

/* Azurewave products */
product AZUREWAVE RT2870_1	0x3247	RT2870
product AZUREWAVE RT2870_2	0x3262	RT2870
product AZUREWAVE RT3070	0x3273	RT3070
product AZUREWAVE RT3070_2	0x3284	RT3070
product AZUREWAVE RT3070_3	0x3305	RT3070
product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_1	0x3306	RTL8192SU
product AZUREWAVE RT3070_4	0x3307	RT3070
product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_2	0x3309	RTL8192SU
product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_3	0x3310	RTL8192SU
product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_4	0x3311	RTL8192SU
product AZUREWAVE RT3070_5	0x3321	RT3070
product AZUREWAVE RTL8192SU_5	0x3325	RTL8192SU
product AZUREWAVE AR9271_1	0x3327	AR9271
product AZUREWAVE AR9271_2	0x3328	AR9271
product AZUREWAVE AR9271_3	0x3346	AR9271
product AZUREWAVE AR9271_4	0x3348	AR9271
product AZUREWAVE AR9271_5	0x3349	AR9271
product AZUREWAVE AR9271_6	0x3350	AR9271
product AZUREWAVE RTL8188CU	0x3357	RTL8188CU
product AZUREWAVE RTL8188CE_1	0x3358	RTL8188CE
product AZUREWAVE RTL8188CE_2	0x3359	RTL8188CE

/* Baltech products */
product BALTECH CARDREADER	0x9999	Card reader

/* B&B Electronics products */
product BBELECTRONICS USOTL4	0xAC01	uLinks RS-422/485

/* Beceem Communications products */
product	BECEEM 250U		0x0220	Mobile WiMax SS

/* Belkin products */
/*product BELKIN F5U111		0x????	F5U111 Ethernet adapter*/
product BELKIN2 F5U002		0x0002	F5U002 Parallel printer adapter
product BELKIN F5D6050		0x0050	F5D6050 802.11b Wireless adapter
product BELKIN F5U103		0x0103	F5U103 Serial adapter
product BELKIN F5U109		0x0109	F5U109 Serial adapter
product BELKIN SCSI		0x0115	SCSI Adaptor
product BELKIN USB2LAN		0x0121	USB to LAN Converter
product BELKIN F5U208		0x0208	F5U208 VideoBus II
product BELKIN F5U237		0x0237	F5U237 USB 2.0 7-Port Hub
product BELKIN F5U409		0x0409	F5U409 Serial
product BELKIN UPS		0x0980	UPS
product BELKIN RTL8192CU_2	0x1004	RTL8192CU
product BELKIN RTL8188CU	0x1102	RTL8188CU
product BELKIN RTL8188CUS	0x11f2	RTL8188CUS
product BELKIN F5U120		0x1203	F5U120-PC Hub
product BELKIN RTL8192CU	0x2102	RTL8192CU
product BELKIN F7D2102		0x2103	F7D2102
product BELKIN RTL8192CU_1	0x21f2	RTL8192CU
product BELKIN ZD1211B		0x4050	ZD1211B
product BELKIN F5D5055		0x5055	F5D5055 Ethernet adapter
product BELKIN F5D7050		0x7050	F5D7050 54g USB Network Adapter
product BELKIN F5D7051		0x7051	F5D7051 54g USB Network Adapter
product BELKIN F5D7050A		0x705a	F5D705A 54g USB Network Adapter
product BELKIN F5D7050C		0x705c	F5D705C 54g USB Network Adapter
product BELKIN F5D7050E		0x705c	F5D705E 54g USB Network Adapter
product BELKIN RT2870_1		0x8053	RT2870
product BELKIN RT2870_2		0x805c	RT2870
product BELKIN F5D8053V3	0x815c	F5D8053 v3
product BELKIN RTL8192SU_1	0x815f	RTL8192SU
product BELKIN F5D8055		0x825a	F5D8055
product BELKIN F5D8055V2	0x825b	F5D8055 v2
product BELKIN RTL8192SU_2	0x845a	RTL8192SU
product BELKIN F5D9050V3	0x905b	F5D9050 ver 3
product BELKIN F5D9050C		0x905c	F5D9050C
product BELKIN F6D4050V1	0x935a	F6D4050 ver 1
product BELKIN F6D4050V2	0x935b	F6D4050 ver 2
product BELKIN RTL8192SU_3	0x945a	RTL8192SU
product BELKIN F7D1101V2	0x945b	F7D1101 v2

/* CENTURY Corporation products */

/* Bewan products */
product BEWAN RT3070		0x7712	RT3070

/* Billionton products */
product BILLIONTON USB100	0x0986	USB100N 10/100 FastEthernet Adapter
product BILLIONTON USBLP100	0x0987	USB100LP
product BILLIONTON USBEL100	0x0988	USB100EL
product BILLIONTON USBE100	0x8511	USBE100
product BILLIONTON USB2AR	0x90ff	USB2AR Ethernet

/* Broadcom products */
product BROADCOM BCM2033	0x2000	BCM2033
product BROADCOM BCM2033NF	0x2033	BCM2033 (no firmware)

/* Brother Industries products */
product BROTHER HL1050		0x0002	HL-1050 laser printer

/* Behavior Technology Computer products */
product BTC BTC7932		0x6782	Keyboard with mouse port

/* CACE Technologies products */
product CACE AIRPCAPNX		0x0300	AirPcap Nx

/* Canon, Inc. products */
product CANON N656U		0x2206	CanoScan N656U
product CANON N1220U		0x2207	CanoScan N1220U
product CANON N670U		0x220d	CanoScan N670U
product CANON N1240U		0x220e	CanoScan N1240U
product CANON S10		0x3041	PowerShot S10
product CANON S20		0x3043	PowerShot S20
product CANON S100_US		0x3045	PowerShot S100
product CANON S100_EU		0x3047	PowerShot S100
product CANON G1		0x3048	PowerShot G1
product CANON A20		0x304e	PowerShot A20
product CANON S200		0x3065	PowerShot S200
product CANON EOS300D		0x3084	EOS 300D / Digital Rebel
product CANON SD630		0x30fe	PowerShot SD630

/* CASIO products */
product CASIO QV		0x1001	QV DigitalCamera
product CASIO BE300		0x2002	BE-300 PDA
product CASIO NAMELAND		0x4001	CASIO Nameland EZ-USB

/* CATC products */
product CATC NETMATE		0x000a	Netmate ethernet adapter
product CATC NETMATE2		0x000c	Netmate2 ethernet adapter
product CATC CHIEF		0x000d	USB Chief Bus & Protocol Analyzer
product CATC ANDROMEDA		0x1237	Andromeda hub

/* CCYU Technology products */
product CCYU EASYDISK		0x2136	EasyDisk Portable Device

/* Cherry products */
product CHERRY MY3000KBD	0x0001	My3000 keyboard
product CHERRY MY3000HUB	0x0003	My3000 hub
product CHERRY CYBOARD		0x0004	CyBoard Keyboard
product CHERRY MY6000KBD	0x0011	My6000 keyboard

/* Chic Technology products */
product CHIC MOUSE1		0x0001	mouse
product CHIC CYPRESS		0x0003	Cypress USB Mouse

/* Chicony products */
product CHICONY KB8933		0x0001	KB-8933 keyboard
product CHICONY RTL8188CUS_1	0xaff7	RTL8188CUS
product CHICONY RTL8188CUS_2	0xaff8	RTL8188CUS
product CHICONY RTL8188CUS_3	0xaff9	RTL8188CUS
product CHICONY RTL8188CUS_4	0xaffa	RTL8188CUS
product CHICONY RTL8188CUS_5	0xaffb	RTL8188CUS
product CHICONY RTL8188CUS_6	0xaffc	RTL8188CUS
product CHICONY2 TWINKLECAM	0x600d	TwinkleCam USB camera

/* CH Products */
product CHPRODUCTS PROTHROTTLE	0x00f1	Pro Throttle
product CHPRODUCTS PROPEDALS	0x00f2	Pro Pedals
product CHPRODUCTS FIGHTERSTICK 0x00f3	Fighterstick
product CHPRODUCTS FLIGHTYOKE	0x00ff	Flight Sim Yoke

/* Cisco-Linksys products */
product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB54GV2	0x000a	WUSB54G v2
product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB54G	0x000d	WUSB54G Wireless-G USB Network Adapter
product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB54GP	0x0011	WUSB54GP Wireless-G USB Network Adapter
product CISCOLINKSYS USB200MV2	0x0018	USB200M v2
product CISCOLINKSYS HU200TS	0x001a	HU200-TS
product CISCOLINKSYS WUSB200	0x0028	WUSB200
product CISCOLINKSYS AE1000	0x002f	AE1000
product CISCOLINKSYS AM10	0x0031	AM10
product CISCOLINKSYS2 RT3070	0x4001	RT3070
product CISCOLINKSYS3 RT3070	0x0101	RT3070

/* Compaq products */
product COMPAQ IPAQPOCKETPC	0x0003	iPAQ PocketPC
product COMPAQ A1500		0x0012	A1500
product COMPAQ W100		0x0033	W100
product COMPAQ W200		0x0076	WLAN MultiPort W200
product COMPAQ PJB100		0x504a	Personal Jukebox PJB100
product COMPAQ IPAQLINUX	0x505a	iPAQ Linux
product COMPAQ HNE200		0x8511	HNE-200 USB Ethernet adapter

/* Compare products */
product COMPARE RTL8192CU	0x8010	RTL8192CU

/* Composite Corp products looks the same as "TANGTOP" */
product COMPOSITE USBPS2	0x0001	USB to PS2 Adaptor

/* Conceptronic products */
product CONCEPTRONIC RTL8192SU_1	0x3300	RTL8192SU
product CONCEPTRONIC RTL8192SU_2	0x3301	RTL8192SU
product CONCEPTRONIC RTL8192SU_3	0x3302	RTL8192SU
product CONCEPTRONIC C54RU	0x3c02	C54RU WLAN
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2870_1	0x3c06	RT2870
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2870_2	0x3c07	RT2870
product CONCEPTRONIC RT3070_1	0x3c08	RT3070
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2870_7	0x3c09	RT2870
product CONCEPTRONIC RT3070_2	0x3c11	RT3070
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2870_8	0x3c12	RT2870
product CONCEPTRONIC C54RU2	0x3c22	C54RU
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2870_3	0x3c23	RT2870
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2573	0x3c24	RT2573M
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2870_4	0x3c25	RT2870
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2870_5	0x3c27	RT2870
product CONCEPTRONIC RT2870_6	0x3c28	RT2870
product CONCEPTRONIC RT3070_3	0x3c2c	RT3070
product CONCEPTRONIC2 PRISM_GT	0x3762	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product CONCEPTRONIC C11U	0x7100	C11U
product CONCEPTRONIC WL210	0x7110	WL-210
product CONCEPTRONIC AR5523_1	0x7801	AR5523
product CONCEPTRONIC AR5523_1_NF	0x7802	AR5523
product CONCEPTRONIC AR5523_2	0x7811	AR5523
product CONCEPTRONIC AR5523_2_NF	0x7812	AR5523

/* Concord Camera products */
product CONCORDCAMERA EYE_Q_3X	0x0100	Eye Q 3x

/* Connectix products */
product CONNECTIX QUICKCAM	0x0001	QuickCam

/* Corega products */
product COREGA ETHER_USB_T	0x0001	Ether USB-T
product COREGA FETHER_USB_TX	0x0004	FEther USB-TX
product COREGA WLAN_USB_USB_11	0x000c	WirelessLAN USB-11
product COREGA WLANUSB		0x0012	Wireless LAN USB Stick-11
product COREGA FETHER_USB2_TX	0x0017	FEther USB2-TX
product COREGA WLUSB_11_KEY	0x001a	ULUSB-11 Key
product COREGA CGUSBRS232R	0x002a	CG-USBRS232R
product COREGA RT2870_1		0x002f	RT2870
product COREGA RT2870_2		0x003c	RT2870
product COREGA RT2870_3		0x003f	RT2870
product COREGA RT3070		0x0041	RT3070
product COREGA RTL8192CU	0x0056	RTL8192CU
product COREGA WLUSB_11_STICK	0x7613	WLAN USB Stick 11

/* Creative products */
product CREATIVE NOMAD_II	0x1002	Nomad II MP3 player
product CREATIVE NOMAD_IIMG	0x4004	Nomad II MG
product CREATIVE NOMAD		0x4106	Nomad

product CREATIVE2 VOIP_BLASTER	0x0258	Voip Blaster

product CREATIVE3 OPTICAL_MOUSE 0x0001	Notebook Optical Mouse

/* Cambridge Silicon Radio products */
product CSR BLUETOOTH		0x0001	Bluetooth USB Adapter
product CSR BLUETOOTH_NF	0xffff	Bluetooth USB Adapter

/* C-Media Electronics Inc. products */
product CMEDIA USBAUDIO		0x013c	USB Pnp Sound

/* CTX products */
product CTX EX1300		0x9999	Ex1300 hub

/* CyberPower Systems, Inc. products */
product CYBERPOWER UPS		0x0501	Uninterruptible Power Supply

/* CyberTAN Technology products */
product CYBERTAN TG54USB	0x1666	TG54USB
product CYBERTAN ZD1211B	0x1667	ZD1211B
product CYBERTAN RT2870		0x1828	RT2870

/* Cypress Semiconductor products */
product CYPRESS MOUSE		0x0001	mouse
product CYPRESS THERMO		0x0002	thermometer
product CYPRESS KBDHUB		0x0101	Keyboard/Hub
product CYPRESS FMRADIO		0x1002	FM Radio
product CYPRESS USBRS232	0x5500	USB-RS232 Interface
product CYPRESS HUB2		0x6560	USB2 Hub
product CYPRESS LPRDK		0xe001	CY4636 LP RDK Bridge

/* Daisy Technology products */
product DAISY DMC		0x6901	PhotoClip USBMediaReader

/* Dallas Semiconductor products */
product DALLAS J6502		0x4201	J-6502 speakers

/* Dell products */
product DELL PORT		0x0058	Port Replicator
product DELL SK8125		0x2002	SK-8125 keyboard
product DELL X3			0x4002	Axim X3 PDA
product DELL X30		0x4003	Axim X30 PDA
product DELL BC02		0x8000	BC02 Bluetooth USB Adapter
product DELL TM1180		0x8100	TrueMobile 1180 WLAN
product DELL PRISM_GT_1		0x8102	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product DELL TM350		0x8103	TrueMobile 350 Bluetooth USB Adapter
product DELL PRISM_GT_2		0x8104	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product DELL HSDPA		0x8137	Dell/Novatel Wireless HSDPA Modem
product DELL W5500		0x8155	Dell Wireless W5500 HSDPA Modem

/* DeLorme products */
product DELORME EARTHMATE	0x0100	Earthmate GPS
product DELORME EARTHMATE_LT20	0x0200	Earthmate LT-20 GPS

/* Diamond products */
product DIAMOND RIO500USB	0x0001	Rio 500 USB

/* Dick Smith Electronics (really C-Net) products */
product DICKSMITH WL200U	0x0002	WL-200U
product DICKSMITH CHUSB611G	0x0013	CHUSB 611G
product DICKSMITH WL240U	0x0014	WL-240U
product DICKSMITH XH1153	0x5743	XH1153 802.11b
product DICKSMITH RT2573	0x9022	RT2573
product DICKSMITH CWD854F	0x9032	C-Net CWD-854 rev F
product DICKSMITH RTL8187	0x9401	RTL8187

/* Digi International products */
product DIGI ACCELEPORT2	0x0002	AccelePort USB 2
product DIGI ACCELEPORT4	0x0004	AccelePort USB 4
product DIGI ACCELEPORT8	0x0008	AccelePort USB 8

/* Digital Stream Corp. products */
product DIGITALSTREAM PS2	0x0001	PS/2 Active Adapter

