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#	$NetBSD: files.amigappc,v 2016/12/05 10:54:49 skrll Exp $

# maxpartitions must be first item in files.${ARCH}.newconf
maxpartitions 16			# NOTE THAT AMIGA IS SPECIAL!

maxusers 2 8 64

include "arch/powerpc/pic/files.pic"

defflag	opt_amigaccgrf.h	GRF_NTSC
defflag	opt_amigaccgrf.h	GRF_PAL	:GRF_NTSC	# temporary workaround
defflag	opt_amigaccgrf.h	GRF_ECS GRF_AGA
defflag	opt_amigaccgrf.h	GRF_A2024:GRF_ECS
defflag	opt_amigaccgrf.h	GRF_AGA_VGA:GRF_AGA
defflag	opt_amigaccgrf.h	GRF_SUPER72:GRF_AGA
defflag	opt_amigaccgrf.h	USE_C_BFOPS

defflag	opt_amigacons.h		CV3DONZORRO2
defflag	opt_amigacons.h		SERCONSOLE

defflag	opt_mntva.h		MNTVA_CONSOLE

defflag	opt_kfont.h		KFONT_CONS_ISO8859_1
defflag	opt_kfont.h		KFONT_CONS_ISO8859_2

defparam opt_retina.h		RH_MEMCLK
defflag	opt_retina.h		RH_64BIT_SPRITE RH_HARDWARECURSOR
defflag	opt_retina.h		RETINA_SPEED_HACK

defflag				BB060STUPIDROM
defflag				P5PPC68KBOARD
defflag				LEV6_DEFER

defparam			IOBZCLOCK

file	dev/cons.c
file	dev/cninit.c
file	arch/amigappc/amigappc/amiga_init.c
file	arch/amigappc/amigappc/autoconf.c
file	arch/amigappc/amigappc/machdep.c
file	arch/amigappc/amigappc/pic_amiga.c
file	arch/powerpc/powerpc/clock.c
file	arch/powerpc/powerpc/procfs_machdep.c	procfs
file	arch/amiga/amiga/cc.c
file	arch/amiga/amiga/cia.c
file	arch/amiga/amiga/conf.c
file	arch/amiga/amiga/disksubr.c
file	arch/amiga/amiga/dkbad.c
file	arch/amiga/dev/md_root.c		memory_disk_hooks

# for bus_space

define	amibus_bl
file	arch/amiga/amiga/amiga_bus_simple_4.c

define	amibus_ww
file	arch/amiga/amiga/amiga_bus_simple_2word.c

define	amibus_wb
file	arch/amiga/amiga/amiga_bus_simple_1word.c

define	amibus_b16
file	arch/amiga/amiga/amiga_bus_simple_16.c	amibus_b16

define	amibus_b800
file	arch/amiga/amiga/amiga_bus_simple_0x800.c	amibus_b800

device	mainbus {}
attach	mainbus at root
file	arch/amigappc/amigappc/mainbus.c	mainbus

device	cpu
attach	cpu at mainbus
file	arch/amigappc/amigappc/cpu.c		cpu

# zorro expansion bus.
device	zbus {}
attach	zbus at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/zbus.c		zbus

define	event {}
file	arch/amiga/dev/event.c		event

#device	clock
#attach	clock at mainbus
#file	arch/amiga/dev/clock.c

# A3000/4000 internal hwc
device	a34kbbc
attach	a34kbbc at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/a34kbbc.c	a34kbbc

# keyboard
device	kbd: event,wskbddev
attach	kbd at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/kbd.c		kbd needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/wskbdmap_amiga.c	kbd

# serial port
device	ser: tty
attach	ser at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/ser.c		ser needs-count

# parallel port
device	par
attach	par at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/par.c		par needs-count

# audio
device	aucc: audiobus
attach	aucc at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/aucc.c		aucc needs-flag

device	melody: audiobus, tms320av110
attach	melody at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/melody.c		melody

device repulse: audiobus, ac97, mulaw
attach	repulse at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/repulse.c	repulse

device toccata: audiobus, ad1848, auconv
attach	toccata at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/toccata.c	toccata

# mouse
device	ms: event
attach	ms at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/ms.c		ms needs-flag

# floppy
device	fdc { unit = -1 }
attach	fdc at mainbus

device	fd: disk
attach	fd at fdc
file	arch/amiga/dev/fd.c		fd needs-flag

# graphic devices
define	grfbus {}

device	grf {}
attach	grf at grfbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf.c		grf needs-count

device	ite: tty
attach	ite at grf
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite.c		ite needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/kbdmap.c		ite
file	arch/amiga/dev/kf_custom.c	kfont_custom
file	arch/amiga/dev/kf_iso8859_1_8x8.c	kfont_cons_iso8859_1 &
	( ite | wsdisplay )
file	arch/amiga/dev/kf_iso8859_1_8x11.c	kfont_cons_iso8859_1 &
file	arch/amiga/dev/kf_iso8859_2_8x8.c	kfont_cons_iso8859_2 &
	( ite | wsdisplay )
file	arch/amiga/dev/kf_iso8859_2_8x11.c	kfont_cons_iso8859_2 &

