Pull up following revision(s) (requested by msaitoh in ticket #1315): netbsd-8
authormartin <martin@NetBSD.org>
Thu, 01 Aug 2019 14:22:55 +0000
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Pull up following revision(s) (requested by msaitoh in ticket #1315): sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.151 sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.152 sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.153 sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.145 sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.146 sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.147 sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.148 sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.149 sys/dev/mii/miidevs: revision 1.150 Add SMSC(Microchip) LAN911X and LAN75XX. Fix I82578 OUI. This change only affects to MIIVERBOSE. See also if_wm.c rev. 1.599. Cleanup xx or yy OUIs. Sort by number. Add yyASIX and AX88772* devices. Add Davicom DM9161, DM9161[ABC] and DM9601. Remove extra space. Add Bankspeed Pty and NetExcell. Add Amlogix GXL internal PHY Add ID for the Broadcom BCM53125 1000BASE-T switch.
--- a/sys/dev/mii/miidevs	Thu Aug 01 14:19:37 2019 +0000
+++ b/sys/dev/mii/miidevs	Thu Aug 01 14:22:55 2019 +0000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-$NetBSD: miidevs,v 2019/03/07 17:16:40 martin Exp $
+$NetBSD: miidevs,v 2019/08/01 14:22:55 martin Exp $
  * Copyright (c) 1998, 1999 The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
@@ -55,6 +55,8 @@
 oui DATATRACK			0x0002c6	Data Track Technology
 oui CICADA			0x0003f1	Cicada Semiconductor
 oui AGERE			0x00053d	Agere
+oui BANKSPEED			0x0006b8	Bankspeed Pty
+oui NETEXCELL			0x0008bb	NetExcell
 oui NETAS			0x0009c3	Netas
 oui BROADCOM2			0x000af7	Broadcom Corporation
 oui RALINK			0x000c43	Ralink Technology
@@ -71,6 +73,7 @@
 oui VIA				0x004063	VIA Technologies
 oui MARVELL			0x005043	Marvell Semiconductor
 oui QUALSEMI			0x006051	Quality Semiconductor
+oui AMLOGIC			0x006051	Amlogic
 oui DAVICOM			0x00606e	Davicom Semiconductor
 oui SMSC			0x00800f	SMSC
 oui ICPLUS			0x0090c3	IC Plus Corp.
@@ -91,35 +94,29 @@
 oui TI				0x080028	Texas Instruments
 oui BROADCOM4			0x18c086	Broadcom Corporation
-/* Some Intel 82553's use an alternative OUI. */
+/* Unregisterd or wrong OUI */
+oui yyREALTEK			0x000004	Realtek
+oui yyAMD			0x000058	Advanced Micro Devices
+oui xxMYSON			0x00032d	Myson Technology
+oui xxTSC			0x00039c	TDK Semiconductor
+oui xxASIX			0x000674	Asix Semiconductor
+oui xxDAVICOM			0x000676	Davicom Semiconductor
+oui xxAMLOGIC			0x00068a	Amlogic
+oui xxQUALSEMI			0x00068a	Quality Semiconductor
+oui xxREALTEK			0x000732	Realtek
+oui xxBROADCOM			0x000818	Broadcom Corporation
+oui xxPMCSIERRA			0x0009c0	PMC-Sierra
+oui xxMARVELL			0x000ac2	Marvell Semiconductor
 oui xxINTEL			0x001f00	Intel
-/* Some VIA 6122's use an alternative OUI. */
-oui xxCICADA			0x00c08f	Cicada Semiconductor
-/* bad bitorder (bits "g" and "h" (= MSBs byte 1) lost) */
-oui yyAMD			0x000058	Advanced Micro Devices
-oui xxBROADCOM			0x000818	Broadcom Corporation
 oui xxBROADCOM_ALT1		0x0050ef	Broadcom Corporation
-oui xxDAVICOM			0x000676	Davicom Semiconductor
 oui yyINTEL			0x005500	Intel
-oui xxMARVELL			0x000ac2	Marvell Semiconductor
-oui xxMYSON			0x00032d	Myson Technology
+oui yyASIX			0x007063	Asix Semiconductor
+oui xxPMCSIERRA2		0x009057	PMC-Sierra
+oui xxCICADA			0x00c08f	Cicada Semiconductor
 oui xxNATSEMI			0x1000e8	National Semiconductor
-oui xxQUALSEMI			0x00068a	Quality Semiconductor
-oui xxTSC			0x00039c	TDK Semiconductor
-/* bad byteorder (bits "q" and "r" (= LSBs byte 3) lost) */
 oui xxLEVEL1			0x782000	Level 1
 oui xxXAQTI			0xace000	XaQti Corp.