/* DisplayLink products */
product DISPLAYLINK GUC2020	0x0059	IOGEAR DVI GUC2020
product DISPLAYLINK LD220	0x0100	Samsung LD220
product DISPLAYLINK LD190	0x0102	Samsung LD190
product DISPLAYLINK U70		0x0103	Samsung U70
product DISPLAYLINK POLARIS2	0x0117	Polaris2 USB dock
product DISPLAYLINK VCUD60	0x0136	Rextron DVI
product DISPLAYLINK DLDVI	0x0141	DisplayLink DVI
product DISPLAYLINK WSDVI	0x0198	WS Tech DVI
product DISPLAYLINK EC008	0x019b	EasyCAP008 DVI
product DISPLAYLINK FYDVI2	0x019e	DisplayLink FY-DVI2
product DISPLAYLINK LCD4300U	0x01ba	LCD-4300U
product DISPLAYLINK LCD8000U	0x01bb	LCD-8000U
product DISPLAYLINK HPDOCK	0x01d4	HP USB Docking
product DISPLAYLINK NL571	0x01d7	HP USB DVI
product DISPLAYLINK M01061	0x01e2	Lenovo DVI
product DISPLAYLINK NBDOCK	0x0215	VideoHome NBdock1920
product DISPLAYLINK LUM70	0x02a9	Lilliput UM-70
product DISPLAYLINK LCD8000UD_DVI	0x02b8	LCD-8000UD-DVI
product DISPLAYLINK LDEWX015U	0x02e3	Logitec LDE-WX015U
product DISPLAYLINK MIMO	0x0335	DisplayLink MIMO
product DISPLAYLINK PLUGABLE	0x0377	Plugable docking station
product DISPLAYLINK LT1421WIDE	0x03e0	Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421 Wide
product DISPLAYLINK UM7X0	0x401a	nanovision MiMo
product DISPLAYLINK FYDVI	0x8060	DisplayLink FY-DVI

/* D-Link products */
/*product DLINK DSBS25		0x0100	DSB-S25 serial adapter*/
product DLINK DUBE100		0x1a00	10/100 ethernet adapter
product DLINK DUBE100C1		0x1a02	DUB-E100 rev C1
product DLINK DSB650TX4		0x200c	10/100 ethernet adapter
product DLINK DWL120E		0x3200	DWL-120 rev E
product DLINK DWA130C		0x3301	DWA-130 rev C
product DLINK RTL8192CU_1	0x3307	RTL8192CU
product DLINK RTL8188CU		0x3308	RTL8188CU
product DLINK RTL8192CU_2	0x3309	RTL8192CU
product DLINK RTL8192CU_3	0x330a	RTL8192CU
product DLINK RTL8192CU_4	0x330b	RTL8192CU
product DLINK DWA131B		0x330d	DWA-131 rev B
product	DLINK DWA125D1		0x330f  DWA-125 rev D1
product DLINK DWL122		0x3700	Wireless DWL122
product DLINK DWLG120		0x3701	DWL-G120
product DLINK DWL120F		0x3702	DWL-120 rev F
product DLINK DWLG122A2		0x3704	DWL-G122 rev A2
product DLINK DWLAG132		0x3a00	DWL-AG132
product DLINK DWLAG132_NF	0x3a01	DWL-AG132
product DLINK DWLG132		0x3a02	DWL-G132
product DLINK DWLG132_NF	0x3a03	DWL-G132
product DLINK DWLAG122		0x3a04	DWL-AG122
product DLINK DWLAG122_NF	0x3a05	DWL-AG122
product DLINK DWLG122		0x3c00	AirPlus G Wireless USB Adapter
/* product DLINK RT2570		0x3c00	RT2570 */
product DLINK DUBE100B1		0x3c05	DUB-E100 rev B1
product DLINK RT2870		0x3c09	RT2870
product DLINK RT3072		0x3c0a	RT3072
product DLINK DWA140B3		0x3c15	DWA-140 rev B3
product DLINK DWA160B2		0x3c1a	DWA-160 rev B2
product DLINK DWA127		0x3c1b	DWA-127
product DLINK DWA162		0x3c1f	DWA-162 Wireless Adapter
product DLINK DSB650C		0x4000	10Mbps ethernet adapter
product DLINK DSB650TX1		0x4001	10/100 ethernet adapter
product DLINK DSB650TX		0x4002	10/100 ethernet adapter
product DLINK DSB650TX_PNA	0x4003	1/10/100 ethernet adapter
product DLINK DSB650TX3		0x400b	10/100 ethernet adapter
product DLINK DSB650TX2		0x4102	10/100 ethernet adapter
product DLINK DSB650		0xabc1	10/100 ethernet adapter

/* D-Link(2) products */
product DLINK2 RTL8192SU_1	0x3300	RTL8192SU
product DLINK2 RTL8192SU_2	0x3302	RTL8192SU
product DLINK2 DWA131A1		0x3303	DWA-131 A1
product DLINK2 WUA2340		0x3a07	WUA-2340
product DLINK2 WUA2340_NF	0x3a08	WUA-2340
product DLINK2 DWA160A2		0x3a09	DWA-160 A2
product DLINK2 DWA130D1		0x3a0f	DWA-130 rev D1
product DLINK2 AR9271		0x3a10	AR9271
product DLINK2 DWLG122C1	0x3c03	DWL-G122 rev C1
product DLINK2 WUA1340		0x3c04	WUA-1340
product DLINK2 DUBE100B1	0x3c05	DUB-E100 rev B1
product DLINK2 DWA111		0x3c06	DWA-111
product DLINK2 DWA110		0x3c07	DWA-110
product DLINK2 RT2870_1		0x3c09	RT2870
product DLINK2 RT3072		0x3c0a	RT3072
product DLINK2 RT3072_1		0x3c0b	RT3072
product DLINK2 RT3070_1		0x3c0d	RT3070
product DLINK2 RT3070_2		0x3c0e	RT3070
product DLINK2 RT3070_3		0x3c0f	RT3070
product DLINK2 DWA160A1		0x3c10	DWA-160 A1
product DLINK2 RT2870_2		0x3c11	RT2870
product DLINK2 DWA130		0x3c13	DWA-130
product DLINK2 RT3070_4		0x3c15	RT3070
product DLINK2 RT3070_5		0x3c16	RT3070

/* D-Link(3) products */
product DLINK3 KVM221		0x020f	KVM-221

/* DMI products */
product DMI SA2_0		0xb001	Storage Adapter

/* DrayTek products */
product DRAYTEK VIGOR550	0x0550	Vigor550

/* DViCO products */
product DVICO RT3070		0xb307	RT3070

/* Dynastream Innovations */
product DYNASTREAM ANTDEVBOARD	0x1003	ANT dev board

/* E3C products */
product E3C EC168		0x1001	EC168 DVB-T Adapter

/* Edimax products */
product EDIMAX EW7318		0x7318	EW-7318
product EDIMAX MT7610U		0x7610	MT7610U
product EDIMAX RTL8192SU_1	0x7611	RTL8192SU
product EDIMAX RTL8192SU_2	0x7612	RTL8192SU
product EDIMAX EW7618		0x7618	EW-7618
product EDIMAX RTL8192SU_3	0x7622	RTL8192SU
product EDIMAX RT2870_1		0x7711	RT2870
product EDIMAX EW7717		0x7717	EW-7717
product EDIMAX EW7718		0x7718	EW-7718
product EDIMAX EW7722UTN	0x7722	EW-7722UTn
product EDIMAX RTL8188CU	0x7811	RTL8188CU
product EDIMAX RTL8192CU	0x7822	RTL8192CU

/* eGalax Products */
product EGALAX TPANEL		0x0001	Touch Panel
product EGALAX TPANEL2		0x0002	Touch Panel
product EGALAX2 TPANEL		0x0001	Touch Panel

/* Eicon Networks */
product EICON DIVA852		0x4905	Diva 852 ISDN TA

/* EIZO products */
product EIZO HUB		0x0000	hub
product EIZO MONITOR		0x0001	monitor

/* ELCON Systemtechnik products */
product ELCON PLAN		0x0002	Goldpfeil P-LAN

/* Elecom products */
product ELECOM MOUSE29UO	0x0002	mouse 29UO
product ELECOM LDUSBTX0		0x200c	LD-USB/TX
product ELECOM LDUSBTX1		0x4002	LD-USB/TX
product ELECOM WDC150SU2M	0x4008	WDC-150SU2M
product ELECOM LDUSBTX2		0x400b	LD-USB/TX
product ELECOM WDC433SU2M2	0x400e	WDC-433SU2M2
product ELECOM LDUSB20		0x4010	LD-USB20
product ELECOM UCSGT		0x5003	UC-SGT serial adapter
product ELECOM UCSGT0		0x5004	UC-SGT0 Serial
product ELECOM LDUSBTX3		0xabc1	LD-USB/TX

/* Elsa products */
product ELSA MODEM1		0x2265	ELSA Modem Board
product ELSA USB2ETHERNET	0x3000	Microlink USB2Ethernet

/* eMPIA products */
product EMPIA CAMERA		0x2761	Camera
product EMPIA EM2883		0x2883	EM2883

/* EMS products */
product EMS DUAL_SHOOTER	0x0003	PSX gun controller converter

/* Encore products */
product ENCORE RT3070		0x1480	RT3070
product ENCORE RT3070_2		0x14a1	RT3070
product ENCORE RT3070_3		0x14a9	RT3070

/* Entrega products */
product ENTREGA 1S		0x0001	1S serial connector
product ENTREGA 2S		0x0002	2S serial connector
product ENTREGA 1S25		0x0003	1S25 serial connector
product ENTREGA 4S		0x0004	4S serial connector
product ENTREGA E45		0x0005	E45 Ethernet adapter
product ENTREGA CENTRONICS	0x0006	Centronics connector
product ENTREGA XX1		0x0008	Ethernet Adapter
product ENTREGA 1S9		0x0093	1S9 serial connector
product ENTREGA EZUSB		0x8000	EZ-USB
/*product ENTREGA SERIAL	0x8001	DB25 Serial connector*/
product ENTREGA 2U4S		0x8004	2U4S serial connector/usb hub
product ENTREGA XX2		0x8005	Ethernet Adapter
/*product ENTREGA SERIAL_DB9	0x8093	DB9 Serial connector*/

/* Epson products */
product EPSON PRINTER1		0x0001	USB Printer
product EPSON PRINTER2		0x0002	ISD USB Smart Cable for Mac
product EPSON PRINTER3		0x0003	ISD USB Smart Cable
product EPSON PRINTER5		0x0005	USB Printer
product EPSON 636		0x0101	Perfection 636U / 636Photo scanner
product EPSON 610		0x0103	Perfection 610 scanner
product EPSON 1200		0x0104	Perfection 1200U / 1200Photo scanner
product EPSON 1600		0x0107	Expression 1600 scanner
product EPSON 1640		0x010a	Perfection 1640SU scanner
product EPSON 1240		0x010b	Perfection 1240U / 1240Photo scanner
product EPSON 640U		0x010c	Perfection 640U scanner
product EPSON 1250		0x010f	Perfection 1250U / 1250Photo scanner
product EPSON 1650		0x0110	Perfection 1650 scanner
product EPSON GT9700F		0x0112	GT-9700F scanner
product EPSON 2400		0x011b	Perfection 2400 scanner
product EPSON 1260		0x011d	Perfection 1260 scanner
product EPSON 1660		0x011e	Perfection 1660 scanner
product EPSON 1670		0x011f	Perfection 1670 scanner

/* e-TEK Labs products */
product ETEK 1COM		0x8007	Serial port

/* Extended Systems products */

/* Falcom products */
product FALCOM TWIST		0x0001	Twist GSM/GPRS modem
product FALCOM SAMBA		0x0005	Samba 55/56 GSM/GPRS modem

/* FeiXun Communication products */
product FEIXUN RTL8188CU	0x0090	RTL8188CU
product FEIXUN RTL8192CU	0x0091	RTL8192CU

/* Fiberline */
product FIBERLINE WL430U	0x6003	WL-430U

/* Foxconn / Hon Hai products */
product FOXCONN AR3012		0xe04e	Bluetooth AR3012

/* Freecom products */
product FREECOM DVD		0xfc01	Connector for DVD drive

/* Future Technology Devices products */
product FTDI SERIAL_8U232AM	0x6001	8U232AM Serial converter
product FTDI SERIAL_232RL   	0x6006	FT232RL Serial converter
product FTDI SERIAL_2232C	0x6010	2232C USB dual FAST SERIAL ADAPTER
product FTDI SERIAL_4232H	0x6011	2232H USB quad FAST SERIAL ADAPTER
product FTDI SERIAL_232H        0x6014	C232HM USB Multipurpose UART
product FTDI SERIAL_230X	0x6015	FT230X Serial converter
product FTDI PS2KBDMS		0x8371	PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse
product FTDI SERIAL_8U100AX	0x8372	8U100AX Serial converter
product FTDI OPENRD_JTAGKEY	0x9e90	OpenRD JTAGKey FT2232D B
product FTDI BEAGLEBONE		0xa6d0	BeagleBone
product FTDI MAXSTREAM_PKG_U	0xee18	MaxStream PKG-U
product FTDI MHAM_KW		0xeee8	KW
product FTDI MHAM_YS		0xeee9	YS
product FTDI MHAM_Y6		0xeeea	Y6
product FTDI MHAM_Y8		0xeeeb	Y8
product FTDI MHAM_IC		0xeeec	IC
product FTDI MHAM_DB9		0xeeed	DB9
product FTDI MHAM_RS232		0xeeee	RS232
product FTDI MHAM_Y9		0xeeef	Y9
product FTDI COASTAL_TNCX	0xf448	Coastal ChipWorks TNC-X
product FTDI CTI_485_MINI	0xf608	CTI 485 Mini
product FTDI CTI_NANO_485	0xf60b	CTI Nano 485
product FTDI LCD_MX200_USB	0xfa01	Matrix Orbital MX2/MX3/MX6 Series
product FTDI LCD_MX4_MX5_USB	0xfa02	Matrix Orbital MX4/MX5 Series LCD
product FTDI LCD_LK202_24_USB	0xfa03	Matrix Orbital LK/VK/PK202-24 LCD
product FTDI LCD_LK204_24_USB	0xfa04	Matrix Orbital LK/VK204-24 LCD
product FTDI LCD_CFA_632	0xfc08	Crystalfontz CFA-632 LCD
product FTDI LCD_CFA_634	0xfc09	Crystalfontz CFA-634 LCD
product FTDI LCD_CFA_633	0xfc0b	Crystalfontz CFA-633 LCD
product FTDI LCD_CFA_631	0xfc0c	Crystalfontz CFA-631 LCD
product FTDI LCD_CFA_635	0xfc0d	Crystalfontz CFA-635 LCD
product FTDI SEMC_DSS20		0xfc82	SEMC DSS-20 SyncStation
product xxFTDI SHEEVAPLUG_JTAG	0x9e8f	SheevaPlug JTAGKey

/* Fuji photo products */
product FUJIPHOTO MASS0100	0x0100	Mass Storage

/* Fujitsu protducts */
product FUJITSU AH_F401U	0x105b	AH-F401U Air H device

/* Fujitsu Siemens Computers products */
product FSC E5400		0x1009	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN

/* General Instruments (Motorola) products */
product GENERALINSTMNTS SB5100	0x5100	SURFboard SB5100 Cable modem

/* Genesys Logic products */
product GENESYS GENELINK	0x05e3	GeneLink Host-Host Bridge
product GENESYS GL650		0x0604	GL650 Hub
product GENESYS GL641USB	0x0700	GL641USB CompactFlash Card Reader
product GENESYS GL641USB2IDE_2	0x0701	GL641USB USB-IDE Bridge
product GENESYS GL641USB2IDE	0x0702	GL641USB USB-IDE Bridge

/* GIGABYTE products */
product GIGABYTE GN54G		0x8001	GN-54G
product GIGABYTE GNBR402W	0x8002	GN-BR402W
product GIGABYTE GNWLBM101	0x8003	GN-WLBM101
product GIGABYTE GNWB01GS	0x8008	GN-WB01GS
product GIGABYTE GNWI05GS	0x800a	GN-WI05GS
product GIGABYTE RT2870_1	0x800b	RT2870
product GIGABYTE GNWB31N	0x800c	GN-WB31N
product GIGABYTE GNWB32L	0x800d	GN-WB32L

/* Gigaset products */
product GIGASET WLAN		0x0701	WLAN
product GIGASET AR5523		0x0712	AR5523
product GIGASET AR5523_NF	0x0713	AR5523
product GIGASET RT2573		0x0722	RT2573
product GIGASET RT3070_1	0x0740	RT3070
product GIGASET RT3070_2	0x0744	RT3070