# custom chips grf (ite0 grf0)
device	grfcc: grfbus
attach	grfcc at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_cc.c		grfcc needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite_cc.c		grfcc & ite

# wscons interface to custom chips
device	amidisplaycc: wsemuldisplaydev
attach	amidisplaycc at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/amidisplaycc.c	amidisplaycc needs-flag

defpseudo	view
file	arch/amiga/dev/view.c		view | grfcc needs-count
file	arch/amiga/dev/grfabs.c		grfcc | view | amidisplaycc
file	arch/amiga/dev/grfabs_cc.c	grfcc | view | amidisplaycc
file	arch/amiga/dev/grfabs_ccglb.c	grfcc | view | amidisplaycc

# retina ZII grf (ite1 grf1)
device	grfrt: grfbus
attach	grfrt at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_rt.c		grfrt needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite_rt.c		grfrt & ite

# retina ZIII grf (ite2 grf2)
device	grfrh: grfbus
attach	grfrh at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_rh.c		grfrh needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite_rh.c		grfrh & ite

# cirrus grf (ite3 grf3)
device	grfcl: grfbus
attach	grfcl at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_cl.c		grfcl needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite_cl.c		grfcl & ite

# A2410 grf (ite4 grf4)
device	grful: grfbus
attach	grful at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_ul.c		grful needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite_ul.c		grful & ite
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_ultms.c	grful

# CyberVison 64 grf (ite5 grf5)
device	grfcv: grfbus
attach	grfcv at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_cv.c		grfcv needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite_cv.c		grfcv & ite

# MNT VA2000
device	mntva: wsemuldisplaydev, rasops16, rasops32, vcons, videomode
attach	mntva at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/mntva.c		mntva needs-flag

# Tseng grf (ite6 grf6)
device	grfet: grfbus
attach	grfet at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_et.c		grfet needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite_et.c		grfet & ite

# CyberVison 64/3D grf (ite7 grf7)
device	grfcv3d: grfbus
attach	grfcv3d at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/grf_cv3d.c	grfcv3d needs-flag
file	arch/amiga/dev/ite_cv3d.c	grfcv3d & ite

# device defined in sys/conf/files
# A2065, Ameristar, Ariadne ethernet cards
attach	le at zbus with le_zbus: le24
file	arch/amiga/dev/if_le.c		le_zbus needs-flag

# AriadneII ethernet card
# device defined in sys/conf/files
attach	ne at zbus with ne_zbus: rtl80x9
file	arch/amiga/dev/if_ne_zbus.c	ne_zbus needs-flag

# Hydra ethernet card
device	ed: ifnet, ether, arp
attach	ed at zbus with ed_zbus: dp8390nic
file	arch/amiga/dev/if_ed_zbus.c	ed_zbus needs-flag

# C=/Ameristar A2060 / 560
attach	bah at zbus with bah_zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/if_bah_zbus.c	bah_zbus

# CEI A4066 EthernetPLUS
device	es: ifnet, ether, arp
attach	es at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/if_es.c		es needs-flag

# Quicknet ethernet card
device	qn: ifnet, ether, arp
attach	qn at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/if_qn.c		qn needs-flag

# A2232 msc serial ports
device	msc: tty
attach	msc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/msc.c		msc needs-count

# bsc/Alf Data MultiFaceCard
device	mfc { unit = -1 }
attach	mfc at zbus

device	mfcs: tty
attach	mfcs at mfc
device	mfcp
attach	mfcp at mfc
file	arch/amiga/dev/mfc.c		mfcs | mfcp needs-count

# direct bus ISA-chip i/o
define	supio {port = -1}

# ZBus HyperComs: HyperCom Z3, HyperCom 4
device	hyper: supio
attach	hyper at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/hyper.c		hyper

# IOBlix
device	iobl: supio, amibus_b16
attach	iobl at zbus with iobl_zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/ioblix_zbus.c	iobl_zbus

attach	com at supio with com_supio
file	arch/amiga/dev/com_supio.c	com_supio

# ISDN Blaster, ISDN Master
device	aster: supio
attach	aster at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/aster.c		aster