-/* Don't know what's going on here. */
-oui xxASIX			0x000674	Asix Semiconductor
-oui xxPMCSIERRA			0x0009c0	PMC-Sierra
-oui xxPMCSIERRA2		0x009057	PMC-Sierra
-oui xxREALTEK			0x000732	Realtek
-oui yyREALTEK			0x000004	Realtek
  * List of known models.  Grouped by oui.
@@ -131,6 +128,9 @@
 /* Asix semiconductor PHYs */
 model xxASIX AX88X9X		0x0031 Ax88x9x internal PHY
+model yyASIX AX88772		0x0001 AX88772 internal PHY
+model yyASIX AX88772A		0x0006 AX88772A internal PHY
+model yyASIX AX88772B		0x0008 AX88772B internal PHY
 /* Altima Communications PHYs */
 /* Don't know the model for ACXXX */
@@ -141,6 +141,10 @@
 model ALTIMA Am79C875		0x0014 Am79C875 10/100 media interface
 model ALTIMA Am79C874		0x0021 Am79C874 10/100 media interface
+/* Amlogic PHYs */
+model AMLOGIC GXL		0x0000 Meson GXL internal PHY
+model xxAMLOGIC GXL		0x0000 Meson GXL internal PHY
 /* Atheros PHYs */
 model ATHEROS F1		0x0001 F1 10/100/1000 PHY
 model ATHEROS F2		0x0002 F2 10/100 PHY
@@ -210,10 +214,11 @@
 model BROADCOM3 BCM5717C	0x0020 BCM5717C 1000BASE-T media interface
 model BROADCOM3 BCM5719C	0x0022 BCM5719C 1000BASE-T media interface
 model BROADCOM3 BCM57765	0x0024 BCM57765 1000BASE-T media interface
+model BROADCOM3 BCM53125	0x0032 BCM53125 1000BASE-T switch
 model BROADCOM3 BCM5720C	0x0036 BCM5720C 1000BASE-T media interface
 model BROADCOM4 BCM5725C	0x0038 BCM5725C 1000BASE-T media interface
 model xxBROADCOM_ALT1 BCM5906	0x0004 BCM5906 10/100baseTX media interface
 /* Cicada Semiconductor PHYs (now owned by Vitesse?) */
 model CICADA CS8201		0x0001 Cicada CS8201 10/100/1000TX PHY
 model CICADA CS8204		0x0004 Cicada CS8204 10/100/1000TX PHY
@@ -229,6 +234,10 @@
 model DAVICOM DM9101		0x0000 DM9101 (AMD Am79C873) 10/100 media interface
 model xxDAVICOM DM9101		0x0000 DM9101 (AMD Am79C873) 10/100 media interface
 model xxDAVICOM DM9102		0x0004 DM9102 10/100 media interface
+model xxDAVICOM DM9161		0x0008 DM9161 10/100 media interface
+model xxDAVICOM DM9161A		0x000a DM9161A 10/100 media interface
+model xxDAVICOM DM9161B		0x000b DM9161[BC] 10/100 media interface
+model xxDAVICOM DM9601		0x000c DM9601 internal 10/100 media interface
 /* IC Plus Corp. PHYs */
 model ICPLUS IP100		0x0004 IP100 10/100 PHY
@@ -263,7 +272,7 @@
 model INTEL I350		0x003b I350 10/100/1000 media interface
 model xxMARVELL I210		0x0000 I210 10/100/1000 media interface
 model xxMARVELL I82563		0x000a i82563 10/100/1000 media interface
-model ATHEROS I82578		0x0004 Intel 82578 10/100/1000 media interface
+model ATTANSIC I82578		0x0004 Intel 82578 10/100/1000 media interface
 /* JMicron PHYs */
@@ -360,6 +369,8 @@
 /* SMSC PHYs */
 model SMSC LAN83C185		0x000a SMSC LAN83C185 10/100 PHY
 model SMSC LAN8700		0x000c SMSC LAN8700 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver
+model SMSC LAN911X		0x000d SMSC LAN911X internal 10/100 PHY
+model SMSC LAN75XX		0x000e SMSC LAN75XX internal 10/100 PHY
 model SMSC LAN8710_LAN8720	0x000f SMSC LAN8710/LAN8720 10/100 Ethernet Transceiver
 model SMSC LAN8740		0x0011 SMSC LAN8740 10/100 media interface
 model SMSC LAN8741A		0x0012 SMSC LAN8741A 10/100 media interface