/* G.Mate, Inc products */
product GMATE YP3X00		0x1001	YP3X00 PDA

/* MTK products */
product MTK GPS_RECEIVER	0x3329	GPS receiver
product MTK MT7610U		0x7610	MT7610U
product MTK MT7630U		0x7630	MT7630U
product MTK MT7650U		0x7650	MT7650U

/* Garmin products */
product GARMIN FORERUNNER305	0x0003	Forerunner 305

/* Globespan products */
product GLOBESPAN PRISM_GT_1	0x2000	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product GLOBESPAN PRISM_GT_2	0x2002	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN

/* GoHubs products */
product GOHUBS GOCOM232		0x1001	GoCOM232 Serial converter

/* Good Way Technology products */
product GOODWAY GWUSB2E		0x6200	GWUSB2E
product GOODWAY RT2573		0xc019	RT2573

/* Gravis products */
product GRAVIS GAMEPADPRO	0x4001	GamePad Pro

/* GREENHOUSE products */
product GREENHOUSE KANA21	0x0001	CF-writer with Portable MP3 Player

/* Griffin Technology */
product GRIFFIN IMATE		0x0405	iMate, ADB adapter
product GRIFFIN POWERMATE	0x0410	PowerMate Assignable Controller

/* Gude ADS */
product GUDE DCF		0xdcf7	Exper mouseCLOCK USB

/* Guillemot Corporation */
product GUILLEMOT DALEADER	0xa300	DA Leader
product GUILLEMOT HWGUSB254	0xe000	HWGUSB2-54 WLAN
product GUILLEMOT HWGUSB254LB	0xe010	HWGUSB2-54-LB
product GUILLEMOT HWGUSB254V2AP	0xe020	HWGUSB2-54V2-AP
product GUILLEMOT HWNU300	0xe030	HWNU-300
product GUILLEMOT HWNUM300	0xe031	HWNUm-300
product GUILLEMOT HWGUN54	0xe032	HWGUn-54
product GUILLEMOT HWNUP150	0xe033	HWNUP-150
product GUILLEMOT RTL8192CU	0xe035	RTL8192CU

/* Hagiwara products */
product HAGIWARA FGSM		0x0002	FlashGate SmartMedia Card Reader
product HAGIWARA FGCF		0x0003	FlashGate CompactFlash Card Reader
product HAGIWARA FG		0x0005	FlashGate

/* HAL Corporation products */
product HAL IMR001		0x0011	Crossam2+USB IR commander

/* Handspring, Inc. */
product HANDSPRING VISOR	0x0100	Handspring Visor
product HANDSPRING TREO		0x0200	Handspring Treo
product HANDSPRING TREO600	0x0300	Handspring Treo 600

/* Hank Connection */
product HANK HP5187		0x3713	HP Wireless Keyboard&Mouse

/* Hauppauge Computer Works */
product HAUPPAUGE2 WINTV_NOVAT_7700M	0x7050	WinTV Nova-T DVB-T
product HAUPPAUGE2 WINTV_NOVAT_7700PC	0x7060	WinTV Nova-T DVB-T
product HAUPPAUGE2 WINTV_NOVAT_7070P	0x7070	WinTV Nova-T DVB-T

/* Hawking Technologies products */
product HAWKING RT2870_1	0x0001	RT2870
product HAWKING RT2870_2	0x0003	RT2870
product HAWKING HWUN2		0x0009	HWUN2
product HAWKING RT3070		0x000b	RT3070
product HAWKING RT2870_3	0x0013	RT2870
product HAWKING RTL8192SU_1	0x0015	RTL8192SU
product HAWKING RTL8192SU_2	0x0016	RTL8192SU
product HAWKING RT2870_4	0x0017	RT2870
product HAWKING RT2870_5	0x0018	RT2870
product HAWKING RTL8192CU	0x0019	RTL8192CU
product HAWKING RTL8192CU_2	0x0020	RTL8192CU
product HAWKING UF100		0x400c	10/100 USB Ethernet

/* Hitachi, Ltd. products */
product HITACHI DZMV100A	0x0004	DVD-CAM DZ-MV100A Camcorder
product HITACHI DVDCAM_USB	0x001e	DVDCAM USB HS Interface

/* Holtek Semiconductor products */
product HOLTEK MOP35		0x0499	MOP-35

/* Hosiden Corporation products */
product HOSIDEN PPP		0x0011	ParaParaParadise Controller

/* HP products */
product HP 895C			0x0004	DeskJet 895C
product HP 4100C		0x0101	Scanjet 4100C
product HP S20			0x0102	Photosmart S20
product HP 880C			0x0104	DeskJet 880C
product HP 4200C		0x0105	ScanJet 4200C
product HP CDWRITERPLUS		0x0107	CD-Writer Plus
product HP KBDHUB		0x010c	Multimedia Keyboard Hub
product HP HN210W		0x011c	HN210W
product HP 6200C		0x0201	ScanJet 6200C
product HP S20b			0x0202	PhotoSmart S20
product HP 815C			0x0204	DeskJet 815C
product HP 3300C		0x0205	ScanJet 3300C
product HP CDW8200		0x0207	CD-Writer Plus 8200e
product HP 1220C		0x0212	DeskJet 1220C
product HP 810C			0x0304	DeskJet 810C/812C
product HP 4300C		0x0305	Scanjet 4300C
product HP CD4E			0x0307	CD-Writer+ CD-4e
product HP G85XI		0x0311	OfficeJet G85xi
product HP 1200			0x0317	LaserJet 1200
product HP 5200C		0x0401	Scanjet 5200C
product HP 830C			0x0404	DeskJet 830C
product HP 3400CSE		0x0405	ScanJet 3400cse
product HP 885C			0x0504	DeskJet 885C
product HP 6300C		0x0601	Scanjet 6300C
product HP 840C			0x0604	DeskJet 840c
product HP 2200C		0x0605	ScanJet 2200C
product HP 5300C		0x0701	Scanjet 5300C
product HP 4400C		0x0705	Scanjet 4400C
product HP 816C			0x0804	DeskJet 816C
product HP 2300D		0x0b17	Laserjet 2300d
product HP 970CSE		0x1004	Deskjet 970Cse
product HP 5400C		0x1005	Scanjet 5400C
product HP 2215			0x1016	iPAQ 22xx/Jornada 548
product HP 959C			0x1104	Deskjet 959C
product HP 568J			0x1116	Jornada 568
product HP 930C			0x1204	DeskJet 930c
product HP P2000U		0x1801	Inkjet P-2000U
product HP RNDIS		0x1c1d	Generic RNDIS
product HP 640C			0x2004	DeskJet 640c
product HP 4670V		0x3005	ScanJet 4670v
product HP P1100		0x3102	Photosmart P1100
product HP V125W		0x3307	v125w
product HP 6127			0x3504	Deskjet 6127
product HP UN2430		0x371d	Sierra un2430 WWAN/GPS Module
product HP HN210E		0x811c	Ethernet HN210E

/* HP products */
product HP3 RTL8188CU		0x1629	RTL8188CU
product HP2 C500		0x6002	PhotoSmart C500

/* HTC products */
product HTC ANDROID		0x0ffe	Android

/* Huawei Technologies products */
product HUAWEI MOBILE		0x1001	Huawei Mobile
product HUAWEI E220		0x1003	Huawei E220
product HUAWEI U8150		0x1037	Huawei U8150
product HUAWEI EM770W		0x1404	Huawei EM770W
product HUAWEI E1750		0x140c	Huawei E1750
product HUAWEI E1750INIT	0x1446	Huawei E1750 USB CD
product HUAWEI K3765		0x1465	Huawei K3765
product HUAWEI E1820		0x14ac	Huawei E1820
product HUAWEI E171INIT		0x14fe	Huawei E171 USB CD
product HUAWEI E171		0x1506	Huawei E171
product HUAWEI E353_HiLink	0x1507	Huawei E353_HiLink
/* Accessing on
   a Huawei HiLink device will switch it to u3g mode */
product HUAWEI E353             0x1442  Huawei E353
product HUAWEI K3765INIT	0x1520	Huawei K3765 USB CD
product HUAWEI E353INIT		0x1f01	Huawei E353 USB CD

/* Huawei-3Com products */
product HUAWEI3COM RT2573	0x0009	RT2573

/* Hyundai CuriTel (Audiovox, Pantech) products */
product HYUNDAI PC5740		0x3701	PC5740 EVDO
product HYUNDAI UM175		0x3714	UM175 EVDO

/* IBM Corporation */
product IBM OPTTRAVELMOUSE	0x3107	Optical

/* Iiyama products */
product IIYAMA HUB		0x0201	Hub

/* Imation */
product IMATION FLASHGO		0xb000	Flash Go!

/* Inside Out Networks products */
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT4	0x0001	EdgePort/4 RS232
product INSIDEOUT HUBPORT7	0x0002	Hubport/7
product INSIDEOUT RAPIDPORT4	0x0003	Rapidport/4
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT4T	0x0004	Edgeport/4 RS232 for Telxon
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT2	0x0005	Edgeport/2 RS232
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT4I	0x0006	Edgeport/4 RS422
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT2I	0x0007	Edgeport/2 RS422/RS485
product INSIDEOUT HUBPORT4	0x0008	Hubport/4
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT8HAND 0x0009	Hand-built Edgeport/8
product INSIDEOUT MULTIMODEM	0x000A	MultiTech version of RP/4
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORTPPORT 0x000B	Edgeport/(4)21 Parallel port (USS720)
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT421	0x000C	Edgeport/421 Hub+RS232+Parallel
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT21	0x000D	Edgeport/21  RS232+Parallel
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT8DC	0x000E	1/2 Edgeport/8 (2 EP/4s on 1 PCB)
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT8	0x000F	Edgeport/8
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT2DIN	0x0010	Edgeport/2 RS232 / Apple DIN connector
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT4DIN	0x0011	Edgeport/4 RS232 / Apple DIN connector
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT16DC	0x0012	1/2 Edgeport/16 (2 EP/8s on 1 PCB))
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORTCOMP	0x0013	Edgeport Compatible
product INSIDEOUT EDGEPORT8I	0x0014	Edgeport/8 RS422
product INSIDEOUT MT4X56USB	0x1403	OEM device

/* In-System products */
product INSYSTEM F5U002		0x0002	Parallel printer adapter
product INSYSTEM ATAPI		0x0031	ATAPI adapter
product INSYSTEM IDEUSB2	0x0060	USB2 Storage Adapter
product INSYSTEM ISD110		0x0200	IDE adapter ISD110
product INSYSTEM ISD105		0x0202	IDE adapter ISD105
product INSYSTEM DRIVEV2	0x0301	Portable USB Harddrive V2
product INSYSTEM DRIVEV2_5	0x0351	Portable USB Harddrive V2
product INSYSTEM USBCABLE	0x081a	USB cable
product INSYSTEM ADAPTERV2	0x5701	USB Storage Adapter V2

/* Intel products */
product INTEL EASYPC_CAMERA	0x0110	Easy PC Camera
product INTEL AP310		0x0200	AP310 AnyPoint II
product INTEL I2011B		0x1111	Wireless 2011B
product INTEL TESTBOARD		0x9890	82930 test board

product INTEL2 RMH		0x0020	Rate Matching Hub
product INTEL2 RMH2		0x0024	Rate Matching Hub
product INTEL2 N_6235_BT	0x07da	Advanced-N 6235 Combo Bluetooth

/* Intersil products */
product INTERSIL PRISM_GT	0x1000	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product INTERSIL PRISM_2X	0x3642	Prism2.x WLAN

/* Intrepid Control Systems products */
product INTREPIDCS NEOVI	0x0701	NeoVI Blue

/* I-O DATA products */
product IODATA IU_CD2		0x0204	DVD Multi-plus unit iU-CD2
product IODATA DVR_UEH8		0x0206	DVD Multi-plus unit DVR-UEH8
product IODATA USBSSMRW		0x0314	USB-SSMRW SD-card adapter
product IODATA USBSDRW		0x031e	USB-SDRW SD-card adapter
product IODATA USBETT		0x0901	USB ET/T
product IODATA USBETTX		0x0904	USB ET/TX
product IODATA USBWNB11A	0x0919	USB WN-B11
product IODATA USBWNB11		0x0922	USB Airport WN-B11
product IODATA USBWNG54US	0x0928	USB WN-G54/US
product IODATA USBWNG54US_NF	0x0929	USB WN-G54/US
product IODATA ETXUS2		0x092a	ETX-US2
product IODATA ETGUS2		0x0930	ETG-US2
product IODATA FT232R		0x093c	FT232R
product IODATA WNGDNUS2		0x093f	WN-GDN/US2
product IODATA RT3072_1		0x0944	RT3072
product IODATA RT3072_2		0x0945	RT3072
product IODATA RT3072_3		0x0947	RT3072
product IODATA RT3072_4		0x0948	RT3072
product IODATA WNG150UM		0x094c	WN-G150UM
product IODATA RTL8192CU	0x0950	RTL8192CU
product IODATA USBRSAQ		0x0a03	USB serial adapter USB-RSAQ1
product IODATA USBRSAQ5		0x0a0e	USB serial adapter USB-RSAQ5

/* I-O DATA(2) products */
product IODATA2 USB2SC		0x0a09	USB2.0-SCSI Bridge USB2-SC

/* Iomega products */
product IOMEGA ZIP100		0x0001	Zip 100
product IOMEGA ZIP250		0x0030	Zip 250
product IOMEGA ZIP250_2		0x0032	Zip 250
product IOMEGA CDRW		0x0055	CDRW 9602

/* iRiver products */
product IRIVER IFP_1XX		0x1101	iFP-1xx
product IRIVER IFP_3XX		0x1103	iFP-3xx
product IRIVER IFP_5XX		0x1105	iFP-5xx

/* Jablotron products */
product JABLOTRON PC60B		0x0001	PC-60B

/* Jaton products */
product JATON EDA		0x5704	Ethernet Device Adapter

/* Jenoptik products */
product JENOPTIK JD350		0x5300	JD 350 Camera/mp3 player

/* JMicron products */
product JMICRON JM20329		0x2329	USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge
product JMICRON JM20336		0x2336	USB to SATA Bridge
product JMICRON JM20337		0x2338	USB to ATA/ATAPI Bridge

/* JRC products */
product JRC AH_J3001V_J3002V	0x0001	AirH\"PHONE AH-J3001V/J3002V

/* JVC products */
product JVC GR_DX95		0x000a	GR-DX95
product JVC MP_PRX1		0x3008	MP-PRX1 Ethernet
product JVC MP_XP7250_WL	0x3009	MP-XP7250 Builtin WLAN

/* Kawasaki products */
product KLSI DUH3E10BT		0x0008	10BT Ethernet adapter, in the DU-H3E
product KLSI DUH3E10BTN		0x0009	10BT Ethernet adapter, in the DU-H3E

/* Kawatsu products */
product KAWATSU MH4000P		0x0003	MiniHub 4000P
product KAWATSU KC180		0x0180	KC-180 IrDA

/* Keisokugiken products */

/* Kensington products */
product KENSINGTON ORBIT	0x1003	Orbit USB/PS2 trackball
product KENSINGTON TURBOBALL	0x1005	TurboBall
product KENSINGTON ORBIT_MAC	0x1009	Orbit USB trackball for Mac

/* Keyspan products */
product KEYSPAN USA28_NF	0x0101	USA-28 serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA28X_NF	0x0102	USA-28X serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA19_NF	0x0103	USA-19 serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA18_NF	0x0104	USA-18 serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA18X_NF	0x0105	USA-18X serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA19W_NF	0x0106	USA-19W serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA19		0x0107	USA-19 serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA19W		0x0108	USA-19W serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA49W_NF	0x0109	USA-49W serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA49W		0x010a	USA-49W serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA19QI_NF	0x010b	USA-19QI serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA19QI		0x010c	USA-19QI serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA19Q_NF	0x010d	USA-19Q serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA19Q		0x010e	USA-19Q serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA28		0x010f	USA-28 serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA28XXB	0x0110	USA-28X/XB serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA18		0x0111	USA-18 serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA18X		0x0112	USA-18X serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA28XB_NF	0x0113	USA-28XB serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA28XA_NF	0x0114	USA-28XB serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA28XA		0x0115	USA-28XA serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA18XA_NF	0x0116	USA-18XA serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA18XA		0x0117	USA-18XA serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA19QW_NF	0x0118	USA-19QW serial adapter (no firmware)
product KEYSPAN USA19QW		0x0119	USA-19QW serial adapter
product KEYSPAN USA19H		0x0121	USA-19H serial adapter
product KEYSPAN UIA10		0x0201	UIA-10 remote control
product KEYSPAN UIA11		0x0202	UIA-11 remote control