# handle gvp's odd autoconf info..
device	gvpbus {}
attach	gvpbus at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/gvpbus.c		gvpbus

attach	lpt at supio with lpt_supio
file	arch/amiga/dev/lpt_supio.c	lpt_supio

include "dev/scsipi/files.scsipi"

# wd 33c93 contrllers
define	sbic
file	arch/amiga/dev/sbic.c		sbic

# GVP series II
device	gtsc: scsi, sbic
attach	gtsc at gvpbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/gtsc.c		gtsc needs-flag

# Amiga 3000 internal
device	ahsc: scsi, sbic
attach	ahsc at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/ahsc.c		ahsc needs-flag

# C= A2091
device atzsc: scsi, sbic
attach atzsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/atzsc.c		atzsc needs-flag

# ncr 5380 controllers
define	sci
file	arch/amiga/dev/sci.c		sci

# Supra Wordsync II
device	wstsc: scsi, sci
attach	wstsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/wstsc.c		wstsc needs-flag

device	ivsc: scsi, sci
attach	ivsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/ivsc.c		ivsc needs-flag

device	mlhsc: scsi, sci
attach	mlhsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/mlhsc.c		mlhsc needs-flag

# CSA twelve gauge.
device	otgsc: scsi, sci
attach	otgsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/otgsc.c		otgsc needs-flag

# ncr 57c710 controllers
define	asiop
file	arch/amiga/dev/siop.c		asiop

# PPI Zeus
device	zssc: scsi, asiop
attach	zssc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/zssc.c		zssc needs-flag

# CSA Magnum
device	mgnsc: scsi, asiop
attach	mgnsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/mgnsc.c		mgnsc needs-flag

# MacroSystems USA Warp Engine
device	wesc: scsi, asiop
attach	wesc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/wesc.c		wesc needs-flag

# Phase5 Blizzard 603e+ SCSI
device	bppcsc: scsi, asiop
attach	bppcsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/bppcsc.c		bppcsc needs-flag

# C= A4091 & A4000T
device	afsc: scsi, asiop
attach	afsc at zbus
device	aftsc: scsi, asiop
attach	aftsc at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/afsc.c		afsc | aftsc needs-flag

# ncr 57c720/770 controllers
define	siopng
file	arch/amiga/dev/siop2.c		siopng

# CyberStorm MKIII scsi
device	cbiiisc: scsi, siopng
attach	cbiiisc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/cbiiisc.c	cbiiisc needs-flag

# Emulex ESP216 & FAS216 controllers

# FastlaneZ3
device	flsc: scsi, ncr53c9x
attach	flsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/flsc.c		flsc needs-flag

# Blizzard1230-I,II
device	bzsc: scsi, ncr53c9x
attach	bzsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/bzsc.c		bzsc needs-flag

# Blizzard12x0-IV
device	bzivsc: scsi, ncr53c9x
attach	bzivsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/bzivsc.c		bzivsc needs-flag

# Blizzard2060 scsi
device	bztzsc: scsi, ncr53c9x
attach	bztzsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/bztzsc.c		bztzsc needs-flag

# CyberSCSI [I] scsi
device	cbsc: scsi, ncr53c9x
attach	cbsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/cbsc.c		cbsc needs-flag

# CyberSCSI MKII scsi
device	cbiisc: scsi, ncr53c9x
attach	cbiisc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/cbiisc.c		cbiisc needs-flag

device	empsc: scsi, sci
attach	empsc at zbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/empsc.c		empsc needs-flag

# Amiga 4000/1200 IDE masquerading as SCSI
device	idesc: scsi
attach	idesc at mainbus
file	arch/amiga/dev/idesc.c		idesc needs-flag

define  amibus_b1000
file    arch/amiga/amiga/amiga_bus_simple_0x1000.c      amibus_b1000

define	gayle
file	arch/amiga/amiga/gayle.c		gayle

file	arch/amiga/dev/gayle_pcmcia.c		pccard
device	pccard: pcmciabus, gayle, amibus_b1000
attach	pccard at mainbus

include "dev/pcmcia/files.pcmcia"

include "dev/ata/files.ata"

# Amiga 4000/1200 IDE using MI wdc
attach	wdc at mainbus with wdc_amiga: gayle
file	arch/amiga/dev/wdc_amiga.c	wdc_amiga

# Buddha wdc
attach	wdc at zbus with wdc_buddha
file	arch/amiga/dev/wdc_buddha.c	wdc_buddha

# Zorro III RAM block devices
device  z3rambd: altmemdev
attach  z3rambd at zbus
file    arch/amiga/dev/z3rambd.c        z3rambd needs-flag

# Compatibility modules

# OSS audio driver compatibility
#include "compat/ossaudio/files.ossaudio"

include "arch/amigappc/conf/majors.amigappc"