/* Kingston products */
product KINGSTON XX1		0x0008	Ethernet Adapter
product KINGSTON KNU101TX	0x000a	KNU101TX USB Ethernet
product KINGSTON DT102_G2	0x1624	DT 102 G2
product KINGSTON DT101_II	0x1625	DT 101 II
product KINGSTON DTMINI10	0x162c	DT Mini 10
product KINGSTON DT101_G2	0x1642	DT 101 G2
product KINGSTON DT100_G2	0x6544	DT 100 G2

/* KingSun products */
product KINGSUN IRDA		0x4200	KingSun/DonShine IrDA

/* Kodak products */
product KODAK DC220		0x0100	Digital Science DC220
product KODAK DC260		0x0110	Digital Science DC260
product KODAK DC265		0x0111	Digital Science DC265
product KODAK DC290		0x0112	Digital Science DC290
product KODAK DC240		0x0120	Digital Science DC240
product KODAK DC280		0x0130	Digital Science DC280
product KODAK DX4900		0x0550	EasyShare DX4900

/* Konica Corp. Products */
product KONICA CAMERA		0x0720	Digital Color Camera

/* KYE products */
product KYE NICHE		0x0001	Niche mouse
product KYE NETSCROLL		0x0003	Genius NetScroll mouse
product KYE G07			0x1002	MaxFire G-07 gamepad
product KYE FLIGHT2000		0x1004	Flight 2000 joystick
product KYE VIVIDPRO		0x2001	ColorPage Vivid-Pro scanner

/* Kyocera products */
product KYOCERA AHK3001V	0x0203	AH-K3001V

/* LaCie products */
product LACIE PKTDRV		0x0211	PocketDrive
product LACIE HD		0xa601	Hard Disk
product LACIE CDRW		0xa602	CD R/W

/* Lenovo products */
product LENOVO AX88179		0x304b	AX88179 USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet controller
product LENOVO COMPACTKBDWTP	0x6047	ThinkPad Compact USB keyboard with TrackPoint
product LENOVO ETHERNET		0x7203	USB 2.0 Ethernet

/* Lexar products */
product LEXAR JUMPSHOT		0x0001	jumpSHOT CompactFlash Reader
product LEXAR 2662WAR		0xa002	2662W-AR
product LEXAR MCR		0xb018	Multi-Card Reader

/* Lexmark products */
product LEXMARK S2450		0x0009	Optra S 2450

/* Linksys products */
product LINKSYS MAUSB2		0x0105	Camedia MAUSB-2
product LINKSYS USB10TX1	0x200c	USB10TX
product LINKSYS HG20F9		0x20f9	HG20F9 Ethernet
product LINKSYS USB10T		0x2202	USB10T Ethernet
product LINKSYS USB100TX	0x2203	USB100TX Ethernet
product LINKSYS USB100H1	0x2204	USB100H1 Ethernet/HPNA
product LINKSYS USB10TA		0x2206	USB10TA Ethernet
product LINKSYS WUSB11		0x2211	WUSB11 Wireless USB Network Adapter
product LINKSYS WUSB11_25	0x2212	WUSB11 Wireless USB Network Adapter (version 2.5)
product LINKSYS WUSB12_11	0x2213	WUSB12 802.11b v1.1
product LINKSYS USB10TX2	0x400b	USB10TX
product LINKSYS2 WUSB11		0x2219	WUSB11
product LINKSYS2 NWU11B		0x2219	Network Everywhere NWU11B
product LINKSYS2 USB200M	0x2226	USB 2.0 10/100 ethernet controller
product LINKSYS3 WUSB11V28	0x2233	WUSB11-V28
product LINKSYS4 USB1000	0x0039	USB1000
product LINKSYS4 WUSB100	0x0070	WUSB100
product LINKSYS4 WUSB600N	0x0071	WUSB600N
product LINKSYS4 WUSB54GC_2	0x0073	WUSB54GC v2
product LINKSYS4 WUSB54GC_3	0x0077	WUSB54GC v3
product LINKSYS4 RT3070		0x0078	RT3070
product LINKSYS4 WUSB600NV2	0x0079	WUSB600N v2

/* Lite-On Technology */
product LITEON AR9271		0x4605	AR9271

/* Logitec products */
product LOGITEC LDR_H443SU2	0x0033	DVD Multi-plus unit LDR-H443SU2
product LOGITEC LDR_H443U2	0x00b3	DVD Multi-plus unit LDR-H443U2
product LOGITEC LAN_GTJU2	0x0102	LAN-GTJ/U2
product LOGITEC LANTX		0x0105	LAN-TX
product LOGITEC RTL8187		0x010c	RTL8187
product LOGITEC RT2870_1	0x0162	RT2870
product LOGITEC RT2870_2	0x0163	RT2870
product LOGITEC RT2870_3	0x0164	RT2870
product LOGITEC LANW300NU2	0x0166	LAN-W300N/U2
product LOGITEC RT3020		0x0168	RT3020
product LOGITEC LANW300NU2S	0x0169	LAN-W300N/U2S
product LOGITEC LAN_W450ANU2E	0x016b	LAN-W450ANU2E
product LOGITEC LAN_W300ANU2	0x0170	LAN-W300AN/U2

/* Logitech products */
product LOGITECH M2452		0x0203	M2452 keyboard
product LOGITECH M4848		0x0301	M4848 mouse
product LOGITECH PAGESCAN	0x040f	PageScan
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMWEB	0x0801	QuickCam Web
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMPRO	0x0810	QuickCam Pro
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMEXP	0x0840	QuickCam Express
product LOGITECH QUICKCAM	0x0850	QuickCam
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMEXP2	0x0870	QuickCam Express
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMPRO3k	0x08b0	QuickCam Pro 3000
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMPRONB	0x08b1	QuickCam for Notebook Pro
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMPRO4K	0x08b2	QuickCam Pro 4000
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMMESS	0x08f0	QuickCam Messenger
product LOGITECH N43		0xc000	N43
product LOGITECH N48		0xc001	N48 mouse
product LOGITECH MBA47		0xc002	M-BA47 mouse
product LOGITECH WMMOUSE	0xc004	WingMan Gaming Mouse
product LOGITECH BD58		0xc00c	BD58 mouse
product LOGITECH USBPS2MOUSE	0xc00e	USB-PS/2 Optical Mouse
product LOGITECH MUV55A		0xc016	M-UV55a
product LOGITECH UN58A		0xc030	iFeel Mouse
product LOGITECH WMPAD		0xc208	WingMan GamePad Extreme
product LOGITECH WMRPAD		0xc20a	WingMan RumblePad
product LOGITECH WMJOY		0xc281	WingMan Force joystick
product LOGITECH WMFFGP		0xc293	WingMan Formula Force GP (GT-Force)
product LOGITECH BB13		0xc401	USB-PS/2 Trackball
product LOGITECH BB18		0xc404	TrackMan Wheel
product LOGITECH MARBLEMOUSE	0xc408	Marble Mouse
product LOGITECH RK53		0xc501	Cordless mouse
product LOGITECH RB6		0xc503	Cordless keyboard
product LOGITECH CDO		0xc504	Cordless Desktop Optical
product LOGITECH MX700		0xc506	Cordless optical mouse
product LOGITECH CBT44		0xc517	C-BT44 Receiver
product LOGITECH QUICKCAMPRO2	0xd001	QuickCam Pro

/* Lucent products */
product LUCENT EVALKIT		0x1001	USS-720 evaluation kit

/* Luwen products */
product LUWEN EASYDISK		0x0005	EasyDisc

/* Macally products */
product MACALLY MOUSE1		0x0101	mouse

/* Mad Catz, Inc. */
product	MADCATZ CYBORG_RAT7	0x1708	Cyborg R.A.T. 7

/* MCT Corp. products */
product MCT HUB0100		0x0100	Hub
product MCT DU_H3SP_USB232	0x0200	D-Link DU-H3SP USB BAY Hub
product MCT USB232		0x0210	USB-232 Interface
product MCT SITECOM_USB232	0x0230	Sitecom USB-232 Products
product MCT ML_4500		0x0302	ML-4500

/* MediaGear products */
product MEDIAGEAR READER9IN1	0x5003	USB2.0 9 in 1 Reader

/* Meinberg Funkuhren products */
product MEINBERG USB5131	0x0301	USB 5131 DCF77 - Radio Clock

/* Meizo Electronics */
product MEIZU M6_SL		0x0140	MiniPlayer M6 (SL)

/* Melco, Inc products */
product MELCO LUATX1		0x0001	LUA-TX Ethernet
product MELCO LUATX5		0x0005	LUA-TX Ethernet
product MELCO LUA2TX5		0x0009	LUA2-TX Ethernet
product MELCO LUAKTX		0x0012	LUA-KTX Ethernet
product MELCO S11		0x0016	WLI-USB-S11
product MELCO MCRSM2		0x001b	MCR-SM2 SmartMedia Card Reader/Writer
product MELCO DUBPXXG		0x001c	USB-IDE Bridge: DUB-PxxG
product MELCO KS11G		0x0027	WLI-USB-KS11G USB-wlan
product MELCO LUAU2KTX		0x003d	LUA-U2-KTX Ethernet
product MELCO KB11		0x0044	WLI-USB-KB11 WLAN
product MELCO KG54YB		0x005e	WLI-U2-KG54-YB WLAN
product MELCO KG54		0x0066	WLI-U2-KG54 WLAN
product MELCO KG54AI		0x0067	WLI-U2-KG54-AI WLAN
product MELCO LUAU2GT		0x006e	LUA-U2-GT Ethernet
product MELCO NINWIFI		0x008b	Nintendo Wi-Fi
product MELCO PCOPRS1		0x00b3	RemoteStation PC-OP-RS1
product MELCO SG54HP		0x00d8	WLI-U2-SG54HP
product MELCO G54HP		0x00d9	WLI-U2-G54HP
product MELCO KG54L		0x00da	WLI-U2-KG54L
product MELCO WLIUCG300N	0x00e8	WLI-UC-G300N
product MELCO SG54HG		0x00f4	WLI-U2-SG54HG
product MELCO WLIUCAG300N	0x012e	WLI-UC-AG300N
product MELCO WLIUCG		0x0137	WLI-UC-G
product MELCO RT2870_1		0x0148	RT2870
product MELCO RT2870_2		0x0150	RT2870
product MELCO WLIUCGN		0x015d	WLI-UC-GN
product MELCO WLIUCG301N	0x016f	WLI-UC-G301N
product MELCO WIU2300D		0x0241	WI-U2-300D

/* Merlin products */
product MERLIN V620             0x1110  Merlin V620

/* Metricom products */
product METRICOM RICOCHET_GS	0x0001	Ricochet GS

/* MGE UPS Systems */

/* Micro Star International products */
product MSI WLAN		0x1020	WLAN
product MSI BLUETOOTH		0x1967	Bluetooth USB Adapter
product MSI RT3070		0x3820	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_2		0x3821	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_8		0x3822	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_3		0x3870	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_9		0x3871	RT3070
product MSI MEGASKY580		0x5580	MSI MegaSky DVB-T Adapter
product MSI MEGASKY580_55801	0x5581	MSI MegaSky DVB-T Adapter
product MSI MS6861		0x6861	MS-6861
product MSI MS6865		0x6865	MS-6865
product MSI MS6869		0x6869	MS-6869
product MSI RT2573		0x6874	RT2573
product MSI RT2573_2		0x6877	RT2573
product MSI RT3070_4		0x6899	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_5		0x821a	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_10		0x822a	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_12		0x822b	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_13		0x822c	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_6		0x870a	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_11		0x871a	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_14		0x871b	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_15		0x871c	RT3070
product MSI RT3070_7		0x899a	RT3070
product MSI RT2573_3		0xa861	RT2573
product MSI RT2573_4		0xa874	RT2573
product MSI AX88772A		0xa877	AX88772A USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet adapter
product MSI BLUETOOTH_2		0xa970	Bluetooth
product MSI BLUETOOTH_3		0xa97a	Bluetooth

/* Microchip Technology products */
product MICROCHIP PICKIT1	0x0032	PICkit(TM) 1 FLASH Starter Kit
product MICROCHIP PICKIT2	0x0033	PICkit 2 Microcontroller Programmer

/* Microdia / Sonix Techonology Co., Ltd. products */
product MICRODIA YUREX		0x1010	YUREX

/* Micronet Communications products */
product MICRONET SP128AR	0x0003	SP128AR EtherFast

/* Microsoft products */
product MICROSOFT SIDEPREC	0x0008	SideWinder Precision Pro
product MICROSOFT INTELLIMOUSE	0x0009	IntelliMouse
product MICROSOFT NATURALKBD	0x000b	Natural Keyboard Elite
product MICROSOFT DDS80		0x0014	Digital Sound System 80
product MICROSOFT SIDEWINDER	0x001a	Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel
product MICROSOFT INETPRO	0x001c	Internet Keyboard Pro
product MICROSOFT TBEXPLORER	0x0024	Trackball Explorer
product MICROSOFT INTELLIEYE	0x0025	IntelliEye mouse
product MICROSOFT INETPRO2	0x002b	Internet Keyboard Pro
product MICROSOFT MN510		0x006e	MN510 Wireless
product MICROSOFT MN110		0x007a	10/100 USB NIC
product MICROSOFT XBOX_MEMORY_UNIT	0x0280	Xbox Memory Unit
product MICROSOFT XBOX_DVD_PLAYBACK	0x0284	Xbox DVD Movie Playback Kit
product MICROSOFT XBOX_CONTROLLER_S10	0x0285	Xbox Controller S (1.0)
product MICROSOFT XBOX_CONTROLLER_HUB	0x0288	Xbox Controller Hub
product MICROSOFT XBOX_CONTROLLER_S12	0x0289	Xbox Controller S (1.2)
product MICROSOFT XBOX_360_WIRELESS_RECEIVER 0x0291 Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver
product MICROSOFT 24GHZ_XCVR10		0x071d  2.4GHz Transceiver V1.0
product MICROSOFT 24GHZ_XCVR20		0x071f  2.4GHz Transceiver V2.0
product	MICROSOFT CM6000		0x077d  Comfort Mouse 6000

/* Microtech products */
product MICROTECH DPCM		0x0006	USB CameraMate
product MICROTECH FREECOM	0xfc01	Freecom USB-IDE

/* Microtek products */
product MICROTEK 336CX		0x0094	Phantom 336CX - C3 scanner
product MICROTEK X6U		0x0099	ScanMaker X6 - X6U
product MICROTEK C6		0x009a	Phantom C6 scanner
product MICROTEK 336CX2		0x00a0	Phantom 336CX - C3 scanner
product MICROTEK V6USL		0x00a3	ScanMaker V6USL
product MICROTEK 6000		0x30e5	ScanMaker 6000
product MICROTEK V6USL2		0x80a3	ScanMaker V6USL
product MICROTEK V6UL		0x80ac	ScanMaker V6UL

/* Midiman products */
product MIDIMAN MIDISPORT2X2	0x1001	Midisport 2x2
product MIDIMAN MIDISPORT2X4	0x1041	Midisport 2x4

/* Minds At Work LLC products */
product MINDSATWORK DW		0x0001	Digital Wallet

/* Minolta Co., Ltd. */
product MINOLTA 2300		0x4001	Dimage 2300
product MINOLTA S304		0x4007	Dimage S304
product MINOLTA X		0x4009	Dimage X
product MINOLTA DIMAGE7I	0x400b	Dimage 7i
product MINOLTA 5400		0x400e	Dimage 5400
product MINOLTA DIMAGEA1	0x401a	Dimage A1
product MINOLTA XT		0x4015	Dimage Xt

/* Misc Vendors (sharing a Vendor ID) */
product MISC WISPY_24X		0x083f	MetaGeek Wi-Spy 2.4x
product MISC TELLSTICK		0x0c30	Telldus Tellstick
product MISC TELLSTICK_DUO	0x0c31	Telldus Tellstick Duo

/* Mitsumi products */
product MITSUMI CDRRW		0x0000	CD-R/RW Drive
product MITSUMI MOUSE		0x6407	Mouse
product MITSUMI SONY_MOUSE	0x6408	Quick Scroll Mouse
product MITSUMI BT_DONGLE	0x641f	Bluetooth USB dongle
product MITSUMI FDD		0x6901	FDD

/* Mobility products */
product MOBILITY EA		0x0204	Ethernet Adapter
product MOBILITY EASIDOCK	0x0304	EasiDock Ethernet

/* MosChip Semiconductor */
product MOSCHIP MCS7703		0x7703	MCS7703 USB Serial Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7720		0x7720	MCS7720 USB Serial Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7780		0x7780	MCS7780 Fast IrDA Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7781		0x7781	MCS7781 Fast IrDA Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7784		0x7784	MCS7784 Slow IrDA Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7810		0x7810	MCS7810 USB Serial Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7820		0x7820	MCS7820 USB Serial Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7830		0x7830	MCS7830 Ethernet Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7832		0x7832	MCS7832 Ethernet Adapter
product MOSCHIP MCS7840		0x7840	MCS7840 USB Serial Adapter

/* Motorola products */
product MOTOROLA MC141555	0x1555	MC141555 hub controller
product MOTOROLA SB4100		0x4100	SB4100 USB Cable Modem
product MOTOROLA2 T720C		0x2822	T720c
product MOTOROLA2 A920		0x4002	A920
product MOTOROLA2 USBLAN	0x600c	USBLAN (A780, E680, ...)
product MOTOROLA2 USBLAN2	0x6027	USBLAN (A910, A1200, Rokr E2, Rokr E6, ...)
product MOTOROLA4 RT2770	0x9031	RT2770
product MOTOROLA4 RT3070	0x9032	RT3070

/* M-Systems products */
product MSYSTEMS DISKONKEY	0x0010	DiskOnKey
product MSYSTEMS DISKONKEY2	0x0011	DiskOnKey
product MSYSTEMS DISKONKEY3	0x0012	DiskOnKey

/* MultiTech products */
product MULTITECH ATLAS		0xf101	MT5634ZBA-USB modem

/* Mustek products */
product MUSTEK 1200CU		0x0001	1200 CU scanner
product MUSTEK 600CU		0x0002	600 CU scanner
product MUSTEK 1200USB		0x0003	1200 USB scanner
product MUSTEK 1200UB		0x0006	1200 UB scanner
product MUSTEK 1200USBPLUS	0x0007	1200 USB Plus scanner
product MUSTEK 1200CUPLUS	0x0008	1200 CU Plus scanner
product MUSTEK BEARPAW1200F	0x0010	BearPaw 1200F scanner
product MUSTEK BEARPAW1200TA	0x021e	BearPaw 1200TA scanner
product MUSTEK 600USB		0x0873	600 USB scanner
product MUSTEK MDC800		0xa800	MDC-800 digital camera
product MUSTEK DV2000		0xc441	DV2000 digital camera

/* National Instruments */
product NI GPIB_USB_A		0xc920	GPIB-USB-A

/* National Semiconductor */
product NATIONAL BEARPAW1200	0x1000	BearPaw 1200
product NATIONAL BEARPAW2400	0x1001	BearPaw 2400

/* NEC products */
product NEC HUB_20		0x0059	2.0 hub
product NEC WL300NUG		0x0249	WL300NU-G
product NEC HUB			0x55aa	hub
product NEC HUB_B		0x55ab	hub
product NEC PICTY760		0xbef4	Picty760
product NEC PICTY900		0xefbe	Picty900
product NEC PICTY920		0xf0be	Picty920
product NEC PICTY800		0xf1be	Picty800

/* NEC2 products */
product NEC2 HUB2_0		0x0058	USB2.0 Hub Controller

/* NEODIO products */
product NEODIO ND3050		0x3050	6-in-1 Flash Device Controller
product NEODIO ND5010		0x5010	Multi-format Flash Controller

/* NetChip Technology Products */
product NETCHIP TURBOCONNECT	0x1080	Turbo-Connect
product NETCHIP CLIK40		0xa140	Clik! 40
product NETCHIP ETHERNETGADGET	0xa4a2	Linux Ethernet/RNDIS gadget on pxa210/25x/26x
product NETCHIP NET2270		0xa612	USB-IDE Bridge

/* Netgear products */
product NETGEAR EA101		0x1001	Ethernet adapter
product NETGEAR EA101X		0x1002	Ethernet adapter
product NETGEAR FA101		0x1020	10/100 Ethernet
product NETGEAR FA120		0x1040	USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter
product NETGEAR MA111NA		0x4110	802.11b Adapter
product NETGEAR MA111V2		0x4230  802.11b V2
product NETGEAR WG111V2_2	0x4240	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product NETGEAR WG111V3		0x4260	WG111v3
product NETGEAR WG111U		0x4300	WG111U
product NETGEAR WG111U_NF	0x4301	WG111U
product NETGEAR WG111V2		0x6a00	WG111v2
product NETGEAR XA601		0x8100	USB to PL Adapter
product NETGEAR WN111V2		0x9001	WN111V2
product NETGEAR WNDA3100	0x9010	WNDA3100
product NETGEAR WNDA3200	0x9018	WNDA3200
product NETGEAR RTL8192CU	0x9021	RTL8192CU
product NETGEAR WNA1100		0x9030	WNA1100
product NETGEAR WNA1000		0x9040	WNA1000
product NETGEAR WNA1000M	0x9041	WNA1000M

/* Netgear(2) products */
product NETGEAR2 MA101		0x4100	MA101
product NETGEAR2 MA101B		0x4102	MA101 Rev B

/* Netgear(3) products */
product NETGEAR3 WG111T		0x4250	WG111T
product NETGEAR3 WG111T_NF	0x4251	WG111T
product NETGEAR3 WPN111		0x5f00	WPN111
product NETGEAR3 WPN111_NF	0x5f01	WPN111

/* Netgear(4) products */
product NETGEAR4 RTL8188CU	0x9041	RTL8188CU

/* NetIndex products */
product NETINDEX WS002IN	0x2001	Willcom WS002IN (DD)

/* NHJ product */
product NHJ CAM2		0x9120	Camera

/* Nikon products */
product NIKON E990		0x0102	Digital Camera E990
product NIKON E880		0x0103	Digital Camera E880
product NIKON E885		0x0105	Digital Camera E885

/* Nintendo products */
product NINTENDO BCM2045A	0x0305	Broadcom BCM2045A Bluetooth Radio
product NINTENDO RVLCNT01	0x0306	Wii Remote RVL-CNT-01 (BT-HID)
/* product NINTENDO WIIMIC1	0x0308	Wii Party-Mic */
/* product NINTENDO WIIMIC2	0x0309	USB Microphone for Wii */
product NINTENDO RVLCNT01TR	0x0330	Wii Remote Plus RVL-CNT-01-TR (BT-HID)

/* Nokia products */
product NOKIA CA42		0x0802	Mobile Phone adapter

/* Nova Tech products */
product NOVATECH NV902W		0x9020	NV-902W
product NOVATECH RT2573		0x9021	RT2573
product NOVATECH RTL8188CU	0x9071	RTL8188CU

/* NovAtel products */
product NOVATEL FLEXPACKGPS	0x0100	NovAtel FlexPack GPS receiver
product NOVATEL2 EXPRESSCARD	0x1100	ExpressCard 3G
product NOVATEL2 MERLINV620	0x1110	Novatel Wireless Merlin CDMA
product NOVATEL2 V740		0x1120	Merlin V740
product NOVATEL2 S720		0x1130	S720
product NOVATEL2 MERLINU740	0x1400	Novatel Merlin U740
product NOVATEL2 U740_2		0x1410	Merlin U740
product NOVATEL2 U870		0x1420	Merlin U870
product NOVATEL2 XU870		0x1430	Merlin XU870
product NOVATEL2 X950D		0x1450	Merlin X950D
product NOVATEL2 ES620		0x2100	ES620 CDMA
product NOVATEL2 U720		0x2110	U720
product NOVATEL2 EU8X0D		0x2420	Expedite EU850D/EU860D/EU870D
product NOVATEL2 U727		0x4100	U727
product NOVATEL2 MC950D		0x4400	Novatel Wireless HSUPA Modem
product NOVATEL2 MC950D_DRIVER	0x5010	Novatel Wireless HSUPA Modem Windows Driver
product NOVATEL2 U760_DRIVER	0x5030	Novatel Wireless U760 Windows/Mac Driver
product NOVATEL2 U760		0x6000	Novatel 760USB

/* Olympus products */
product OLYMPUS C1		0x0102	C-1 Digital Camera
product OLYMPUS C700		0x0105	C-700 Ultra Zoom

/* OmniVision Technologies, Inc. products */
product OMNIVISION OV511	0x0511	OV511 Camera
product OMNIVISION OV511PLUS	0xa511	OV511+ Camera

/* OnSpec Electronic, Inc. */
product ONSPEC MD2		0x0103	disk
product ONSPEC MDCFEB		0xa000	MDCFE-B USB CF Reader
product ONSPEC SIIGMS		0xa001	Memory Stick+CF Reader/Writer
product ONSPEC DATAFAB3		0xa003	Datafab-based Reader
product ONSPEC DATAFAB4		0xa004	Datafab-based Reader
product ONSPEC PNYCFSM		0xa005	PNY/Datafab CF+SM Reader
product ONSPEC STECHCFSM	0xa006	Simple Tech/Datafab CF+SM Reader
product ONSPEC LC1		0xa109	CF + SM Combo (LC1)
product ONSPEC UCF100		0xa400	FlashLink UCF-100 CompactFlash Reader
product ONSPEC MD1II		0xb006	Datafab MD1-II PC-Card Reader

product ONSPEC2 8IN2		0xb012	8In2

/* Option N.V. products */
product OPTIONNV MC3G		0x5000	Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G datacard
product OPTIONNV QUADUMTS2	0x6000	GlobeTrotter Fusion Quad Lite UMTS/GPRS
product OPTIONNV QUADUMTS	0x6300	GlobeTrotter Fusion Quad Lite 3D
product OPTIONNV QUADPLUSUMTS	0x6600	GlobeTrotter 3G Quad Plus
product OPTIONNV HSDPA   	0x6701	GlobeTrotter HSDPA Modem
product OPTIONNV MAXHSDPA   	0x6701	GlobeTrotter Max HSDPA Modem
product OPTIONNV GSICON72	0x6911	GlobeSurfer iCON 7.2
product OPTIONNV ICON225	0x6971	iCON 225
product OPTIONNV GTMAXHSUPA	0x7001	GlobeTrotter HSUPA
product OPTIONNV GEHSUPA	0x7011	GlobeTrotter Express HSUPA
product OPTIONNV GTHSUPA	0x7031	GlobeTrotter HSUPA
product OPTIONNV GSHSUPA	0x7251	GlobeSurfer HSUPA
product OPTIONNV GE40X1		0x7301	GE40x
product OPTIONNV GE40X2		0x7361	GE40x
product OPTIONNV GE40X3		0x7381	GE40x
product OPTIONNV ICON401	0x7401	iCON 401
product OPTIONNV GTM382		0x7501	GTM 382
product OPTIONNV GE40X4		0x7601	GE40x
product OPTIONNV GTHSUPAM	0x8300	Globetrotter HSUPA Modem
product OPTIONNV MODHSXPA	0xd013	Module HSxPA
product OPTIONNV ICON321	0xd031	iCON 321
product OPTIONNV ICON322	0xd033	iCON 322
product OPTIONNV ICON505	0xd055	iCON 505

/* OQO */
product OQO WIFI01		0x0002	model 01 WiFi interface
product OQO ETHER01PLUS		0x7720	model 01+ Ethernet
product OQO ETHER01		0x8150	model 01 Ethernet interface

/* Ours Technology Inc. */
product OTI SOLID		0x6803	Solid state disk
product OTI FLASHDISK		0x6828	Flash Disk 128M

/* OvisLink product */
product OVISLINK RT3071		0x3071	RT3071
product OVISLINK RT3072		0x3072	RT3072

/* Palm Computing, Inc. product */
product PALM SERIAL		0x0080	USB Serial Adaptor
product PALM M500		0x0001	Palm m500
product PALM M505		0x0002	Palm m505
product PALM M515		0x0003	Palm m515
product PALM I705		0x0020	Palm i705
product PALM TUNGSTEN_Z		0x0031	Palm Tungsten Z
product PALM M125		0x0040	Palm m125
product PALM M130		0x0050	Palm m130
product PALM TUNGSTEN_T		0x0060	Palm Tungsten T
product PALM ZIRE31		0x0061	Palm Zire 31
product PALM ZIRE		0x0070	Palm Zire

/* Panasonic products */
product PANASONIC LS120		0x0901	LS-120 Camera
product PANASONIC KXLRW32AN	0x0d09	CD-R Drive KXL-RW32AN
product PANASONIC KXLCB20AN	0x0d0a	CD-R Drive KXL-CB20AN
product PANASONIC SDCAAE	0x1b00	MultiMediaCard Adapter
product PANASONIC DMCFS45	0x2372	Lumix Camera DMC-FS45
product PANASONIC TYTP50P6S	0x3900	TY-TP50P6-S 50in Touch Panel

/* PARA Industrial products */
product PARA RT3070		0x8888	RT3070

/* Pegatron products */
product PEGATRON RT2870		0x0002	RT2870
product PEGATRON RT3070		0x000c	RT3070
product PEGATRON RT3070_2	0x000e	RT3070
product PEGATRON RT3070_3	0x0010	RT3070
product PEGATRON RT3072		0x0011	RT3072

/* Future Bits products */
product FUTUREBITS 4PI		0x6019	4Pi reprap

/* Pen Driver */
product PEN USBDISKPRO		0x0120	USB Disk Pro
product PEN USBREADER		0x0240	USB 6 in 1 Card Reader/Writer
product PEN MOBILEDRIVE		0x0280	USB 3 in 1 Card Reader/Writer
product PEN USBDISK		0x0d7d	USB Disk
product PEN ATTACHE		0x1300	USB 2.0 Flash Drive

/* Peracom products */
product PERACOM SERIAL1		0x0001	Serial Converter
product PERACOM ENET		0x0002	Ethernet adapter
product PERACOM ENET3		0x0003	At Home Ethernet Adapter
product PERACOM ENET2		0x0005	Ethernet adapter

/* Pheenet products */
product PHEENET GWU513		0x4025	GWU513

/* Philips products */
product PHILIPS DSS350		0x0101	DSS 350 Digital Speaker System
product PHILIPS DSS		0x0104	DSS XXX Digital Speaker System
product PHILIPS SA235		0x016a	SA235
product PHILIPS HUB		0x0201	hub
product PHILIPS PCA645VC	0x0302	PCA645VC PC Camera
product PHILIPS PCA646VC	0x0303	PCA646VC PC Camera
product PHILIPS PCVC675K	0x0307	PCVC675K Vesta PC Camera
product PHILIPS PCVC680K	0x0308	PCVC680K Vesta Pro PC Camera
product PHILIPS PCVC690K	0x030c	PCVC690K Vesta Pro Scan PC Camera
product PHILIPS PCVC730K	0x0310	PCVC730K ToUCam Fun PC Camera
product PHILIPS PCVC740K	0x0311	PCVC740K ToUCam Pro PC Camera
product PHILIPS PCVC750K	0x0312	PCVC750K ToUCam Pro Scan PC Camera
product PHILIPS DSS150		0x0471	DSS 150 Digital Speaker System
product PHILIPS CPWUA054	0x1230	CPWUA054
product PHILIPS SNU5600		0x1236	SNU5600
product PHILIPS SNU5630NS05	0x1237	SNU5630NS/05
product PHILIPS DIVAUSB		0x1801	DIVA USB mp3 player
product PHILIPS RT2870		0x200f	RT2870

/* Philips Semiconductor products */
product PHILIPSSEMI HUB1122	0x1122	hub

/* P.I. Engineering products */
product PIENGINEERING PS2USB	0x020b	PS2 to Mac USB Adapter
product PIENGINEERING XKEYS58	0x0232	Xkeys Programmable Keyboard (58 Keys)
product PIENGINEERING XKEYS	0x0233	Xkeys Programmable Keyboard

/* Pilotech Systems Co., Ltd products */
product PILOTECH CRW600		0x0001	CRW-600 6-in-1 Reader

/* Pinnacle Systems, Inc. products */
product PINNACLE PCTV800E	0x0227	PCTV 800e
product PINNACLE PCTVDVBTFLASH	0x0228	Pinnacle PCTV DVB-T Flash
product PINNACLE PCTV72E	0x0236	Pinnacle PCTV 72e
product PINNACLE PCTV73E	0x0237	Pinnacle PCTV 73e

/* Planex Communications products */
product PLANEX  GW_US11H	0x14ea	GW-US11H WLAN
product PLANEX2 RTL8188CUS	0x1201	RTL8188CUS
product PLANEX2 GW_US11S	0x3220	GW-US11S WLAN
product PLANEX2 RTL8188CU_3	0x4902	RTL8188CU
product PLANEX2 GWUSFANG300	0x4903	GW-USFang300
product PLANEX2 GWUS54GXS	0x5303	GW-US54GXS
product PLANEX2 GW_US300	0x5304	GW-US300
product PLANEX2 GWUS54HP	0xab01	GW-US54HP
product PLANEX2 GWUS300MINIS	0xab24	GW-US300MiniS
product PLANEX2 RT3070		0xab25	RT3070
product PLANEX2 GWUSNANO	0xab28	GW-USNano
product PLANEX2 GWUSMICRO300	0xab29	GW-USMicro300
product PLANEX2 RTL8188CU_1	0xab2a	GW-USNano2
product PLANEX2 RTL8192CU	0xab2b	GW-USEco300
product PLANEX2 RTL8188CU_4	0xab2e	RTL8188CU
product PLANEX2 GW900D		0xab30	GW-900D
product PLANEX2 GW450D		0xab31	GW-450D
product PLANEX2 GW450S		0xab32	GW-450S
product PLANEX2 GWUS54MINI2	0xab50	GW-US54Mini2
product PLANEX2 GWUS54SG	0xc002	GW-US54SG
product PLANEX2 GWUS54GZL	0xc007	GW-US54GZL
product PLANEX2 GWUS54GD	0xed01	GW-US54GD
product PLANEX2 GWUSMM		0xed02	GW-USMM
product PLANEX2 GWUS300MINIX	0xed06	GW-US300Mini-X/MiniW
product PLANEX2 GWUSMICRON	0xed14	GW-USMicroN
product PLANEX2 GWUSMICRON2	0xed16	GW-USMicroN2
product PLANEX2 RTL8188CU_2	0xed17	RTL8188CU
product PLANEX2 GWUSH300N	0xed18	GW-USH300N
product PLANEX3 GWUS54GZ	0xab10	GW-US54GZ
product PLANEX3 GU1000T		0xab11	GU-1000T
product PLANEX3 GWUS54MINI	0xab13	GW-US54Mini

/* Plantronics products */
product PLANTRONICS HEADSET	0x0ca1	Platronics DSP-400 Headset

/* Plextor Corp. */
product PLEXTOR 40_12_40U	0x0011	PlexWriter 40/12/40U

/* PLX products */
product PLX TESTBOARD		0x9060	test board

/* PointChips */
product POINTCHIPS FLASH	0x8001	Flash

/* PortGear products */
product PORTGEAR EA8		0x0008	Ethernet Adapter
product PORTGEAR EA9		0x0009	Ethernet Adapter

/* Portsmith products */
product PORTSMITH EEA		0x3003	Express Ethernet Adapter

/* PQI products */
product PQI TRAVELFLASH		0x0001	Travel Flash Drive

/* Primax products */
product PRIMAX G2X300		0x0300	G2-200 scanner
product PRIMAX G2E300		0x0301	G2E-300 scanner
product PRIMAX G2300		0x0302	G2-300 scanner
product PRIMAX G2E3002		0x0303	G2E-300 scanner
product PRIMAX 9600		0x0340	Colorado USB 9600 scanner
product PRIMAX 600U		0x0341	Colorado 600u scanner
product PRIMAX 6200		0x0345	Visioneer 6200 scanner
product PRIMAX 19200		0x0360	Colorado USB 19200 scanner
product PRIMAX 1200U		0x0361	Colorado 1200u scanner
product PRIMAX G600		0x0380	G2-600 scanner
product PRIMAX 636I		0x0381	ReadyScan 636i
product PRIMAX G2600		0x0382	G2-600 scanner
product PRIMAX G2E600		0x0383	G2E-600 scanner
product PRIMAX COMFORT		0x4d01	Comfort
product PRIMAX MOUSEINABOX	0x4d02	Mouse-in-a-Box
product PRIMAX PCGAUMS1		0x4d04	Sony PCGA-UMS1

/* Prolific products */
product PROLIFIC PL2301		0x0000	PL2301 Host-Host interface
product PROLIFIC PL2302		0x0001	PL2302 Host-Host interface
product PROLIFIC RSAQ2		0x04bb	PL2303 Serial adapter (IODATA USB-RSAQ2)
product PROLIFIC PL2303		0x2303	PL2303 Serial adapter (ATEN/IOGEAR UC232A)
product PROLIFIC PL2305		0x2305	Parallel printer adapter
product PROLIFIC ATAPI4		0x2307	ATAPI-4 Bridge Controller
product PROLIFIC PL2501		0x2501	PL2501 Host-Host interface
product PROLIFIC PL2303X	0xaaa0	PL2303 Serial adapter (Pharos GPS)
product PROLIFIC RSAQ3		0xaaa2	PL2303 Serial adapter (IODATA USB-RSAQ3)
product PROLIFIC2 PL2303	0x2303	PL2303 Serial adapter (SMART Technologies)

/* Putercom products */
product PUTERCOM UPA100		0x047e	USB-1284 BRIDGE

/* Qcom products */
product QCOM RT2573		0x6196	RT2573
product QCOM RT2573_2		0x6229	RT2573
product QCOM RT2573_3		0x6238	RT2573
product QCOM RT2870		0x6259	RT2870

/* Qtronix products */
product QTRONIX 980N		0x2011	Scorpion-980N keyboard

/* Qualcomm products */
product QUALCOMM CDMA_MSM	0x6000	CDMA Technologies MSM phone
product QUALCOMM2 RWT_FCT       0x3100  RWT FCT-CDMA 2000 1xRTT modem
product QUALCOMM2 CDMA_MSM	0x3196	CDMA Technologies MSM modem

/* Qualcomm Kyocera products */
product QUALCOMM_K CDMA_MSM_K	0x17da	Qualcomm Kyocera CDMA Technologies MSM

/* Quan products */
product QUAN DM9601		0x9601	USB ethernet

/* Quanta products */
product QUANTA RT3070		0x0304	RT3070

/* Quickshot products */
product QUICKSHOT STRIKEPAD	0x6238	USB StrikePad

/* Rainbow Technologies products */
product RAINBOW IKEY2000	0x1200	i-Key 2000

/* Ralink Technology products */
product RALINK RT2570		0x1706	RT2570
product RALINK RT2070		0x2070	RT2070
product RALINK RT2570_2		0x2570	RT2570
product RALINK RT2573		0x2573	RT2573
product RALINK RT73		0x2578	RT73
product RALINK RT2671		0x2671	RT2671
product RALINK RT2770		0x2770	RT2770
product RALINK RT2870		0x2870	RT2870
product RALINK RT3070		0x3070	RT3070
product RALINK RT3071		0x3071	RT3071
product RALINK RT3072		0x3072	RT3072
product RALINK RT3370		0x3370	RT3370
product RALINK RT3572		0x3572	RT3572
product RALINK RT3573		0x3573	RT3573
product RALINK RT5370		0x5370	RT5370
product RALINK RT5572		0x5572	RT5572
product RALINK MT7610U		0x7610	MT7610U
product RALINK RT8070		0x8070	RT8070
product RALINK RT2570_3		0x9020	RT2570

/* RATOC Systems products */
product RATOC REXUSB60		0xb000	USB serial adapter REX-USB60
product RATOC REXUSB60F		0xb020	USB serial adapter REX-USB60F

/* Realtek products */
product REALTEK RTL8188ETV	0x0179	RTL8188ETV
product REALTEK RTL8188CTV	0x018a	RTL8188CTV
product REALTEK RTL8188RU_2	0x317f	RTL8188RU
product REALTEK RTL8150L	0x8150	RTL8150L USB-Ethernet Bridge
product REALTEK RTL8151		0x8151	RTL8151 PNA
product REALTEK RTL8152		0x8152	RTL8152
product REALTEK RTL8153		0x8153	RTL8153
product REALTEK RTL8188CE_0	0x8170	RTL8188CE
product REALTEK RTL8171		0x8171	RTL8171
product REALTEK RTL8172		0x8172	RTL8172
product REALTEK RTL8173		0x8173	RTL8173
product REALTEK RTL8174		0x8174	RTL8174
product REALTEK RTL8188CU_0	0x8176  RTL8188CU
product REALTEK RTL8191CU	0x8177	RTL8191CU
product REALTEK RTL8192CU	0x8178	RTL8192CU
product REALTEK RTL8188EU	0x8179	RTL8188EU
product REALTEK RTL8188CU_1	0x817a	RTL8188CU
product REALTEK RTL8188CU_2	0x817b	RTL8188CU
product REALTEK RTL8192CE	0x817c	RTL8192CE
product REALTEK RTL8188RU	0x817d	RTL8188RU
product REALTEK RTL8188CE_1	0x817e	RTL8188CE
product REALTEK RTL8188RU_3	0x817f	RTL8188RU
product REALTEK RTL8187		0x8187	RTL8187
product REALTEK RTL8187B_0	0x8189	RTL8187B
product REALTEK RTL8188CUS	0x818a	RTL8188CUS
product REALTEK RTL8192EU	0x818b	RTL8192EU
product REALTEK RTL8188CU_3	0x8191	RTL8188CU
product REALTEK RTL8187B_1	0x8197	RTL8187B
product REALTEK RTL8187B_2	0x8198	RTL8187B
product REALTEK RTL8712		0x8712	RTL8712
product REALTEK RTL8713		0x8713	RTL8713
product REALTEK RTL8188CU_COMBO	0x8754	RTL8188CU
product REALTEK RTL8192SU	0xc512	RTL8192SU

/* Research In Motion */
product RIM BLACKBERRY			0x0001	BlackBerry
product RIM BLACKBERRY_PEARL_DUAL	0x0004	BlackBerry Pearl Dual
product RIM BLACKBERRY_PEARL		0x0006	BlackBerry Pearl

/* Rockfire products */
product ROCKFIRE GAMEPAD	0x2033	gamepad 203USB

/* Roland products */
product ROLAND UA100		0x0000	UA-100 USB Audio I/F
product ROLAND UM4		0x0002	UM-4 MIDI I/F
product ROLAND SC8850		0x0003	RolandED SC-8850 SOUND Canvas MIDI Synth.
product ROLAND U8		0x0004	U-8 USB Audio I/F
product ROLAND UM2		0x0005	UM-2 MIDI I/F
product ROLAND SC8820		0x0007	SoundCanvas SC-8820 MIDI Synth.
product ROLAND PC300		0x0008	PC-300 MIDI Keyboard
product ROLAND UM1		0x0009	UM-1 MIDI I/F
product ROLAND SK500		0x000b	SoundCanvas SK-500 MIDI Keyboard
product ROLAND SCD70		0x000c	SC-D70 MIDI Synth.
product ROLAND UA3		0x000f	EDIROL UA-3 USB audio I/F
product ROLAND XV5050		0x0012	XV-5050 MIDI Synth.
product ROLAND UM880N		0x0014	EDIROL UM-880 MIDI I/F (native)
product ROLAND UM880G		0x0015	EDIROL UM-880 MIDI I/F (generic)
product ROLAND SD90		0x0016	EDIROL SD-90 STDIO Canvas MIDI Synth.
product ROLAND UA1A		0x0018	UA-1A USB Audio I/F
product ROLAND UM550		0x0023	UM-550 MIDI I/F
product ROLAND SD20		0x0027	SD-20 MIDI Synth.
product ROLAND SD80		0x0029	SD-80 MIDI Synth.
product ROLAND UA700		0x002b	UA-700 USB Audio I/F
product ROLAND PCRA		0x0033	EDIROL PCR MIDI keyboard (advanced)
product ROLAND PCR		0x0034	EDIROL PCR MIDI keyboard
product ROLAND M1000		0x0035	M-1000 audio I/F
product ROLAND UA1000		0x0044	EDIROL UA-1000 USB audio I/F
product ROLAND UA3FXA		0x0050	EDIROL UA-3FX USB audio I/F (advanced)
product ROLAND UA3FX		0x0051	EDIROL UA-3FX USB audio I/F
product ROLAND FANTOMX		0x006d	Fantom-X MIDI Synth.
product ROLAND UA25 		0x0074	EDIROL UA-25
product ROLAND UA101		0x007d	EDIROL UA-101
product ROLAND PC50A		0x008b	EDIROL PC-50 (advanced)
product ROLAND PC50		0x008c	EDIROL PC-50
product ROLAND UA101F		0x008d	EDIROL UA-101 USB1
product ROLAND UA1EX		0x0096	EDIROL UA-1EX
product ROLAND UM3		0x009A	EDIROL UM-3
product ROLAND UA4FX 		0x00a3	EDIROL UA-4FX
product ROLAND SONICCELL	0x00c2	SonicCell
product ROLAND UA25EXA		0x00e6	EDIROL UA-25EX (advanced)
product ROLAND UA25EX		0x00e7	EDIROL UA-25EX
product ROLAND UMONE		0x012a	UM-ONE MIDI I/F

/* RT Systems products */
product RTSYS CT57A		0x9e51	CT57A Radio Cable

/* Sagem products */
product SAGEM XG760A		0x004a	XG-760A
product SAGEM XG76NA		0x0062	XG-76NA

/* Saitek products */
product SAITEK CYBORG_3D_GOLD	0x0006	Cyborg 3D Gold Joystick

/* Samsung products */
product SAMSUNG MIGHTYDRIVE	0x1623	Mighty Drive
product SAMSUNG RT2870_1	0x2018	RT2870
product SAMSUNG ML6060		0x3008	ML-6060 laser printer
product SAMSUNG ANDROID		0x6863	Android
product SAMSUNG GTB3710		0x6876	GT-B3710 LTE/4G datacard
product SAMSUNG ANDROID2	0x6881	Android
product SAMSUNG GTB3730		0x689a	GT-B3730 LTE/4G datacard
product SAMSUNG SWL2100W	0xa000	SWL-2100U

/* SanDisk products */
product SANDISK SDDR05A		0x0001	ImageMate SDDR-05a
product SANDISK SDDR31		0x0002	ImageMate SDDR-31
product SANDISK SDDR05		0x0005	ImageMate SDDR-05
product SANDISK SDDR12		0x0100	ImageMate SDDR-12
product SANDISK SDDR09		0x0200	ImageMate SDDR-09
product SANDISK SDDR86		0x0621	ImageMate SDDR-86
product SANDISK SDDR75		0x0810	ImageMate SDDR-75
product SANDISK CRUZER		0x5530	Cruzer
product SANDISK SANSA_CLIP	0x7433	Sansa Clip

/* Sanwa Supply products */
product SANWASUPPLY JYDV9USB	0x9806	JY-DV9USB gamepad

/* Sanyo Electric products */
product SANYO SCP4900		0x0701	Sanyo SCP-4900 USB Phone

/* ScanLogic products */
product SCANLOGIC SL11R		0x0002	SL11R-IDE
product SCANLOGIC 336CX		0x0300	Phantom 336CX - C3 scanner

/* Sealevel products */
product SEALEVEL USBSERIAL	0x2101	USB-Serial converter
product SEALEVEL SEAPORT4P1	0x2413	SeaPort+4 Port 1
product SEALEVEL SEAPORT4P2	0x2423	SeaPort+4 Port 2
product SEALEVEL SEAPORT4P3	0x2433	SeaPort+4 Port 3
product SEALEVEL SEAPORT4P4	0x2443	SeaPort+4 Port 4

/* Senao products */
product SENAO RT2870_3		0x0605	RT2870
product SENAO RT2870_4		0x0615	RT2870
product SENAO NUB8301		0x2000	NUB-8301
product SENAO RTL8192SU_1	0x9603	RTL8192SU
product SENAO RTL8192SU_2	0x9605	RTL8192SU
product SENAO RT2870_1		0x9701	RT2870
product SENAO RT2870_2		0x9702	RT2870
product SENAO RT3070		0x9703	RT3070
product SENAO RT3071		0x9705	RT3071
product SENAO RT3072		0x9706	RT3072
product SENAO RT3072_2		0x9707	RT3072
product SENAO RT3072_3		0x9708	RT3072
product SENAO RT3072_4		0x9709	RT3072
product SENAO RT3072_5		0x9801	RT3072

/* SGI products */
product SGI SN1_L1_SC		0x1234	SN1 L1 System Controller

/* ShanTou products */
product SHANTOU ST268_USB_NIC	0x0268  ST268 USB NIC
product SHANTOU ADM8515		0x8515	ADM8515 Ethernet

/* Shark products */
product SHARK PA		0x0400	Pocket Adapter

/* Sharp products */
product SHARP CE175TU		0x8000	CE175TU
product SHARP SL5500		0x8004	SL5500
product SHARP A300		0x8005	A300
product SHARP SL5600		0x8006	SL5600
product SHARP C700		0x8007	C700
product SHARP C750		0x9031	C750
product SHARP RUITZ1016YCZZ	0x90fd	WS003SH WLAN
product SHARP WS007SH		0x9123	WS007SH
product SHARP WS011SH		0x91ac	WS011SH
product SHARP NWKBD		0x92E7	NetWalker Keyboard

/* Shuttle Technology products */
product SHUTTLE EUSB		0x0001	E-USB Bridge
product SHUTTLE EUSCSI		0x0002	eUSCSI Bridge
product SHUTTLE SDDR09		0x0003	ImageMate SDDR09
product SHUTTLE EUSBSMCF	0x0005	eUSB SmartMedia / CompactFlash Adapter
product SHUTTLE ZIOMMC		0x0006	eUSB MultiMediaCard Adapter
product SHUTTLE HIFD		0x0007	Sony Hifd
product SHUTTLE CF		0x000a	eUSB CompactFlash Adapter
product SHUTTLE EUSCSI_B	0x000b	eUSCSI Bridge
product SHUTTLE EUSCSI_C	0x000c	eUSCSI Bridge
product SHUTTLE CDRW		0x0101	CD-RW Device
product SHUTTLE ORCA		0x0325	eUSB ORCA Quad Reader
product SHUTTLE SCM		0x1010	SCM Micro

/* Siemens products */
product SIEMENS SPEEDSTREAM	0x1001	SpeedStream USB
product SIEMENS SPEEDSTREAM22	0x1022	SpeedStream USB 1022

/* Siemens Info products */
product SIEMENS2 WLL013		0x001b	WLL013
product SIEMENS2 MC75		0x0034	Wireless Modules MC75
product SIEMENS2 WL54G		0x3c06	54g USB Network Adapter

/* Sierra Wireless products */
product SIERRA EM5625		0x0017	EM5625
product SIERRA MC5720_2		0x0018	MC5720
product SIERRA AIRCARD595	0x0019	Sierra Wireless AirCard 595
product SIERRA MC5725		0x0020	MC5725
product SIERRA AC597E		0x0021	Sierra Wireless AirCard 597E
product SIERRA C597		0x0023	Sierra Wireless Compass 597
product SIERRA AIRCARD580	0x0112	Sierra Wireless AirCard 580
product SIERRA AC595U		0x0120	Sierra Wireless AirCard 595U
product SIERRA MC5720		0x0218	MC5720 Wireless Modem
product SIERRA MINI5725		0x0220	Sierra Wireless miniPCI 5275
product SIERRA 250U		0x0301	Sieral Wireless 250U 3G
product SIERRA INSTALLER	0x0fff	Aircard Driver Installer
product SIERRA MC8755_2		0x6802	MC8755
product SIERRA MC8765		0x6803	MC8765
product SIERRA MC8755		0x6804	MC8755
product SIERRA AC875U		0x6812	AC875U HSDPA USB Modem
product SIERRA MC8755_3		0x6813	MC8755 HSDPA
product SIERRA MC8775_2		0x6815	MC8775
product SIERRA AIRCARD875	0x6820	Aircard 875 HSDPA
product SIERRA MC8780		0x6832	MC8780
product SIERRA MC8781		0x6833	MC8781
product SIERRA AC880		0x6850	Sierra Wireless AirCard 880
product SIERRA AC881		0x6851	Sierra Wireless AirCard 881
product SIERRA AC880E		0x6852	Sierra Wireless AirCard 880E
product SIERRA AC881E		0x6853	Sierra Wireless AirCard 881E
product SIERRA AC880U		0x6855	Sierra Wireless AirCard 880U
product SIERRA AC881U		0x6856	Sierra Wireless AirCard 881U
product SIERRA AC885U		0x6880	Sierra Wireless AirCard 885U
product SIERRA USB305		0x68a3	Sierra Wireless AirCard USB 305

/* Sigmatel products */
product SIGMATEL SIR4116	0x4116	StIR4116 SIR
product SIGMATEL IRDA		0x4200	IrDA
product SIGMATEL FIR4210	0x4210	StIR4210 FIR
product SIGMATEL VFIR4220	0x4220	StIR4220 VFIR
product SIGMATEL I_BEAD100	0x8008	i-Bead 100 MP3 Player
product SIGMATEL I_BEAD150	0x8009	i-Bead 150 MP3 Player
product SIGMATEL DNSSF7X	0x8020	Datum Networks SSF-7X Multi Players
product SIGMATEL MUSICSTICK	0x8134	TrekStor Musicstick

/* SIIG products */
product SIIG DIGIFILMREADER	0x0004	DigiFilm-Combo Reader

product SIIG2 USBTOETHER	0x0109	USB TO Ethernet
product SIIG2 US2308		0x0421	Serial

/* Silicom products */
product SILICOM U2E		0x0001	U2E
product SILICOM GPE		0x0002	Psion Gold Port Ethernet

/* Silicon Labs products */
product SILABS POLOLU		0x803b	Pololu Serial
product SILABS ARGUSISP		0x8066	Argussoft ISP
product SILABS CRUMB128		0x807a	Crumb128
product SILABS DEGREECONT	0x80ca	Degree Controls
product SILABS SUNNTO		0x80f6	Suunto sports
product SILABS DESKTOPMOBILE	0x813d	Burnside Desktop mobile
product SILABS IPLINK1220	0x815e	IP-Link 1220
product SILABS LIPOWSKY_JTAG	0x81c8	Lipowsky Baby-JTAG
product SILABS LIPOWSKY_LIN	0x81e2	Lipowsky Baby-LIN
product SILABS LIPOWSKY_HARP	0x8218	Lipowsky HARP-1
product SILABS2 DCU11CLONE	0xaa26	DCU-11 clone
product SILABS CP210X_1		0xea60	CP210x Serial
product SILABS CP210X_2		0xea61	CP210x Serial
product SILABS EC3		0x8044  EC3 USB Debug Adapter

/* Silicon Portals Inc. */
product SILICONPORTALS YAPPH_NF 0x0200	YAP Phone (no firmware)

/* Silicon Integrated Systems products */
product SIS SIS_163U		0x0163	802.11g Wireless LAN Adapter

/* Sirius Technologies products */
product SIRIUS ROADSTER		0x0001	NetComm Roadster II 56 USB

/* Sitecom products */
product SITECOM LN029		0x182d	LN029
product SITECOM CN104		0x2068	CN104 serial

/* Sitecom Europe products */
product SITECOMEU WL168V1	0x000d	WL-168 v1
product SITECOMEU RT2870_1	0x0017	RT2870
product SITECOMEU WL168V4	0x0028	WL-168 v4
product SITECOMEU RT2870_2	0x002b	RT2870
product SITECOMEU RT2870_3	0x002c	RT2870
product SITECOMEU WL302		0x002d	WL-302
product SITECOMEU WL603		0x0036	WL-603
product SITECOMEU WL315		0x0039	WL-315
product SITECOMEU WL321		0x003b	WL-321
product SITECOMEU RT3070_3	0x003c	RT3070
product SITECOMEU WL324		0x003d	WL-324
product SITECOMEU WL343		0x003e	WL-343
product SITECOMEU WL608		0x003f	WL-608
product SITECOMEU WL344		0x0040	WL-344
product SITECOMEU WL329		0x0041	WL-329
product SITECOMEU WL345		0x0042	WL-345
product SITECOMEU WL353		0x0045	WL-353
product SITECOMEU RT3072_3	0x0047	RT3072
product SITECOMEU RT3072_4	0x0048	RT3072
product SITECOMEU WL349V1	0x004b	WL-349 v1
product SITECOMEU RT3072_6	0x004d	RT3072
product SITECOMEU WL349V4	0x0050	WL-349 v4
product SITECOMEU RT3070_1	0x0051	RT3070
product SITECOMEU RTL8188CU	0x0052	RTL8188CU
product SITECOMEU LN031		0x0056	LN-031
product SITECOMEU RTL8188CU_2	0x005c	RTL8188CU
product SITECOMEU RT3072_5	0x005f	RT3072
product SITECOMEU WLA4000	0x0060	WLA-4000
product SITECOMEU RTL8192CU	0x0061	RTL8192CU
product SITECOMEU WLA5000	0x0062	WLA-5000
product SITECOMEU AX88179	0x0072	AX88179 USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet controller
product SITECOMEU LN028		0x061c	LN-028
product SITECOMEU RTL8192CUR2	0x0070	RTL8192CU rev 2/2
product SITECOMEU WL113		0x9071	WL-113
product SITECOMEU ZD1211B	0x9075	ZD1211B
product SITECOMEU WL172		0x90ac	WL-172
product SITECOMEU WL113R2	0x9712	WL-113 rev 2

/* SmartBridges products */
product SMARTBRIDGES SMARTLINK	0x0001	SmartLink USB ethernet adapter
product SMARTBRIDGES SMARTNIC	0x0003	smartNIC 2 PnP Adapter

/* SMC Networks products */
product SMC 2102USB		0x0100	10Mbps ethernet adapter
product SMC 2202USB		0x0200	10/100 ethernet adapter
product SMC 2206USB		0x0201	EZ Connect USB Ethernet Adapter
product SMC3 2662WV1		0xa001	EZ Connect 11Mbps
product SMC3 2662WV2		0xa002	EZ Connect 11Mbps v2
product SMC 2862WG		0xee13	EZ Connect 54Mbps v2 USB 2.0
product SMC 2862WG_V1		0xee06	EZ Connect 54Mbps v1 USB 1.0

/* SMK products */
product SMK MCE_IR		0x031d	eHome Infrared Transceiver

/* SMSC products */
product SMSC 2020HUB		0x2020	USB Hub
product SMSC 2512HUB		0x2512	USB 2.0 2-Port Hub
product SMSC 2513HUB		0x2513	USB 2.0 3-Port Hub
product SMSC 2514HUB		0x2514	USB 2.0 4-Port Hub
product SMSC LAN7500		0x7500	LAN7500 USB 2.0 gigabit ethernet device
product SMSC SMSC9500		0x9500	SMSC9500 Ethernet device
product SMSC SMSC9505		0x9505	SMSC9505 Ethernet device
product SMSC SMSC9512		0x9512	SMSC9512 USB Hub & Ethernet device
product SMSC SMSC9514		0x9514	SMSC9514 USB Hub & Ethernet device
product SMSC LAN9530		0x9530	LAN9530 Ethernet Device
product SMSC LAN9730		0x9730	LAN9730 Ethernet Device
product SMSC SMSC9500_SAL10	0x9900	SMSC9500 Ethernet device (SAL10)
product SMSC SMSC9505_SAL10	0x9901	SMSC9505 Ethernet device (SAL10)
product SMSC SMSC9500A_SAL10	0x9902	SMSC9500A Ethernet device (SAL10)
product SMSC SMSC9505A_SAL10	0x9903	SMSC9505A Ethernet device (SAL10)
product SMSC SMSC9512_14_SAL10	0x9904	SMSC9512/14 Hub & Ethernet Device (SAL10)
product SMSC SMSC9500A_HAL	0x9905	SMSC9500A Ethernet Device (HAL)
product SMSC SMSC9505A_HAL	0x9906	SMSC9505A Ethernet Device (HAL)
product SMSC SMSC9500_ALT	0x9907	SMSC9500 Ethernet Device
product SMSC SMSC9500A_ALT	0x9908	SMSC9500A Ethernet Device
product SMSC SMSC9512_14_ALT	0x9909	SMSC9512 Hub & Ethernet Device
product SMSC SMSC9500A		0x9e00	SMSC9500A Ethernet device
product SMSC SMSC9505A		0x9e01	SMSC9505A Ethernet device
product SMSC LAN89530		0x9e08	LAN89530
product SMSC SMSC9512_14	0xec00	SMSC9512/9514 USB Hub & Ethernet device

/* SOHOware products */
product SOHOWARE NUB100		0x9100	10/100 USB Ethernet
product SOHOWARE NUB110		0x9110	NUB110 Ethernet

/* SOLID YEAR products */
product SOLIDYEAR KEYBOARD	0x2101	Solid Year USB keyboard

/* SONY products */
product SONY DSC		0x0010	DSC cameras
product SONY NWMS7		0x0025	Memorystick NW-MS7
product SONY DRIVEV2		0x002b	Harddrive V2
product SONY MSACUS1		0x002d	Memorystick MSAC-US1
product SONY HANDYCAM		0x002e	Handycam
product SONY MSC		0x0032	MSC memory stick slot
product SONY CLIE_35		0x0038	Sony Clie v3.5
product SONY PS2KEYBOARD	0x005c	PlayStation2 keyboard
product SONY PS2KEYBOARDHUB	0x005d	PlayStation2 keyboard hub
product SONY PS2MOUSE		0x0061	PlayStation2 mouse
product SONY CLIE_40		0x0066	Sony Clie v4.0
product SONY MSC_U03		0x0069	MSC memory stick slot MSC-U03
product SONY CLIE_40_MS		0x006d	Sony Clie v4.0 Memory Stick slot
product SONY CLIE_S360		0x0095	Sony Clie s360
product SONY CLIE_41_MS		0x0099	Sony Clie v4.1 Memory Stick slot
product SONY CLIE_41		0x009a	Sony Clie v4.1
product SONY CLIE_NX60		0x00da	Sony Clie nx60
product SONY PS2EYETOY4		0x0154	PlayStation2 EyeToy v154
product SONY PS2EYETOY5		0x0155	PlayStation2 EyeToy v155
product SONY CLIE_TJ25		0x0169	Sony Clie tj25
product SONY IFU_WLM2		0x0257	IFU-WLM2
product SONY PS3CONTROLLER	0x0268	Sony PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller
product SONY GPS_CS1		0x0298	Sony GPS GPS-CS1

/* SOURCENEXT products */
product SOURCENEXT KEIKAI8_CHG	0x012e	KeikaiDenwa 8 with charger
product SOURCENEXT KEIKAI8	0x039f	KeikaiDenwa 8

/* SparkLAN products */
product SPARKLAN RT2573		0x0004	RT2573
product SPARKLAN RT2870_1	0x0006	RT2870
product SPARKLAN RT3070		0x0010	RT3070
product SPARKLAN RT2870_2	0x0012	RT2870

/*Springer Design Systems Inc.*/
product	SPRINGERDESIGN	TTSMP3PLAYER	0x1111	Springer Design TTSMP3Player

/* Sphairon Access Systems GmbH products */
product SPHAIRON UB801R		0x0110	UB801R
product SPHAIRON RTL8187	0x0150	RTL8187

/* STMicroelectronics products */
product STMICRO COMMUNICATOR	0x7554	USB Communicator

/* STSN products */
product STSN STSN0001		0x0001	Internet Access Device

/* Sun Communications products */
product SUNCOMM MB_ADAPTOR	0x0003	Mobile Adaptor

/* SUN Corporation products */
product SUNTAC DS96L		0x0003	SUNTAC U-Cable type D2
product SUNTAC PS64P1		0x0005	SUNTAC U-Cable type P1
product SUNTAC VS10U		0x0009	SUNTAC Slipper U
product SUNTAC IS96U		0x000a	SUNTAC Ir-Trinity
product SUNTAC AS64LX		0x000b	SUNTAC U-Cable type A3
product SUNTAC AS144L4		0x0011	U-Cable type A4

/* Sun Microsystems products */
product SUN KEYBOARD_TYPE_6	0x0005	Type 6 USB keyboard
product SUN KEYBOARD_TYPE_7	0x00a2	Type 7 USB keyboard
/* XXX The above is a North American PC style keyboard possibly */
product SUN MOUSE		0x0100	Type 6 USB mouse

/* SUNRISING products */
product SUNRISING SR9600	0x8101	SR9600 Ethernet
product SUNRISING QF9700	0x9700	QF9700 Ethernet

/* SuperTop products */
product SUPERTOP IDEBRIDGE      0x6600  SuperTop IDE Bridge

/* Supra products */
product DIAMOND2 SUPRAEXPRESS56K 0x07da Supra Express 56K modem
product DIAMOND2 SUPRA2890	0x0b4a	SupraMax 2890 56K Modem
product DIAMOND2 RIO600USB	0x5001	Rio 600 USB
product DIAMOND2 RIO800USB	0x5002	Rio 800 USB
product DIAMOND2 PSAPLAY120	0x5003	Nike psa[play 120

/* Surecom Technology products */
product SURECOM EP9001G2A	0x11f2	EP-9001-g rev 2a
product SURECOM EP9001G		0x11f3	EP-9001-g
product SURECOM RT2573		0x31f3	RT2573

/* Susteen products */
product SUSTEEN DCU10	0x0528	USB Cable

/* Sweex products */
product SWEEX ZD1211		0x1809	ZD1211
product SWEEX2 LW153		0x0153	LW153
product SWEEX2 LW154		0x0154	LW154
product SWEEX2 LW303		0x0302	LW303
product SWEEX2 LW313		0x0313	LW313

/* Synet Electronics products */
product SYNET MWP54SS		0x3101	MW-P54SS USB Wireless Broadband Router

/* System TALKS, Inc. */

/* Tangtop products */
product TANGTOP USBPS2		0x0001	USBPS2

/* Targus products */
product TARGUS PAUM004		0x0201	PAUM004 Mouse

/* Taugagreining products */
product TAUGA CAMERAMATE	0x0005	CameraMate (DPCM_USB)

/* TDK products */
product TDK UPA9664		0x0115	USB-PDC Adapter UPA9664
product TDK UCA1464		0x0116	USB-cdmaOne Adapter UCA1464
product TDK UHA6400		0x0117	USB-PHS Adapter UHA6400
product TDK UPA6400		0x0118	USB-PHS Adapter UPA6400
product TDK BT_DONGLE		0x0309	Bluetooth USB dongle

/* TEAC products */
product TEAC FD05PUB		0x0000	FD-05PUB floppy

/* Tekram Technology products */
product TEKRAM 0193		0x1601	ALLNET 0193 WLAN
product TEKRAM ZYAIR_B200	0x1602	ZyXEL ZyAIR B200 WLAN
product TEKRAM U300C		0x1612	U-300C
product TEKRAM QUICKWLAN	0x1630	QuickWLAN
product TEKRAM ZD1211_1		0x5630	ZD1211
product TEKRAM ZD1211_2		0x6630	ZD1211

/* Telex Communications products */
product TELEX MIC1		0x0001	Enhanced USB Microphone

/* Ten X Technology, Inc. */
product TENX MISSILE		0x0202	Missile Launcher
product TENX TEMPER		0x660c	TEMPer sensor

/* Texas Instruments products */
product TI UTUSB41		0x1446	UT-USB41 hub
product TI TUSB2046		0x2046	TUSB2046 hub
product TI TUSB3410		0x3410	TUSB3410
product TI NEXII		0x5409	Nex II Digital
product TI MSP430_JTAG		0xf430	MSP-FET430UIF JTAG
product TI MSP430		0xf432	MSP-FET430UIF

/* Thrustmaster products */
product THRUST FUSION_PAD	0xa0a3	Fusion Digital Gamepad

/* TOD Co. Ltd products */
product TOD DOOGI_SLIM		0x0411	DOOGI SLIM USB Keyboard

/* Todos Data System products */
product TODOS ARGOS_MINI	0x0002	Argos Mini Smartcard Reader

/* Topfield Co. Ltd products */
product TOPFIELD TF5000PVR	0x1000	TF5000PVR Digital Video Recorder

/* Toshiba Corporation products */
product TOSHIBA POCKETPC_E740	0x0706	PocketPC e740
product TOSHIBA RT3070		0x0a07	RT3070
product TOSHIBA AX88179		0x0a13	AX88179 USB 3.0 gigabit ethernet controller
product TOSHIBA HSDPA_MODEM_EU870DT1	0x1302	HSDPA 3G Modem Card

/* TP-Link products */
product TPLINK RTL8192CU	0x0100	RTL8192CU
product TPLINK RTL8188EU	0x010c	RTL8188EU

/* Trek Technology products */
product TREK THUMBDRIVE		0x1111	ThumbDrive
product TREK THUMBDRIVE_8MB	0x9988	ThumbDrive 8MB

/* TRENDnet products */
product TRENDNET RTL8192CU	0x624d	RTL8192CU
product TRENDNET RTL8188CU	0x648b	RTL8188CU

/* Tripp-Lite products */
product TRIPPLITE U209		0x2008	U209 Serial adapter
product TRIPPLITE2 UPS		0x1007	Tripp Lite UPS
product	TRIPPLITE2 AVR550U	0x2010	Tripp Lite AVR550U

/* Trumpion products */
product TRUMPION T33521		0x1003	USB/MP3 decoder
product TRUMPION XXX1100	0x1100	XXX 1100

/* Tsunami products */
product TSUNAMI SM2000		0x1111	SM-2000

/* TwinMOS products */
product TWINMOS G240		0xa006	G240

/* Ultima products */
product ULTIMA 1200UBPLUS	0x4002	1200 UB Plus scanner
product ULTIMA T14BR		0x810f	Artec T14BR DVB-T

/* UMAX products */
product UMAX ASTRA1236U		0x0002	Astra 1236U Scanner
product UMAX ASTRA1220U		0x0010	Astra 1220U Scanner
product UMAX ASTRA2000U		0x0030	Astra 2000U Scanner
product UMAX ASTRA3400		0x0060	Astra 3400 Scanner
product UMAX ASTRA2100U		0x0130	Astra 2100U Scanner
product UMAX ASTRA2200U		0x0230	Astra 2200U Scanner

/* U-MEDIA Communications products */
product UMEDIA TEW429UB_A	0x300a	TEW-429UB_A
product UMEDIA TEW429UB		0x300b	TEW-429UB
product UMEDIA TEW429UBC1	0x300d	TEW-429UB C1
product UMEDIA RT2870_1		0x300e	RT2870
product UMEDIA TEW645UB		0x3013	TEW-645UB
product UMEDIA ALL0298V2	0x3204	ALL0298 v2

/* Universal Access products */
product UNIACCESS PANACHE	0x0101	Panache Surf USB ISDN Adapter

/* Unknown vendor 1 */
product UNKNOWN1 ZD1211B_1	0x5301	ZD1211B
product UNKNOWN1 ZD1211B_2	0x5301	ZD1211B

/* Unknown vendor 2 */
product UNKNOWN2 ZD1211B	0x0105	ZD1211B
product UNKNOWN2 NW3100		0x145f	NW-3100

/* Unknown vendor 3 */
product UNKNOWN3 ZD1211B	0x1233 ZD1211B

/* Unknown vendor 5 */
product UNKNOWN5 NF_RIC		0x0001	NF RIC

/* U.S. Robotics products */
product USR USR1120		0x00eb	USR1120 WLAN
product USR USR5422		0x0118	USR5422 WLAN
product USR USR5423		0x0121	USR5423 WLAN

/* USI products */
product USI MC60		0x10c5	MC60 Serial

/* GNU Radio USRP */
product USRP USRPv2		0x0002	USRP Revision 2

/* Validity */
product VALIDITY VFS101		0x0001	VFS101 Fingerprint Reader
product VALIDITY VFS301		0x0005	VFS301 Fingerprint Reader
product VALIDITY VFS451		0x0007	VFS451 Fingerprint Reader
product VALIDITY VFS300		0x0008	VFS300 Fingerprint Reader
product VALIDITY VFS5011	0x0011	VFS5011 Fingerprint Reader
product VALIDITY VFS471		0x003c	VFS471 Fingerprint Reader
product VALIDITY VFS491		0x003d	VFS491 Fingerprint Reader

/* VidzMedia products */
product VIDZMEDIA MONSTERTV	0x4fb1	MonsterTV P2H

/* VIA products */
product VIA AR9271		0x3801	AR9271

/* ViewSonic products */
product VIEWSONIC G773HUB	0x00fe	G773 Monitor Hub
product VIEWSONIC P815HUB	0x00ff	P815 Monitor Hub
product VIEWSONIC G773CTRL	0x4153	G773 Monitor Control

/* Vision products */
product VISION VC6452V002	0x0002	CPiA Camera

/* Visioneer products */
product VISIONEER 7600		0x0211	OneTouch 7600
product VISIONEER 5300		0x0221	OneTouch 5300
product VISIONEER 3000		0x0224	Scanport 3000
product VISIONEER 6100		0x0231	OneTouch 6100
product VISIONEER 6200		0x0311	OneTouch 6200
product VISIONEER 8100		0x0321	OneTouch 8100
product VISIONEER 8600		0x0331	OneTouch 8600

/* Vivitar products */
product VIVITAR DSC350		0x0003	DSC350 Camera

/* VTech products */
product VTECH RT2570		0x3012	RT2570
product VTECH ZD1211B		0x3014	ZD1211B

/* Wacom products */
product WACOM CT0405U		0x0000	CT-0405-U Tablet
product WACOM GRAPHIRE		0x0010	Graphire
product WACOM GRAPHIRE2		0x0011	Graphire2 ET-0405A-U
product WACOM GRAPHIRE3_4X5	0x0013	Graphire3 4x5
product WACOM GRAPHIRE3_6X8	0x0014	Graphire3 6x8
product WACOM GRAPHIRE4_4X5	0x0015	Graphire4 4x5
product WACOM INTUOSA5		0x0021	Intuos A5
product WACOM GD0912U		0x0022	Intuos 9x12 Graphics Tablet

/* Weltrend Semiconductor */
product WELTREND HID		0x2201	HID Device

/* Western Digital products */
product WESTERN EXTHDD		0x0400	External HDD

/* WinChipHead products */
product WINCHIPHEAD CH341SER	0x5523	CH341/CH340 USB-Serial Bridge
product WINCHIPHEAD2 CH341	0x7523	CH341 USB-Serial Bridge
product WINCHIPHEAD2 CH341_2	0x5523	CH341 USB-Serial Bridge

/* Wistron NeWeb products */
product WISTRONNEWEB WNC0600	0x0326	WNC-0600USB
product WISTRONNEWEB UR045G	0x0427	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product WISTRONNEWEB UR055G	0x0711	UR055G
product WISTRONNEWEB O8494	0x0804	ORiNOCO 802.11n
product WISTRONNEWEB AR5523_1	0x0826	AR5523
product WISTRONNEWEB AR5523_1_NF 0x0827	AR5523
product WISTRONNEWEB AR5523_2	0x082a	AR5523
product WISTRONNEWEB AR5523_2_NF 0x0829	AR5523

/* Xirlink products */
product XIRLINK PCCAM		0x8080	IBM PC Camera

/* Conexant */
product CONEXANT MODEM_1	0x1329	USB Modem
product CONEXANT PRISM_GT_1	0x2000	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product CONEXANT PRISM_GT_2	0x2002	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN

/* Yamaha products */
product YAMAHA UX256		0x1000	UX256 MIDI I/F
product YAMAHA MU1000		0x1001	MU1000 MIDI Synth.
product YAMAHA MU2000		0x1002	MU2000 MIDI Synth.
product YAMAHA MU500		0x1003	MU500 MIDI Synth.
product YAMAHA UW500		0x1004	UW500 USB Audio I/F
product YAMAHA MOTIF6		0x1005	MOTIF6 MIDI Synth. Workstation
product YAMAHA MOTIF7		0x1006	MOTIF7 MIDI Synth. Workstation
product YAMAHA MOTIF8		0x1007	MOTIF8 MIDI Synth. Workstation
product YAMAHA UX96		0x1008	UX96 MIDI I/F
product YAMAHA UX16		0x1009	UX16 MIDI I/F
product YAMAHA S08		0x100e	S08 MIDI Keyboard
product YAMAHA CLP150		0x100f	CLP-150 digital piano
product YAMAHA CLP170		0x1010	CLP-170 digital piano
product YAMAHA RPU200		0x3104	RP-U200
product YAMAHA RTA54I		0x4000	NetVolante RTA54i Broadband&ISDN Router
product YAMAHA RTW65B		0x4001	NetVolante RTW65b Broadband Wireless Router
product YAMAHA RTW65I		0x4002	NetVolante RTW65i Broadband&ISDN Wireless Router
product YAMAHA RTA55I		0x4004	NetVolante RTA55i Broadband VoIP Router

/* Yano products */
product YANO U640MO		0x0101	U640MO-03

/* Y-E Data products */
product YEDATA FLASHBUSTERU	0x0000	Flashbuster-U

/* Z-Com products */
product ZCOM M4Y750		0x0001	M4Y-750
product ZCOM 725		0x0002	725/726 Prism2.5 WLAN
product ZCOM XI735		0x0005	XI-735
product ZCOM MD40900		0x0006	MD40900
product ZCOM XG703A		0x0008	PrismGT USB 2.0 WLAN
product ZCOM ZD1211		0x0011	ZD1211
product ZCOM AR5523		0x0012	AR5523
product ZCOM AR5523_NF		0x0013	AR5523
product ZCOM ZD1211B		0x001a	ZD1211B
product ZCOM RT2870_1		0x0022	RT2870
product ZCOM UB81		0x0023	UB81
product ZCOM RT2870_2		0x0025	RT2870
product ZCOM UB82		0x0026	UB82

/* Zeevo, Inc. products */
product ZEEVO BLUETOOTH		0x07d0	BT-500 Bluetooth USB Adapter

/* Zinwell products */
product ZINWELL ZWXG261		0x0260	ZWX-G261
product ZINWELL RT2870_1	0x0280	RT2870
product ZINWELL RT2870_2	0x0282	RT2870
product ZINWELL RT3072		0x0283	RT3072
product ZINWELL RT3072_2	0x0284	RT3072
product ZINWELL RT3070		0x5257	RT3070

/* Zoom Telephonics, Inc. products */
product ZOOM 2986L		0x9700	2986L Fax modem
product ZOOM 3095		0x3095	3095 USB Fax modem

/* ZTE products */
product ZTE MF622		0x0001	MF622 modem
product ZTE MF628		0x0015	MF628 modem
product ZTE MF626		0x0031	MF626 modem
product ZTE MF820D_INSTALLER	0x0166	MF820D CD
product ZTE MF820D		0x0167	MF820D modem
product ZTE INSTALLER		0x2000  UMTS CD
product ZTE MC2718		0xffe8	MC2718 modem
product ZTE AC8700		0xfffe	CDMA 1xEVDO USB modem

/* Zydas Technology Corporation products */
product ZYDAS ZD1201		0x1201	ZD1201
product ZYDAS ZD1211		0x1211	ZD1211 WLAN abg
product ZYDAS ZD1211B		0x1215	ZD1211B
product ZYDAS ZD1221		0x1221	ZD1221
product ZYDAS ALL0298		0xa211	ALL0298
product ZYDAS ZD1211B_2		0xb215	ZD1211B

/* ZyXEL Communication Co. products */
product ZYXEL OMNI56K		0x1500	Omni 56K Plus
product ZYXEL 980N		0x2011	Scorpion-980N keyboard
product ZYXEL ZYAIRG220		0x3401	ZyAIR G-220
product ZYXEL G200V2		0x3407	G-200 v2
product ZYXEL AG225H		0x3409	AG-225H
product ZYXEL M202		0x340a	M-202
product ZYXEL G270S		0x340c	G-270S
product ZYXEL G220V2		0x340f	G-220 v2
product ZYXEL G202		0x3410	G-202
product ZYXEL RT2573		0x3415	RT2573
product ZYXEL RT2870_1		0x3416	RT2870
product ZYXEL NWD271N		0x3417	NWD-271N
product ZYXEL NWD211AN		0x3418	NWD-211AN
product ZYXEL RT2870_2		0x341a	RT2870
product ZYXEL NWD2105		0x341e	NWD2105
product ZYXEL RTL8192CU		0x341f	RTL8192CU
product ZYXEL RT3070		0x343e	RT3070
product ZYXEL PRESTIGE		0x401a	Prestige